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1. Davies and Partners
Here at Davies and Partners we know that everybody is individual and every divorce or separation is different. There is no scientific formula to reaching financial settlement or to resolving children?s arrangements.

The solicitors at Davies and Partners who specialise in family law, help you in a friendly and sensitive manner. We offer clear expert advice to assist you reach a fair swift solution. We aim to resolve matters through sound constructive negotiation without the need for unnecessary litigation, thus keeping your costs and any acrimony to a minimum. If court proceedings are unavoidable we will guide you through the process to assist you achieve the best outcome for you.

We offer an initial consultation of up to 1 hour completely free of charge, though we would ask that you contact us first to secure an appointment.

Davies and Partners has an expanding team of Family Solicitors with expertise in the following areas:
financial matters arising on divorce or separation, including tax and pensions aspects
domestic violence and harassment
children?s arrangements, including residence and contact
child abduction
property and financial disputes for unmarried couples
child support and maintenance
pre-nuptial agreements
cohabitation agreements
Legal Aid now known as Public Funding

Davies and Partners have offices in Gloucester, Birmingham and Bristol.
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Rating: [8.25]

2. Henriques Griffiths Solicitors Bristol
At HG, we have been practising law in England and Wales for more than 30 years.

We specialise in people; getting to know people, developing trust and confidence and then producing effective results for you. We maintain a close relationship with you and we give you objective legal advice so that you can make the best judgements.

The law is part of all of our lives. We pride ourselves on being able to clearly explain to you what a particular piece of law might mean and how it could affect your life, your family or your business.

We offer a practical and sympathetic approach to protect our clients and their rights in matters relating to family and cohabitee disputes. We aim to avoid conflict where possible and we are committed to resolving difficulties in the most professional and cost effective manner. We also have a wealth of expertise in the rest of the firm and can make referrals to other services such as financial advice and mediation.
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Rating: [4.00]

3. AMD Solicitors Bristol - Legal Advice
When a marriage breaks down it can be an extremely painful experience. We offer sympathetic advice together with practical solutions.

Every divorce is started by a "petition". The Court must be satisfied that the marriage is at an end and the expression the Court will use is that the marriage has "irretrievably broken down". The Court will accept one or more of the following grounds as proof:

that your husband or wife has committed adultery
that your husband or wife has behaved in such a way that you cannot reasonably be expected to live with them
that your husband or wife deserted you at least 2 years ago
that you and your husband or wife have lived apart for a continuous period of at least 2 years and he or she agrees to a divorce
that you and your husband or wife have lived apart for at least 5 years.

We were set up in the 1950's as one of the first firms in Bristol outside the City Centre. We are proud of our traditional values of courtesy and efficiency. Our offices in Westbury Park, Henleaze and Shirehampton are each conveniently located close to local shops, with free on-street parking.
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Rating: [8.17]

4. Alan Hodge Solicitors, Divorce
Most divorce proceedings are undefended. These proceedings can generally go through the courts fairly quickly unless problems arise. There are court fees involved.

A straight forward case follows (with no children involved) the following course:

Petition issued and served by the Court

Respondent replies to the Petition

Petitioner swears an affidavit (sworn document) in support of the Petition and sends it to the Court

A District Judge issues a certificate saying that the Petitioner is entitled to Decree Nisi

Decree Nisi pronounced in Open Court

6 weeks (+1 day) later the Petitioner can apply for Decree Absolute.

Being divorced does not necessarily mean that everything else has been resolved. Issues often arise over children and money. These are the issue that can be the cause of delays and expense.

It is wise to choose a solicitor who will not act like a Gladiator. This generally leads to more expense and acrimony.

At this firm we consider that what we have to offer is essentially a high quality reasonably priced service to all our clients. We are all aware that reputations are hard won and easily lost. We work very hard to maintain our reputation Our best yardstick as to the effectiveness of our services is your response to the way in which we provide those services.
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5. Barcan Woodward Solicitors
Barcan Woodward is a 5 partner firm of Solicitors based in 3 offices in Bristol, England. One office is in the City Centre within easy reach of Bristol Temple Meads railway station, and the M5 and M4 motorways, via the M32. Our Bedminster office serves the South of the City, while the Horfield office provides good access for people in the North of Bristol.

Divorce is dealt with largely through the post and there is normally no need for anyone to go to court. In most cases it will take no more than 3 months from the date on which the forms are sent to court.

Our approach is to make the process as straightforward and amicable as possible in what are, inevitably, difficult circumstances. If possible we agree the wording used in the forms with your partner so that there are no shocks which can create bitterness.

