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1. Hewitsons Solicitors
Generally, when people think of family law, it is in the context of relationship breakdown and divorce. Sometimes, the law may seem to have little in common with family life and legal processes can appear daunting. Hewitsons have a dedicated team of family lawyers who specialise in guiding clients through marital and relationship breakdowns with tact and sensitivity. We are committed to resolving matters in a constructive, cost effective and sympathetic manner. Our commitment to quality of service and personal attention enables us to preserve a workable relationship between the parties whilst helping to secure the most advantageous division of the family assets.

Our team is led by Ian Pattinson, who has more than twenty-five years experience of handling complicated and difficult family matters. He is recognised as a leading individual in his field, and has a particular reputation for advocacy. Ian also specialises in complex financial claims. He holds the Resolution Accreditation as a specialist in both Advocacy and Advanced Financial Provision. Less than 100 family lawyers in the country currently hold this particular qualification, whilst the number of specialist advocates is less than 120. In addition we are able, unlike many other firms, to offer a service at partner level to clients who prefer to see either a male or female lawyer. Teresa Brown, who works with Ian, has handled a number of high value cases involving agricultural assets.

Our family lawyers are members of the Solicitors' Family Law Association - now to be known as "Resolution - First for Family Law". We accordingly adopt, wherever possible, the conciliatory approach recommended by Resolution, and are committed to resolving matters without unnecessary acrimony. The objective must always be to settle a dispute by agreement, negotiated as swiftly and amicably as the situation will permit. This is particularly important where children are involved and can also mean that a settlement is achieved more cost effectively.

In most cases, the degree of disagreement between the parties is directly referable to the legal costs which the matter generates. Accordingly, the greater the level of dispute between the parties, the more the matrimonial resources (not only financial) are likely to be depleted.

We are also firm advocates of alternative means of dispute resolution, including independent mediation.

People often assume that, when a relationship ends, divorce represents the only outcome. However, for some couples, initially the best option may be to spend a period of time living separately. This may offer the opportunity to explore a reconciliation or alternatively to move towards a permanent ending of the relationship.

Although you may decide that you do not wish to begin Court proceedings, arrangements can still be made to deal with issues relating to your children, property and income. We can assist you in negotiating these matters with your spouse to try and achieve a workable outcome.

In relation to financial matters, we will encourage an amicable and constructive approach designed to ensure full and accurate disclosure of your respective financial positions leading to a negotiated agreement. This can then be drawn up as a legal document known as a Separation Deed or Separation Agreement. The document can cover a wide variety of aspects.
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2. Hegarty & Co Solicitors Peterborough
When problems arise in families, they can be understandably distressing. As a result, you may find it hard to concentrate on legal technicalities, or details that may be important. Speaking to someone who will understand your situation and the way you feel will help. Within our large family department, we have specialists in most areas of family law and most are members of Resolution (formerly known as Solicitor's Family Law Association) that sets high standards for membership.

If you need help regarding a family matter please do not hesitate to contact us. We will arrange to have a meeting with you to take the details of your situation and give you an indication of the costs (including if you are eligible for financial assistance) for any action you decide upon.

Anyone who has been married for over a year provided the relevant criteria on residency & domicile is met. During your first meeting, a solicitor will check that you are eligible to commence proceedings.

If reconciliation is not possible, it is important that you act as fast as you can to ensure that your rights are properly protected. You might have to take emergency action, such as applying for an injunction; applying to the Court for an Order relating to your children; making an application for maintenance for yourself or making an application to the Child Support Agency for child maintenance; making an application to ensure that your spouse does not dispose of family assets; commencing divorce proceedings or simply applying to the Benefits Agency.
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3. Hunt & Coombs Solicitors
We understand that separation, divorce and disputes regarding your children or money will be among the most stressful and anxious times of your life. Our clients appreciate our sensitive and supportive approach - our opponents respect our determination and expertise.

Whether or not you are married you may be involved in a dispute as to how to divide your assets, income and pensions. You may be involved in a dispute as to where your child or children will live or what contact you or your partner has with them.

You may simply be thinking of living together with somebody and need advice as to what may happen if you separate or die.

Whatever the situation you will need expert legal advice and assistance. We can provide this. We have reputation for efficient, friendly and helpful service.

Our family lawyers have between them over 100 years experience. All are members of the Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA) and we have the only SFLA accredited specialists in Peterborough for cases where high incomes/assets or pensions are involved. Our extensive experience has included complex settlements and cases where the assets have exceeded ?13 million.

Our family lawyers have between them experience of having dealt with thousands of cases. They have the experience and knowledge to assist you to reach an early settlement if at all possible. If no settlement can be achieved we have the experience to represent you at court to secure a fair outcome.

Our family law secretaries have between them over 30 years experience. They are consistently praised by our clients for their efficient, helpful and friendly manner. They will be pleased to discuss your requirements and act as an essential link between you and your chosen lawyer as the matter progresses.

Our team is recognised by Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession 2003/4 as providing: "expert handling of cases." Our client base comprises members of the agricultural community as well as those involved in commerce in addition to private individuals who have contacted us because of our established reputation.

Hunt & Coombs was established in 1934 by Dr Jack Hunt and practised from 34 Westgate, Peterborough. We moved to 35 Thorpe Road in 1961 as J Hunt and Co and amalgamated with Sherrard and Coombs (of Oundle) in 1979, becoming Hunt & Coombs. The Practice has always provided first class legal advice in an atmosphere of trust and confidence.

Hunt & Coombs provide legal services to a number of organisations with turnovers measured in hundreds of millions of pounds, many local/regional government organisations, statutory agencies, small to medium sized businesses and individual private clients.

