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Choosing a Counsellor

Many counsellors and therapist encourage couples to do everything in their power to save their marriage before officially filing for a divorce. If you and your spouse have decided to get a divorce, it may be best to hire a divorce mediator or counsellor. Here are some qualities to look for in a counsellor to ensure that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible.

Experience and Training

Even though divorce counsellors don’t necessarily have to be licensed, it’s still a good idea to make sure that the counsellor you’ve chosen has previous experience handling divorces, and is trained to mediate. A lot of divorce counsellors are also solicitors, so it may be best to find a divorce solicitor to handle the legal matters concerning the divorce, as well as to mediate for you and your spouse. You may also be able to find a divorce counsellor that is a mental health professional, so that you will be able to receive counselling throughout the divorce process.

Many law offices have also hired counsellors and mental health professionals to work alongside solicitors, and this arrangement works better for some couples, since one person can be counselling while the other is handling legal issues. Make sure that you select a divorce counsellor who is trained in staying neutral during disagreements with you and your spouse, and isn’t trying to ‘fix’ the relationship. The main purpose of having a divorce counsellor is to make sure that conflicts during the divorce are handled in a civilized and adult manner, and the right divorce counsellor can definitely help you to accomplish this.

Knowledge of Family Law and Children’s Issues

You should also make sure that your divorce counsellor is knowledgeable about family law, and can explain it to you clearly. There are a number of hidden rules and ‘fine print’ when it comes to dealing with a divorce, and while your counsellor may not be your solicitor, he or she should still possess enough knowledge about family law to be able to tell you just what you need to know in order to have the divorce go as favourably as possible.

Your divorce counsellor should also be aware of regulations concerning custody and child visitation rights. Even if you and your ex-spouse have already decided who will have primary custody, or whether or not you will share custody equally, a divorce counsellor can give you suggestions on how to get along with one another while you raise your children, as well as tips on how to talk to your children about the divorce.


Once you decide that you want a divorce counsellor, you and your spouse should definitely select someone that you are both completely comfortable with. You’ll be sharing very personal information with your divorce counsellor, and it’s important to know that the counsellor can be trusted. Finding out about your divorce counsellor’s professional history, as well as speaking with former clients of the counsellor (if possible) may help you feel more comfortable discussing financial information, parenting issues, and embarrassing details of the divorce during your counselling session.

Be sure to search for divorce counsellors with your spouse, and don’t make any final decisions about choosing a mediator until you can both agree on which counsellor to choose. Most divorce counselling is most effective when both spouses are present, so make sure that you’re working with your spouse’s schedule when making appointments with your divorce counsellor. The better the two of you can work together to handle the divorce proceedings in a mature fashion, the more confidence you’ll have that your divorce counsellor has your best interest in mind, and is doing everything to make the experience as painless as possible.

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