Whilst ending the marriage is always an important event for you, in a lot of cases it is the consequences of the divorce - the arrangements for children and the financial arrangements - that take on the greater significance.
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Rating: [7.50]

6. Bobbetts Mackan Solicitors - Bristol
If you are involved in a divorce or separation it?s very easy to feel as though things are slipping out of your control.

At Bobbetts Mackan, we aim to take away some of the stress experienced by individuals involved in a separation or divorce whether married or cohabiting. Our objective is to avoid unnecessary conflict and work together to find practical solutions in areas such as care of children and financial matters. We can advise on what benefits you may be eligible for or liabilities for child support and if necessary organise an emergency protection order.

We provide equal understanding and professional support for same sex couples when a partnership ends. If you are one of many couples looking to avoid uncertainty and prolonged financial negotiations if things don?t go as first planned, we can help you towards making a pre-nuptial or co-habitation agreement.

The law firm of Bobbetts Mackan has its origins in the 1800's. Its feet are firmly planted in the present and its eyes are focused on the delivery of specialist legal services to the people of Bristol, the South West and beyond.

The Bobbetts Brothers established the firm in the mid 1800?s. They were lawyers committed to the provision of affordable and accessible legal services to local people. To this day we seek to maintain this tradition.
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Rating: [7.75]

7. Kirby Simcox Solicitors in Bristol
We are one of the leading solicitors firms in the Bristol area, with four specialist offices located in and around the city to provide for all your legal requirements.

Welcome to the Family Department of Kirby Simcox. We're a group of experienced lawyers, who appreciate how difficult and upsetting family difficulties and disagreements can be. So we do our best to combine a sympathetic ear with a professional ear and expert advice. We have representatives on both the Family Panel and Children Panel of the Law Society. Jim Gridley, the head of our Family Department, is an accredited mediator as well as an accredited Solicitors Family Law Association specialist, and Peter Wilkinson has been a Deputy District Judge in the area's County and High Courts for many years. We offer help with many kinds of family problems, just some of which are set out below with a brief outline. If you'd like to contact us for more information or to arrange a meeting, complete the details and send them to us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. We are franchised by the Legal Services Commission and, where public funding is available to you, we can help you apply for this. If however, because of your income level or capital, you are not eligible for this form of assistance, we will confirm our fee structure to you at the outset.
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Rating: [9.00]

8. Veale Wasbrough Lawyers - Bristol, UK
We are a young and dynamic firm committed to success and excellence for our clients. Our team of 220 lawyers and support staff achieve this by providing a professional and personal complete service supported by a team culture founded on the principles of partnership and support. The business is led by a team of 23 partners.

We advise on all of the options available to you. We can guide you and take you through the process. We can advise and represent you on all of the issues arising in particular those relating to the care of children and to the allocation of financial resources.
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9. Devereux & Co - Solicitors
We aim to steer clients efficiently, effectively and thoughtfully to a fair and sensible resolution of family problems.

We are experienced, specialist family lawyers.

We are members of Resolution - formerly the Solicitors Family Law Association.

We offer a free initial interview, in person or on the phone.

We aim to give our clients good value for money. There are ways we can work with you to achieve this, including offering a free initial interview, in person or on the phone.
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10. Burroughs Day Solicitors
The pressures of everyday life can take their toll on relationships. This breakdown is traumatic and, married or not, the decisions to be made are difficult. Divorce proceedings are an option but many people do not want to take such a step either immediately or at all. We can advise you on the options that are available which can enable you to make practical decisions in relation to the changes in your circumstances. We can provide practical advice on the preparation of separation agreements and in relation to obtaining a judicial separation. If you wish to consider divorce proceedings, we can advise you on the grounds available and those which apply to your case, as well as the procedure that has to be followed. Our specialist lawyers understand the pressures you are likely to be under and want to help you achieve workable solutions. They are here to guide you through each stage of the legal process, providing straightforward, practical, cost-effective advice.

Our clients see us as their trusted advisers and, for this reason, use our services time and time again. First class service is our priority and we understand the pressures that clients will often be under. Our Client Charter sets out our service commitments. Above all, we will put your mind at ease because you will receive straightforward, reliable advice and support from highly experienced professional teams.

As proof of our legal practice excellence we have the Lexcel quality mark. Each year we are independently audited by the Law Society against stringent criteria to ensure that we are providing a quality service in all areas of legal practice. We have been awarded the much coveted Lexcel quality mark for 5 years in a row.
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Rating: [10.00]

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