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1. Kevin J. Commons & Co. Solicitors
Here at K J Commons & Co. we realise that any matters that concern the family can be traumatic. Often, taking the decision to come and seek legal advice is hard enough in itself. We want to ensure that at all times we provide an efficient and caring service to all our clients.

The very fact that you have sought legal advice means that there may be a potential problem relating to your child or children. It may be as simple as wanting to change your child's name or as important as the Local Authority having concerns for your children's welfare. Whatever the problem, it is likely that it is regulated by The Children Act 1986.
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2. Brown Barron Solicitors of Barrow-in-Furness
Problems over relationships occur all too frequently and we recognise both the emotional and financial strains of dealing with these. With accredited and experienced members of both Children and Family Panels we deal sympathetically with the issues whilst protecting the client's interests, and do not hesitate to take a robust approach when necessary. Very often the client is eligible for Public Funding which can cover most or all of the costs.

The firm was first established at Ramsden Square in Barrow in 1979 by sole practitioner Gordon Brown. In 1983 Chris Barron joined him, and in the same year the business moved to its present address in Duke Street and has expanded ever since. Simon Tring joined the partnership in 1993 upon the retirement of Gordon Brown and in 2002 Paul O'Donnell became a salaried partner. Simon Tring retired from the partnership in May 2004 and there are presently three qualified solicitors and one trainee offering a wide variety of legal services.
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3. Poole Townsend Solicitors
When relationships break down, we are able to advise on divorce proceedings, separation agreements and the implications for children. Our range of expert services also means that we are well-placed to advise you on pensions issues and the fair division of assets and property.

Our approach emphasises negotiation and agreement, not conflict and confrontation, so that as little harm as possible is done to those involved in what may already be a painful process.

Our family law team, headed by Peter Yates, can also advise you on family protection, the law relating to adoption, domestic violence issues, injunctions and care proceedings.

Many clients wishing to take proceedings in family cases will be eligible for public funding (Legal Aid) and we are happy to discuss this with clients on an individual basis.

The firm?s partners have a combined experience of over 130 years and we invest continuously in the training and development of our support staff, giving us the best team in the area and offering you a full and comprehensive service that you can trust.

We pride ourselves on offering specialist advice in an accessible way so that you can make the decisions that count, knowing that you?re in safe hands.
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4. Brockbank Cain & Hall, Legal Services in Cumbria
The end of a relationship with your Partner can be a difficult and painful experience.

Coming to terms with the emotional and practical problems that arise is not easy and Brockbank Curwen Cain & Hall is here to help.

Meeting us for the first time you may want to know the answer to such question as:
How do get a divorce?
What am I entitled to receive financially as a result of the breakdown of the relationship?
Am I entitled to any State Benefits?
Will I have to pay Child Support and if so, how much will I have to pay?
There are difficulties over the arrangements for seeing the children - how can that be sorted out?
My partner is violent and will not leave me alone - what can I do?

If the relationship has irreconcilably broken down it is our task to help you achieve the best possible outcome and, as far as possible, to encourage the parties to resolve their difficulties and problems which arise with the least animosity and recrimination, something of particular importance where children are involved.

We will always encourage you to ensure that the children suffer as little distress and upset as possible in the course of resolving the issues between the parents. It is important to remember that parents remain parents after the end of their own relationship and have a continuing duty towards their children to communicate with each other and to work together to maintain the children?s relationship with each parent.

Brockbank Curwen Cain & Hall was first founded in 1769 and, based in Whitehaven, has been a part of the West Cumbrian Community for over 230 years.

The firm merged with the well established practice of Michael Cain & Geoffrey Hall in 1995 which had offices in Cockermouth and Maryport.

The merged firm opened a fourth office in Workington in 1996.

In 2003 the partnership of Brockbank Cain & Hall incorporated to become Brockbank Cain & Hall Limited trading as Brockbank Cain & Hall.

A further merger in 2004 saw the Practice merge with Curwen & Company to form Brockbank Curwen Cain & Hall Limited trading as Brockbank Curwen Cain & Hall.

Offices in Cockermouth & Workington were consolidated and streamlined to produce a practice with 20 fee earners and 65 employees.

The firm recognizes the role that new technology has to play in maintaining and enhancing its quality of service to clients and has therefore made a substantial investment in the acquisition of information technology.

All four offices are linked by private network and all have e mail and data transfer capabilities which facilitates the rapid movement of information and documents throughout the firm and to clients.
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5. Temple Heelis
When the family breaks down; to resolve issues over money, children and property.

We provide a range of essential services for individuals and families who may be considering separation or divorce or simply having difficulties in their marriage or family relationships.

It is never pleasant when a relationship breaks down, for whatever reason. Stress amplifies the anxiety for everyone involved, so it can be very difficult for you to get the balance right between protecting your interests and achieving some emotional resolution that is right for you and the others involved ? your spouse, partner and children.

Hopefully you don?t go through this more than once, but we do! That experience is critical to help you achieve the right balance to produce the best result for you. You can then get on with your life and perhaps even mend the damage that has been done; often a fine balance between strong representation with a constructive and conciliatory approach is needed.

As the largest firm of solicitors in the Lakes, with offices in Kendal and Windermere we are committed to helping local people, families and businesses to prosper and benefit from their hard work. Then you can enjoy the countryside, your leisure time and your retirement here in comfort, with financial security for you and your family.
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6. Crutes Law Firm
The breakdown of a relationship leading to divorce or separation can be a painful and complex process.

We believe that during this stressful and upsetting time, it is vitally important that you receive clear and straightforward legal advice. The Family Law Unit at Crutes is committed to providing that advice.

Our practice is acknowledged for its expertise in care proceedings. We act for guardians, parents and other parties in this extremely sensitive area of law.

Crutes has a dedicated team consisting of five fee earners who can provide legal services in this area. We can assist in the following areas:
Advocacy in relation to all of the above in the Magistrates, County and High Courts.
Care Proceedings
Disputes concerning co-habitation
Divorce and Judicial Separation
Family Pre-nuptials
Property Adjustment and Pension Provision
Residence and Contact Arrangements for Children

Crutes is a rapidly expanding regional law firm with a national reputation in its chosen sectors. We believe in the importance of building relationships with our clients and listening to their needs and requirements.
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7. JK Law - Cumbria and North Lancashire Solicitor
JK Law Specializes in all aspects of family relationship breakdown, principally Divorce, Separation, Cohabitation breakdown, Financial and Property issues, Children issues and Associated areas.

Almost inevitably, the breakdown of any family relationship will mean that there are personal and financial issues which need to be resolved. This time is often accompanied by great stress as well as high emotions - not the best of times to make decisions which may have long lasting effects. I can support you at this difficult time by offering sound and practical legal advice and assistance in all aspects of family relationship breakdown.
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8. Family Solicitors in Cumbria: Bendles of Carlisle
The breakdown of any relationship is stressful for all concerned. We offer a sympathetic and constructive approach to help our clients to achieve fair and amicable solutions to their problems.

Our department shares a common recognition of the need to avoid unnecessary confrontation in family disputes and we are particularly sensitive to the needs of any children involved.

As a department, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive service to all our family clients. We have a number of specialists and significant experience in all areas of family law.

We can help on all legal matters relating to relationship breakdown; separation, divorce, financial issues, children's issues (residence and contact) and child care. We also offer family mediation.
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