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1. Brutton & Co Solicitors, Fareham, Hampshire
Difficulties in relationships can result in serious personal and financial problems which are highly stressful and emotionally challenging. When a relationship breaks down, there are so many things to consider, not least the living and visiting arrangements for the children, so there is a need for sympathetic yet realistic advice.

It may be that the Mediation process of informally discussing both points of view at an early stage, could help identify the root cause of your problems and result in settling your differences. If this is not the case, we will advise and represent you throughout the process towards the most beneficial settlement possible.

Whatever relationship difficulty you may be experiencing, we offer a wide range of services to assist you.

The head of department is an accredited specialist with Resolution (formerly SFLA).

We hold a Legal Services Commission (LSC) public funding family law franchise (formerly known as ?Legal Aid?). We offer a free initial consultation during which future funding (including possibility of legal aid) will be discussed.

Brutton & Co is one of the longest established legal firms in Hampshire tracing a direct partnership succession back to 1785.

Today our clients receive a high quality professional service that is both cost effective and efficient. Brutton & Co assure this through the specialist teams
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2. Gray Purdue Divorce Solicitors
Gray Purdue Solicitors are a UK based legal firm offering legal advice to private and commercial clients. We specialise in divorce and family law, conveyancing, wills and testaments, personal injury, disputes and employment law.
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3. Biscoes Solicitors Portsmouth Hampshire
We have specialists at all four offices who are able to advise on all aspects of family, child law, divorce as well as domestic abuse issues, financial disputes for both married couples and cohabiting partners.

We aim to offer an efficient, listening service to all out clients and, unlike many other firms, still offer Legal Aid to those clients who qualify financially.

We are happy to offer a half an hour free diagnostic interview to assess your eligibility and to advise on costs. We adhere to the Resolution (Solicitors Family Law Association) Code of Practice which promotes effective compromise rather than heated, lengthy, and costly dispute.

We can offer expert advice regarding contact and residence disputes about children, which parent they are to live with and access arrangements.

We can also offer comprehensive advice and assistance to parents and families who find themselves involved in court proceedings with Social Services and Local Authorities, threatening removal of their children.

Couples who have overcome childlessness by arranging a surrogate to have a child for them often face complex legal procedures. We are able to give expert advice to help our clients negotiate the complexities of the Surrogacy Act 1985, Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1997, and the Children Act 1989 to ensure the legal rights of the child. Nowadays, many couples choose to cohabit. Sadly, if their relationship ends, they may need vital advice about property rights, children, and in some cases, domestic abuse. All of the family team at Biscoes can advise unmarried couples on relationship breakdowns.

In addition, we can also advise on Civil Partnerships and the breakdown of same-sex relationships.

We can help with:
Relationship breakdown and property rights
Legal and Judicial Separations
Injunctions and occupation orders
Care proceedings
Custody and Access disputes
Surrogacy and Parental order Applications
Co-habitation agreements
Civil Partnership advice
Pre-nuptial agreements

We offer:
Free initial consultation
LSC (Legal Aid) Franchised ? Quality Assurance
Local offices near to you
Emergency appointments available
Written costs estimates available
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4. Phillips Solicitors
Unfortunately not all marriages or relationships are successful. One out of every two marriages today ends in divorce.

Marriage today is far more complex than it was for earlier generations when traditional roles and responsibilities were more clearly defined. Expectations of each other are higher and depend more on communication, intimacy, negotiation and understanding.

Many relationships go through a bad patch but when a relationship or marriage breaks down, it is not unusual for one or both parties to seek to dissolve the marriage or to obtain a formal decree of judicial separation. You will need professional advice to help you through these processes.

Our team at Phillips specialises in all aspects of the breakdown of the family unit, especially when it involves complex financial and property matters and ? most importantly ? any children. Different fee earners deal with different levels of complexity. We can also work with you to avoid lengthy, costly and emotionally draining court cases wherever possible, by using our mediation and collaborative law services. Different fee earners deal with different levels of complexity.

What you can expect from us:

Expertise in the field you need ? our family law team is qualified and we are accredited members of Family Lawyers, The Family Mediators Association and Relate Quality Partners. You can be sure we'll look after your needs with great discretion

A good progression of your case ? we'll keep you involved, informed with regular updates and work with you, whilst endeavouring to keep the stress levels to a minimum

No surprises ? we'll give you an estimate of costs upfront, subject to the proviso that emergencies cannot be predicted and, of course, so much depends on the co-operation of the other person(s). We'll keep you informed of changes so that you can keep a proper eye on your budget.

Our aim is to help you achieve what you want.

Central to our beliefs is our commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients ? listening to your needs, taking an intelligent and professional approach to each case and thereby enabling you to achieve what you want to do.

Being client-focussed means that we take the client view from the initial contact right through to the resolution of the case. We strive to provide imaginative yet pragmatic advice and solutions, derived from a thorough understanding of our clients? needs and objectives.

We move with the times and our teams of highly qualified legal experts ensure that you get the best advice. We offer a range of comprehensive services to business and private clients, from all walks of life.
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5. Churchers Solicitors, Hampshire
Churchers has a large family department with lawyers based at our Lee-on-the-Solent, Fareham and Cosham offices. All the staff of the family department throughout the firm are highly experienced and can provide general and specialist advice in all areas of family law. We have lawyers who are members of the Family Law Panel, Child Care Panel, the Solicitors Family Law Association and qualified in Family Mediation.

