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1. Gardner and Croft - Solicitors
Our goal is to provide quality legal services to all our clients which combine high standards of expertise with an approach which is flexible and takes account of our clients changing requirements.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that not all marriages or relationships are successful. We can help in reducing the trauma of the breakdown of your relationship.

Our friendly and sympathetic team will listen to your problems and concerns. We will help you to try to resolve differences with your partner (where at all possible) and reach solutions that are fair to all members of the family, particularly your children.
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2. Batchelors Solicitors
Confucius was right. Success does indeed depend upon previous preparation. This was never more so than when you have to go to Law. This simple statement by one of the greatest philosophers of all time summarises our commitment to our clients and to the quality of the work that we do.

It is true that the Law can be daunting, and finding the right Lawyer can be even more so. At Batchelors we recognise this and have developed our firm with one aim in mind - to serve your best interests in a user friendly environment.

The legal advice you take must be from someone who is experienced in that aspect of legal work and at Batchelors we have departments dedicated to various specialist areas of the law. But this is not enough. We also ensure that our lawyers are sympathetic, independent and objective and will secure the best results possible for you.

Areas of work that Batchelors Family Department can assist you with include:
Divorce and Separation
Couples living together - including unmarried parents
Residence, contact disputes, parental responsibility, preventing the removal of a child and seeking an order for the return of a child
Care and Wardship proceedings
Financial settlements, including complex cases
International marriages and jurisdictional issues
Maintenance for a child - Child Support Agency
Pre marital contracts, trusts and settlements
Domestic Violence Injunctions
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3. Berry & Berry Solicitors
The warm, friendly approach of "Berry's" lawyers in comfortable, traditional surroundings means difficult issues are more easily broached. We offer 'Out of Hours' appointments, emergency contact details and fixed fee interviews. We can also converse in Spanish, French and German.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that not all marriages are successful. When a relationship breaks down it is not unusual for one or both parties to seek to dissolve the marriage or to obtain a formal decree of judicial separation.

If there are children of the family under 18 the court must be satisfied that proper arrangements are being made for their welfare.

A fair division of the family assets, including the matrimonial home, must be worked out. In the majority of cases this is achieved by negotiation between solicitors and agreement between the parties. We emphasise negotiation and agreement rather than conflict and confrontation in the application of the principles of matrimonial law to the special circumstances of each individual case.

We can also advise you on family protection, domestic violence, injunctions, wardship, adoption, child and care proceedings.
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4. Judge & Priestley Solicitors
For more than 100 years we have been providing Clients with expert and professional legal advice. We understand the value of a personal and friendly service but we also recognise the need to move with the times and today Judge & Priestley LLP are a modern, progressive firm providing constructive and effective legal advice to meet our Clients' requirements.

Judge & Priestley LLP believe that Family Law is not simply another form of litigation and therefore requires to be handled by people who are not only knowledgeable in the field but also able to provide support at what will be a difficult time. We have extensive experience in this specialised area of law, which enables us to provide authoritative advice on matters of finance, property and children.

We are well equipped to advise on all forms of relationship disputes, whether it be resolving issues before cohabitation commences or helping to sort out the consequences of a relationship breakdown. We are also able to deal with child related issues.

Our aim is to provide a friendly personal service, which meets the needs of the Client whilst seeking to reduce conflict between the parties. We are members of Resolution (formerly known as ?Solicitors Family Law Association?) with an accredited code of conduct and we can offer the benefits of mediation as an alternative means of resolving issues. Initial appointments are offered at a fixed fee where we assess the merits of the case and provide preliminary advice. Thereafter a dedicated Solicitor will handle the case so that specialist advice will always be available. It is our policy to ensure that as far as possible, you are represented at Court hearings by an experienced member of the department. The nature and timing of some hearings may however mean that a barrister will be booked to attend on your behalf and we have a close relationship with a number of barristers specialising in the field of Family Law.

We believe that decisions should be made by Clients and not by Courts, and we therefore believe that mediation is a cost-effective alternative to litigation. This practice is promoted by the Court and as such we are able to provide staff trained in this field to assist you every step of the way.

What sets us apart from other law firms? In a word, friendliness. We are experts in our field but we have never lost sight of the fact that a Client, whether an individual, business or local authority, is unique.

