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1. Leonard Gray Solicitors
The Leonard Gray Family Law team are a true niche department of experts and able support staff. The combination of Expertise, experience and IT in its most modern form enables a first class client service to be given worldwide, on a 24 hour basis if necessary.

We give fast, practical and proactive advice based on a clear understanding of the current law together with a unique blend of common sense, commercial awareness and sensitivity. This is essential to you at a time in your life when even the easiest decision can seem difficult.

We deal with every type of family dispute to include divorce, cohabitation, children and complex financial/commercial issues.

Richard Randall has specialist expertise in children's law and is a long-standing member of the Law Society Children Panel.

The Department can react quickly to problems around residence, contact and child abduction, including those with an International aspect.

We are used to dealing with social workers and the local authority and have, on a daily basis, regular public law work, including care proceedings in Courts all over the south-east.

We are committed to legal services funding (old legal aid) and have a full franchise and offer the same committed, sensitive service to all. We also offer a 24 hour help line for emergency children problems.
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2. Holmes and Hills - Essex Solicitors
We have a commitment to dealing with your problems in a sympathetic, understanding and practical way. As members of Resolution, we agree to ?work in a conciliatory and friendly way to avoid acrimonious correspondence or acrimonious situations with other solicitors?.

Our experts help to provide solutions that are fair to all, especially any children involved. Talk to us about: Divorce and separation (defended and undefended), financial applications for couples and children, children's rights and parental responsibility, children applications and residence matters, adoption.

Separation agreements, including access to children, maintenance and cohabitation agreements.

Domestic violence matters, injunctions, childcare cases involving local authorities.

UK family law increasingly aims to keep disputes out of the courts and to settle them through negotiation. While strong emotions may make it difficult to find a way forward in personal disputes, it makes far more sense for a couple to reach their own settlement rather than have one imposed by the court. Where children are involved, the argument is even stronger. Family Mediation aims to make negotiated settlement possible and has been incorporated as a specialist service within Holmes & Hills since late 2003.
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Our specialist department maintains very strong links with local social services such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, domestic violence units, contact and family centres.

Throughout our involvement with any party that we are assisting on issues of family breakdown our aim is to settle issues as fairly and as speedily as possible.

Our focus is on the key issues and you will be advised as to whether you are able to pursue divorce proceedings, the grounds available and its consequences.

There may be personal or religious reasons that you do not wish to commence divorce proceedings and advice can be given about separation.

We are able to give advice to mixed sex and same sex couples who are intending to, or have, separated.

We attempt to avoid and advise against the use of family resources to fund a dispute.

Advice is given in respect of divorce and separation including separation agreements and pre-nuptial agreements.

Several of our specialist team are members of the Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA) which means that the SFLA has recognised them as specialist within particular areas of family law. Some of our team are members of the Law Society Children's Panel which means that the Law Society has recognised them as specialist in children law.

The merger is the union of two high quality complementary businesses, which together create a new regional law practice. Innovative and progressive, BTMK is a full service law firm and prides itself on its expertise, creativity and results.
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4. Gepp and Sons - Lawyers Chelmsford Essex UK
Even in the most amicable cases, divorce and relationship breakdown can be a traumatic experience for all concerned. Yet it is precisely at this emotional time that critical decisions have to be made.

At Gepp & Sons we offer sympathetic and professional advice, helping our clients to reach the best outcome for themselves and their family.

The combination of legal and financial skills we offer ensures that problems over financial arrangements, or the care of children, are handled with both efficiency and understanding.

Any complications are resolved through patient negotiation and where necessary we will act in court on our clients behalf.

Gepp & Sons was founded over two centuries ago and, for many years, continued as a small highly successful family practice. Yet, the world was continuing to grow in complexity and, as forward thinking Solicitors, we needed to respond.

Working from our offices at 58 New London Road, Chelmsford and at 56 North Hill, Colchester, we have grown to become one of the largest firms of Solicitors based in Essex. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete service to both business and private clients, combining the highest standards of operation with a traditional personal approach.

The Firm is organised into several different departments, with the legal staff in each department being considerable experts in their field. Life itself, of course, is not so neatly divided, therefore all the staff within our departments work closely together calling on each other?s services as and when required.
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5. Heckford Norton
Our Family Team has a wealth of experience in this area and is able to provide expert advice to achieve the least stressful and most satisfactory resolution of your case. Our lawyers have a sympathetic and understanding approach helping clients to resolve problems they may have in any of the areas referred to below. We undertake both private and publicly funded work.

We will prepare the divorce papers on your behalf and liaise with the Court and your spouse or their Solicitor as appropriate. In the majority of cases, it will not be necessary for you to attend Court in respect of the divorce itself. We will assist you towards obtaining a fair and reasonable settlement as quickly and amicably as possible in a sensitive and non-confrontational manner. When however a firm approach is required we will be there to protect your position and to pursue your case in your best interests.

The welfare of the children is the paramount consideration and we will help you to find a solution to enable them to continue to enjoy the support of their parents.In all cases, it is to be hoped that parents can reach agreement between themselves regarding arrangements for the children and certainly, this is the position taken by the Court. We understand however that this is not always possible and sometimes parties need help in establishing arrangements for the children which are agreeable to all concerned. We bear in mind that the welfare of the children is the paramount consideration. We can help parents in resolving children issues whether by agreement or as a last resort, by a Court Order. We can also assist in referring cases to mediation and have contacts with mediation services in the local area.

Domestic violence is unfortunately a regular occurrence for some people. It may not always be physical, but words can be just as bad. Victims of domestic violence do not need to put up with this type of behaviour. Under the Family Law Act 1996 it is possible to obtain a Non Molestation/Occupation Order, thereby removing the perpetrator from the family home and an injunction to protect the victim. In severe instances the perpetrator can be ordered to leave the family home within as little as two hours notice.

