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1. EW Law
Family problems can be the most difficult to solve. We make it our business to see that they are settled in a way that brings the greatest benefit to our clients and their families. In many cases the support and welfare of children is important and we make sure their interests are put first.

Complex financial and property issues can also arise and our approach is to help you deal with them in a conciliatory manner whenever possible. If this cannot be achieved and the case has to be fought through the courts then our commitment is to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

We are here to help you at that difficult time when your life seems to be falling apart.

Eddowes Waldron have been working in and around Derby since 1855. In recent years we have developed specialist professional teams and taken every advantage of modern technology to give a quality and competitively priced service. We have also grown into a large firm, whilst retaining our ability to care.
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2. Smith Partnership - Solicitors in Derby, East Midlands, UK
Statistics show that relationships are breaking down at an increasing rate. At such times taking legal advice can seem an intimidating prospect. Here at Smith Partnership our dedicated family law team understand that feeling. We provide a friendly, approachable and professional service. We aim to be as accessible as possible for the genuine concerns and problems that arise. Our aim is to provide an understanding ear when you need it the most.

Our team provides a complete and confidential service in all areas of family law, servicing the needs of our clients across the Midlands from our offices at Derby, Burton, Swadlincote, Leicester and Stoke on Trent.

Children matters can be both highly sensitive and complex. Whether it is an application for Contact, Residence, Parental Responsibility or any other issue, we have particular expertise in this area. This can also include emergency applications at short notice.

Often the most difficult issues to resolve on a separation, whether divorce or cohabitation, are the financial issues. Whether they be property issues or complicated business, investment or pension interests our team is able to provide specialised and expert legal advice. Family Associate Partners Ruth Jones, Stuart Shaw and Peter Dadswell, and senior colleagues Bina Modi and Melanie Brigden have particular expertise and success in handling high-worth financial disputes. Our goal is to protect your interests both now and for the future.

We handle all other issues associated with relationship breakdown including divorce, CSA disputes, domestic violence injunctions, and Occupation Orders to exclude a partner from a property. We are also able to provide assistance before any dispute or proceedings exist, for example in the negotiation and drafting of Cohabitation, Pre-Nuptial and Separation Agreements.

Having met the high standards required by the Legal Services Commission in being granted a franchise in family work, we are also able to undertake work that is publicly funded.

Smith Partnership was formed on 1st October 1987 through the merger of two legal practices with a common philosophy and a long history of professional co-operation. Our partners are committed to a progressive approach to legal practice and a policy of dynamic growth. We constantly strive to build upon the existing strengths of partners and staff and to expand both the range of services provided and the geographical reach of the practice.

The firm?s largest concentration of personnel is in Derby. It has, however, established itself as a strong local force in the other cities and towns where it has branches.
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3. Awandco.co.uk
We offer the following family law services:
Divorce and Separation.
Financial Advice.
Maintenance / Property.
Violence and Harrassment.
Children - Residence and Contact.
Child Protection - Care and Supervision.
Grandparents Rights.

The Aspinall Wright Partnership has been established in Glossop for more than twenty years. Having served the community well over these years we've found we are able to promise our clients the following:
Free initial telephone consultation.
Appointments out of office hours or at your home by arrangement.
Easy access for clients with disabilities.
Fully computerised but highly personal service.
Secure fire protected storage of deeds, wills and securities. (An inception charge of ?23.50 is made for permanent storage).
Services for the elderly.
Legal help and public funding.
Regulated by the Law Society.

Aspinall Wright has met the exacting practice management standards set by the community legal services commission and holds a coveted Community Legal Services Commission Contract for family law.
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4. Taylor Simpson and Mosley
Whenever a relationship breaks down, whether involving cohabitees, parties to a civil partnership, or a married couple, there are legal implications. Often these involve children or property. Often the parties will be distressed and feeling very vulnerable. Whatever the problem, our Family Law Department is there to offer advice and support through these difficult times.

The Head of our Family Law Department is Mary White. She is a member of the Solicitors? Family Law Panel and Resolution. She is experienced in all areas of Family Law and will encourage you to find a constructive approach to resolve the problems bearing in mind that the interests of any children must always come first.

We can deal with Divorce or Separation Agreements. We can advise on the tax implications of any settlement that is proposed. If there is a dispute as to where the children are to live or how often they are to see the parent who no longer lives with them, although Court proceedings are possible, often it is not the best answer. Mary will encourage you to find a solution that is in the best interests of the children.

We can also advise you on the implications of cohabitation and, if desired, prepare Cohabitation Agreements or, if you are contemplating marriage, Pre-Nuptial Agreements.

If you have a legal problem and need advice and assistance then we want to help you. We have been assisting people in the Derby and Nottingham areas for over two hundred years.

What we don?t want to do is to blind you with legal jargon, frustrate you by not returning calls or cause you anxiety by sending you unexpected bills. We want to offer you a quality service, focused on you.
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5. Chapmans Solicitors
Sadly, every year around 150,000 marriages end in divorce. The legal process of ending a marriage can have a major impact on all family members - both emotional and financial. Recognising this, SFLA solicitors aim to help separating couples achieve a constructive settlement of their differences in a way which avoids protracted arguments and promotes co-operation between parents in decisions concerning children.

If you are having problems in your marriage, you should first consider whether these difficulties could be resolved with the help of a trained relationship counsellor. Organisations such as Relate could help you.

If you decide to divorce, a solicitor will be able to advise you and guide you through the process. A good lawyer will outline your options at every stage and give you the information to make your own decisions.

To get a divorce in England and Wales, you need to show that you have been married for more than a year and that the marriage has broken down. The marriage must have broken down for one of the reasons below:

Your spouse has committed adultery and you find it intolerable to live together;

Your spouse has behaved in such a way that you cannot reasonably be expected to live together;

You have been separated for 2 years and your spouse agrees to divorce;

You have been separated for 5 years;

Your spouse deserted you more than 2 years ago.