We have achieved our planned growth over the years with a policy of excellent client care and investment. We are now a 12 partner practice with a total team of 93 people.
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4. Miller Sands Solicitors
Miller Sands Solicitors, formerly Miller & Co, has been established in Cambridge since 1893. A high street firm with a national reputation, it has not let its success affect its friendly down-to-earth style. With offices situated close to the commercial heart of the city, and a splendid view over Parkers Piece, we are ideally placed for our clients.

In the current climate it is quite straightforward to obtain a divorce. Even if you live in the same house as your husband or wife, you can still start proceedings. The law in general terms is on the basis that if one party says the marriage has irretrievably broken down and there can be no future, divorce is inevitable. It usually takes about 3-4 months to reach decree nisi stage.
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5. CB4LAW - Solicitors, Attorneys and Mediators, Cambridge UK
CB4LAW - Family Law Specialists. At cb4law we specialise in matrimonial, family and child care law and offer a local professional yet friendly service to our clients. Our services include:
Financial Provision following divorce or separation
Division of assets
Property Adjustment Orders/Property transfers
Pension attachment Orders
Children Issues
Residence and Contact
Care proceedings and Supervision Orders

We offer Collaborative Family Law services. This is a new way of resolving family disputes by meeting alongside both solicitors without the threat of going to court.

We seek to resolve problems with a sympathetic and non confrontational approach which benefits clients by reducing conflicts and tensions and bringing about speedier and less costly solutions.
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6. Metcalfe, Copeman & Pettefar?- Solicitors established 1784
We have a large Family Law team who provide a professional high quality service dealing with all aspects of relationship breakdowns. At a difficult and traumatic time you need prompt and accessible advice, provided in a sensitive and constructive manner. We will always explore whether disputes can be resolved by agreement but will advise you to go to Court if necessary.

We have specialists who are members of Resolution (formerly the Solicitors Family Law Association) whose Code of Practice we have adopted. In addition, we have members of the Law Society, Family Law Panel and Children's Panel, whose members are vetted and who must demonstrate a proven track record in family work and children's matters, including care proceedings. We are also an approved organisation by the Legal Services Commission and franchised to provide publicly funded work (formerly legal aid).

We deal with marriage breakdown, divorce, nullity, as well as relationship breakdowns. We have expertise in dealing with financial issues, in particular where there are Forces and local Authority Pension Schemes, or where there are business and commercial assets. We deal with all aspects of children's disputes, including care proceedings. We are registered with Reunite and have a specialist to advise on child abduction cases with International aspects. We also deal with emergency procedures in cases of domestic violence or where assets must be preserved.

Based in rural East Anglia, yet within one hour of London, we enjoy a quality of life which leads to a reasoned approach and an economy of charge. It is the partners hope and expectation that, after 200 years of continuous practice, the firm will be serving its clients in the law in 200 years time. By developing our specialist range, we can offer a varied career for our lawyers and thus ensure that we always have the team for you.
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7. Barr Ellison - Solicitors
Everyone understands how distressing it can be when a relationship breaks down. If you find yourself in the situation where divorce or separation is being considered, you will need sensitive help from many quarters, not least your solicitor, whether you decide to opt for a final conclusion or mediation.

In the same way, as a form of insurance, you may feel it necessary to find a legal way of protecting yourself should your currently happy living situation turns out not to be a lasting one - a pre-nuptual agreement in other words.

Many law firms talk about good, old fashioned client care (and it?s easy to talk about) but this firm has an advantage in this regard.

We?ve been around for over 150 years. In other words, long enough to know what good, old fashioned client care actually means.

Every member of the team is expected to offer you the kind of personal service they?d expect themselves. And, if you visit us, we?ve tried to create an environment in which you will feel welcome.

We have been awarded Investors in People and Lexcel (the Law Society Practice Standard). In fact we were the first law firm locally to achieve both standards concurrently.
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8. Jeremy Roberts & Co Solicitors
Jeremy Roberts & Co is a small friendly high street solicitors in Petersborough specialising in family and other types of work. We can help you with divorce and domestic matters as well as family law. The welfare of children is a priority. We provide a sympathetic and professional approach.
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9. Kirkpatricks Solicitors and Advocates - Matrimonial
Our Family Department helps those who are married, unmarried, in same sex relationships, with or without children. Our specialist knowledge enables us to provide a sympathetic and constructive approach leading to fair, workable and practical solutions.

Kirkpatricks is a 5 Partner High Street practice based in both Huntingdon and Peterborough.

The firm was originally set up by Mr. John E Kirkpatrick over 30 years ago as John Kirkpatrick & Co. In January of 1998 the practice changed its name with the addition of three new partners.
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10. Archer & Archer Solicitors in Ely, Cambridgeshire
Archer & Archer deals with all aspects of divorce and separation, offering clients practical, sensitive advice at what we recognise is often a difficult time. We will help you to settle financial matters as well as residence and contact arrangements for any children involved. We also provide a mediation service, which we have found is often the most effective way of resolving these issues amicably.

You will be fully represented by us throughout, whether by our lawyers or Counsel. Legal aid is available at all stages, subject to means, and we can arrange out of hours appointments if necessary.

Established in 1785, our aim at Archer & Archer has always been to provide clients with the highest quality service. Our experienced solicitors are specialists in their fields, each concentrating on a single or limited number of work areas.

We believe in being open and aboveboard when it comes to our fees which is why we offer our clients free quotations for all our services. A free initial consultation may also be available - contact us to find out more.
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