Heckford Norton is a well-established, approachable and progressive law firm committed to providing clients with an individual personal service.

Offices in Letchworth, Saffron Walden, and Stevenage.

Highly motivated firm committed to the needs, demands and success of our clients .
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6. Palmers Solicitors
Our Family Law practitioners are members of Resolution and comply with the Resolution Code of Practice. We aim to offer both legal and practical advice, in what may be a particularly difficult time in your life.

We deal with:
Cohabitation contracts and pre-nuptial agreements
Divorce, nullity and dissolution of Civil Partnerships
Financial settlements
Disputes over property
Contact and residence disputes
Financial claims on behalf of children (where the Child Support Agency is not involved)
Domestic violence protection

We are able to offer public funding at our Basildon office, under our Legal Services Commission Franchise.

Our Family Law specialists are supported by experienced secretarial and paralegal staff who all work together to provide you with the best service, ensuring that at all times there will be someone you can speak to.

Due to working patterns today it is still the case in the majority of families that when a child is born it is the mother who ceases employment to raise the child/children of the family. As a result of this if the relationship unfortunately breaks down it is usually the mother who the children reside with and the father who receives contact. It is very common that if the breakdown is particularly hostile the children will be used as a weapon and contact will decrease or cease with the absent parent. Some fathers continue to persist with contact others for various reasons will not. What a lot of fathers do not realise is that since the introduction of the European Court Of Human Rights a father now has the right to family life which means a right to see their children. I have recently seen a huge number of fathers who were not aware that they have a legal right to see their children despite what the mothers may say.

A considerable number of independent reports have concluded that if a child does not have contact or a relationship with their father this will have a detrimental effect on the child regardless of how good the relationship of the child is with its mother. This conclusion is of equal application to both sons and daughters. Studies have illustrated that children in families where the father is absent have achieved lower results in academic achievement than families where the father has maintained contact.

The length of contact a father should receive depends on the age of the child. If both parents are amicable the level of contact can be agreed between the parties. If this is not possible then any father can issue a Defined Contact Order with the Court and have a District Judge decide what contact is appropriate. Before any Court hearing a mediation appointment will take place and hopefully the disagreements can be resolved. If not, in the majority of cases the District Judge will list the case for a final hearing and statements will be filled by each party. Generally speaking the type and length of contact awarded depends on the age of the child. For young children little and often contact is favoured to reinforce the bond between parent and child. Staying contact is not usually awarded with young children. Provided contacted has been maintained and been successful the contact should progress and increase as the child becomes older. Eventually contact should reach a level where alternate weekend contact is occurring commencing on Friday through to Sunday. If the parties still live reasonably close it is often possible to also have week day contact after school. It must be remembered that the above outline for contact is the Courts approach however this does not need to be followed if the parties can agree alternate arrangements. With all contact cases it is always to the parties advantage to agree contact as it can then remain flexible to meet the individual child?s needs. If a party is not adhering to contact and agreements have been made but continually broken a Defined Contact Order may assist.
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7. Divorce Solicitors UK - Terry and Co
Terry & Co is a small firm of solicitors based in the UK (England) specialising in advice to the general public and especially about divorce related matters. Although we can provide advice on most aspects of British law for clients based overseas as well as in the UK our main interest and expertise is in the area of divorce and matrimonial law.

In England there are three separate legal issues which may be involved in the divorce process:

The divorce itself which is simply the process by which the marriage is brought to an end and at the conclusion of which the parties are free to re-marry if they wish. This part of the proceedings concludes with the granting of decree absolute.

Any question affecting the children of the marriage, if any.

So-called "ancillary relief" proceedings which is that part of the process which resolves any financial issues between the parties to the marriage.

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8. Colchester Solicitors - Ellisons Solicitors, Legal Advice
Welcome to Ellisons, one of East Anglia?s oldest established legal practices. First established in 1757, we?ve grown by providing our clients with first class service and sound advice, enabling them to make the right decisions.

Ellisons Family Department is able to act for you in relation to divorce or the breakdown of your relationship.

We can act for you in relation to the following problems:
? Divorce and the financial matters involved
? Disputes about children
? Domestic violence and harassment and how to stop it
? The breakdown of unmarried families
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9. LE Law Solicitors
We are a firm of solicitors established in 2000 and offering a broad range of legal services. We always make the need for excellent yet affordable service to our clients our priority.

To help us achieve this we offer:
Target response times for returning phone calls and replying to correspondence
To go out to our clients (whether at their home, their workplace or in hospital) if they cannot get to our offices
To ensure that the same solicitor handles your matter from start to finish

Family breakdown is a sad reality. We provide support to our clients through what can be difficult times as well as providing an efficient service.

The areas that we can advise on include:
Financial Orders following divorce
Disputes involving children
Separation Agreements
Cohabitation and Pre-nuptial Agreements
Disputes between unmarried partners about children and financial matters.
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10. Alan Winter, Peace & Co
It is an unfortunate fact of life that no all marriages are successful. When a relationship breaks down it is not unusual for one or both parties to seek to dissolve the marriage or to obtain a formal Decree of Judicial Separation.

Normally in such cases it is necessary to decide who is to have custody and care and control of children who are under the age of eighteen. The ownership of the assets of the family including the matrimonial home has to be decided between the parties to the marriage and arrangements frequently have to be made for the continuing maintenance of the children and one of the spouses.

Everybody's circumstances differ slightly and many different factors have to be considered in deciding how questions of custody, maintenance and property are to be determined.

We provide:
- A friendly, fast response on initial contact.
- Answers and advice from experienced staff.
- A competitive fee structure
- The option to be updated regularly by email.
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