The reason for the breakdown of the marriage forms the basis of the divorce application (known as the 'petition'). If more than one of these is applicable, your solicitor will advise on which is most suitable to your circumstances and what additional information the court needs.

If your spouse has committed adultery, you do not need to name the other person. If the petition is based on the behaviour of your spouse, you will need to give some limited examples of their behaviour and how it has affected you.

These details (known as 'particulars') can be agreed with your spouse in advance, to avoid the process of untangling the marriage increasing any conflict between you both.

If you carry on living together for more than six months after either the last act of unreasonable behaviour or the discovery of the last act of adultery, then you cannot get a divorce based on this. Similarly, a period of separation is discounted if you live together again for a period of six months.

The divorce process is in two stages - a 'Decree Nisi' and a 'Decree Absolute'. A Decree Nisi is an interim stage, granted by the court when the ground for divorce is established. After a period of time, it can be converted into a Decree Absolute, which marks the end of the marriage. This will not normally happen until arrangements for any children and financial matters are agreed. You can stop the process at any time before the Decree Absolute is issued.

If you have children, you will need to give details of their names and dates of birth of the children, where they are living, which schools they attend and what arrangements have been made for their care .

As a member of Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA) we aim to help separating couples achieve a constructive settlement of their differences in a way which avoids protracted arguments and promotes co-operation between parents in decisions concerning children. Because of the approach we take, the overall cost of using Chapman & Chubb can be less than using a firm of solicitors who do not subscribe to the Code of Practice.

Whether you are married or not, facing divorce or separation, with or without children and whether or not you have financial and/or property matters to be resolved, you now have a choice.

You can use the traditional method of resolving those issues by instructing a family lawyer to negotiate with your former partner?s lawyer on your behalf or you can use family mediation.
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6. Bakewells Solicitors Derby East Midlands - Legal Advice
When a marriage or relationship comes to an end it can be a painful experience for all concerned. At Bakewells we believe relationship problems should be solved with minimum stress and maximum understanding, especially where children are involved.

Our Family Team are specialists in handling disputes that can arise in domestic situations. With an emphasis on working to an amicable agreement whenever possible, we aim to minimise court involvement. However, we can deliver decisive action when needed.

As a member of the Family Law Association you can be confident that you are in good hands.

At Bakewells we recognise that a high quality service and high levels of client satisfaction are fundamental to our continued success. The Bakewells Promise is our way of demonstrating that we are very different to other firms of Solicitors.

Bakewells is one of the few ISO 9001 accredited law firm in Derby. We are independently assessed twice a year to ensure that we meet the very highest standards of service and client care. We recognise that accreditation forms only a part of an ongoing programme to maintain and improve our services so that we can meet our clients' changing demands and maintain our position as one of the leading law firms in the Midlands.

We are committed to a programme of continuous improvement in the quality of services we provide and as such we place a great emphasis on the training and development of our staff.
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7. Flint Bishop and Barnett - Solicitors in the UK Midlands
Solicitors in Derby, Matlock, Belper and Ashbourne - Flint Bishop and Barnett. We can help you with the following family law issues:
Advice relating to children
Advice relating to financial matters
Partners and issues relating to the breakdown of the relationship
Child care proceedings
Separation deeds
Pre-nuptial contracts
Cohabitation contracts
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8. East Midlands Lawyers Providing Legal Advice
The aim of our lawyers is to be accessible and responsive to your legal requirements.

Welcome to Robinsons Solicitors internet site. This site provides the latest information on our firm and our services.

Our offices at Derby and Ilkeston are equipped with all the modern technology to enable our staff to provide the highest quality of service.

The breakdown of any relationship is stressful for all concerned. We offer a sympathetic and constructive approach to help our clients to achieve fair and amicable solutions to their problems.

Our department shares a common recognition of the need to avoid unnecessary confrontation in family disputes and we are particularly sensitive to the needs of any children involved.

Together with our colleagues we offer a comprehensive service to include advice on wills, conveyancing, business problems and financial planning.
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9. Ashby Family Law Practice
If you need advice on:
disputes over children
the financial implications of family breakdown
we can help you.

We have the expertise (confirmed by our membership of the Law Society's Family Law Panel and specialist accreditation by Resolution) and we have a client-friendly approach, sensitive to the very personal nature of family problems.

We offer an initial 30 minute consultation free of charge, without committing you to anything. Your case will be handled by an experienced solicitor throughout.

Ashby Family Law Practice was set up in May 1999 as a niche practice providing a specialist service by solicitors with many years of experience in all aspects of family law. Our aim is to guide clients through the intricacies and complexities of family law, be it in relation to separation or divorce, children or financial issues ? in order to obtain a fair deal with the minimum of acrimony and delay.

We also, of course, advise as to non-contentious family issues such as pre-nuptial agreements, parental responsibility agreements in respect of children, and the implication of financial settlements which clients have agreed between themselves, and we handle the drafting of wills and residential conveyancing, whether or not incidental to family law matters.
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10. Banner Jones Middleton Solicitors
Whether you are married or not, the end of any relationship is difficult. Our team of family lawyers will give sympathetic, objective advice and help you settle legal issues with a minimum of delay. With being members of the Solicitors' Family Law Association, our team encourages a conciliatory approach to family matters as opposed to an aggressive adversarial one.

Banner Jones Middleton Solicitors is a Law Firm based in Derbyshire, England, and offers a wide range of legal services from its six offices in North East Derbyshire two being situated in Chesterfield and the other four in Staveley, Dronfield, Clay Cross and Bolsover. There is also an associated office, Netuschil-Breunig in Darmstadt, Germany.
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