We can provide you with comprehensive advice on:
Property and financial disputes
Child Support Agency
Domestic violence
Care proceedings
Welfare benefit

The firm has been granted a franchise in family law by the Legal Services Commission. A lot of our work is legally aided and we will always therefore consider your eligibility for assistance under the Legal Aid Scheme.
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6. Shentons
Any problems affecting the family are likely to be stressful, whether it is separation, divorce, disputes over children or the involvement of Social Services.

Members of our Family Law Department appreciate the difficulties, having between them many years of experience in this type of work and aim to deal with problems sympathetically, promptly and with the minimum of acrimony.

All members of the Department belong to the Resolution (previously Solicitors Family Law Association), who embrace these principles in their code of practice. We also have lawyers who are members of the Law Society's Personal Injury and Family Panels.

As members of Resolution, we are committed to establishing the best may forward for individual clients to resolve their difficulties and offer a number of alternative processes such as negotiated settlement, mediation and collaborative law.

We conduct a half-hour fixed fee interview for ?10.00 inclusive of VAT.

There are a number of ways in which an unhappy or unsatisfactory marriage can be brought to a conclusion and the method chosen depends on a number of factors:

Annulment - this is the least common way. It has the advantage that proceedings can be commenced at any time after the marriage - there is no waiting period. However the grounds are extremely limited and it is very unusual to be able to bring the circumstances of a marriage within the legal requirements.

Separation - although it is not strictly necessary to have a legal document evidencing the fact that parties have separated, it can be beneficial, both to act as evidence and also to identify the issues which need to be agreed. A Separation Agreement can contain whatever information the parties feel they need to record as having been agreed, but of course by it's very nature the terms have to be agreed between the parties.

Divorce - it is only possible to present a Divorce Petition one year and one day after the marriage.
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7. Daltons Solicitors, Firm of Solicitors Based in Petersfield, Hayling Island in Hampshire
The prospect of divorce action can be daunting, but the process need not be difficult with the right professional advice. We are here to guide you through the process, steer you clear of the legal pitfalls and offer sensitive but independent advice.

Because a divorce can raise sensitive and personal issues, it is important to choose a solicitor who makes you feel comfortable. Choose someone you find approachable and whose advice you feel you understand. Our Family lawyers are members of the Solicitors Family Law Association, who are committed to resolving issues without acrimony.

Settling the financial arrangements can be a major ?flashpoint? during the divorce process ? it is usually far more complex than the divorce itself. SFLA solicitors will ensure that issues relating to children are dealt with separately from financial matters to try and avoid any disagreements over money and property getting in the way of agreeing arrangements for children.

We are a dynamic and forward thinking firm of solicitors based in Petersfield and on Hayling Island in Hampshire. Our experienced, professional and dedicated team show an absolute commitment to delivering a wide range of quality legal services that continue to exceed our client expectations.

Established in 1986 our practice has its roots firmly anchored in the local community but we have grown with our clients and continue to expand. We work hard to develop a close understanding of the legal needs of our clients, putting a human face on proceedings. The firm's legal prowess is unprecedented.
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8. Tanner and Taylor Solicitors - Offices throughout Surrey, UK
Our family law department deals with all matters relating to divorce, child care and cohabitee issues. Our lawyers in the family law department have a great deal of experience and they fully understand that clients involved in divorce proceedings or child care disputes are invariably experiencing an emotional and stress filled time.

Our lawyers are skilled in advising those clients on their legal rights and obligations while also being sensitive to the needs of children and other dependants affected by the matrimonial break up. Negotiations will be conducted fairly but firmly and if litigation does become necessary, we will conduct that litigation vigorously. Our lawyers will aim to provide advice which is both practical and cost-effective.

A number of our family law solicitors are members of specialist family law bodies such as Resolution (formerly the Solicitors Family Law Association), Reunite (an organisation concerned with child abductions) and the Law Society?s Family Law Panel.

Tanner and Taylor are one of the leading legal firms in the Surrey / Hampshire border area. We believe our positive client care policy has underpinned our success.

Tanner & Taylor was established in 1958 when Walford Taylor joined Peter Tanner in a single office in Aldershot, Hampshire. In the sixties the firm expanded into Farnborough and Fleet followed a few years later by the opening of its first Surrey office in Farnham.
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9. Pinto Potts Solicitors in Aldershot and Fleet
Pinto Potts LLP Solicitors can help you see through the grey areas of your divorce and find some light at the end of the tunnel, at a time that is distressing for both parents and children.

We have a well established family law department at Pinto Potts LLP Solicitors which offers a professional and quality service combined with a sympathetic understanding of all the difficulties in all areas of Family Law headed by Anne Leiper, a Member of Law Society's Family Law Panel.

Whatever the nature of the advice you require our experienced team can help you. We are equipped to advise on the impact of divorce and on the complex financial disputes both commercially and personally. We can provide assistance with long term planning and can draw advice from experienced accountants and financial advisors.

The following are just some of the areas in which we can assist and specialise :
Child Support
Child care and Social Services intervention
Domestic violence including emergency injunctions.
Residence and contact disputes.
Legal Aid (community legal service).
Financial disputes including family, business and commercial interests.

Pinto Potts LLP Solicitors are pleased to be able to offer a free half hour initial interview to discuss your case in a personal and sensitive manner and to make a proper assessment of your problem. We can offer appointments outside normal working hours by prior arrangements and have various payment schemes to assist you if you are not eligible for Legal Aid.
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10. Phillips Solicitors Basingstoke
Phillips Solicitors - working with you in Hampshire Our teams of highly qualified legal experts ensure that you get the best advice. We offer a range of comprehensive services to business and private clients, from all walks of life.
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