We take the time to get to know our Clients and their legal requirements, not just because we believe in good old-fashioned personal service but because we think we can only give sound advice if we really understand our Clients as people. In all our specialist areas you will find that we are not only highly experienced and professional but also friendly and easy to talk to.
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5. Furley Page Solicitors Kent
Family breakdown can be a time of emotional crisis for everyone involved. Our team of specialist solicitors will concentrate on what is best for you and your family. Furley Page Solicitors is recommended by The Legal 500 for advising on Family matters.

From the outset we agree the priorities for you and your family. We help you plan your future by taking a long term view.

Sometimes a divorce can affect a family business, partnership or trust. Our commercial lawyers can advise on any business related matter affected by divorce proceedings.

The divorce proceedings are quite simply the means by which the parties' marriage is dissolved.

Although the Court can resolve any issues relating to the children of the family or financial matters within the divorce neither the decree nisi nor the decree absolute will, of themselves, activate the legal procedures for dealing with these aspects of the separation or endorse any agreement with regard to finances that has been reached between the couple.

It is a common misconception that the parties must have been separated for two years or more before divorce proceedings can be issued, unless one party has committed adultery or behaved in a highly unreasonable manner.

In fact, in the current climate, it is not necessary to allege behaviour that is extreme in order to obtain a decree and it is often possible for the parties to agree the particulars of behaviour in advance or for them to be pleaded in such a form as to give little or no offence to the other party.

Similarly, many people believe that they can then only rely upon adultery which occurred prior to the separation. This is not so and where a new relationship has formed it is frequently possible to agree that the petition will proceed on the basis of adultery without naming the co-respondent.

In practical terms, if one or both parties take the view that the marriage has irretrievably broken down the principal advantage of formalising a separation within divorce proceedings is that the petition enables the Court to deal with the financial issues.

If an agreement has been reached an application can be made to the Court for an order in the terms agreed. The Court order provides, with one or two exceptions, a final division of the parties assets so that, for instance, if one party has agreed to waive their claims for maintenance in return for an increased share of property, the agreement cannot be set aside at a later date.

If there is no agreement as to financial issues, so that, for instance, the matrimonial home cannot be sold, the petition provides the means by which the Court can be invited to make orders dealing with the parties' property.

For a minority of people divorce proceedings are not available or are not a practical possibility. In those circumstances, exactly the same remedies, with two exceptions, are available by means of a petition for a decree of judicial separation. Alternatively, if the parties are not yet ready to divorce but wish to record the financial agreement which they have reached a deed of separation may be more suitable.
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6. South East Solicitors for Legal Advice to Individuals - Brachers Solicitors
Mary Raymont is a trained mediator and the partner in charge of our family legal team. The team can give advice on:
Pre-nuptial contracts
Divorce or separation
Separation Agreements
Civil Partnership

Mary Raymont works with "extreme efficiency, intelligence and moderation" - Chambers 2005 Brachers is a regional law firm with its head office in Maidstone, Kent. The firm also has a London office in New Fetter Lane. Principally a commercial firm, Brachers also provides added value services as required through its private client teams.

We have maintained our long established status as a full service firm but have developed our legal services around our extensive corporate and commercial client base. Our 20 partners and over 200 staff pride themselves on the firm's client care focus.
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7. Kent Solicitor for Family Law.
A breakdown in a relationship is a stressful experience, which will require sensitive handling and sound and competent legal advice.

The Family Law Department is very experienced at dealing with all types of relationship breakdown, providing advice, representation and guidance in relation to:
Divorce and separation
Financial settlements, pre and post-nuptial agreements and property arrangements
Arrangements for children, between parents and other family members
Care proceedings, Social Services and adoption
Domestic violence, injunctions and occupation orders
Disputes between unmarried couples

Kingsfords was founded in the mid 1880?s by Julius Kingsford and the firm?s development since that time was initially linked to the growth of Ashford and East Kent, but now our clients are based nationally across England and Wales. Kingsfords has developed both in response to and in anticipation of the needs of our clients and today, with a staff of 70.
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8. English Divorce
Patrick Lawrence Solicitors was formed in 1983. Early on a decision was made that that it was not sensible in the modern world to undertake all legal work, but to undertake certain work only.

Our Litigation Department has therefore concentrated on family work, including divorce and co-habitee disputes.

Membership of the Law Society's Family Law Panel means that we will seek, where possible a positive non confrontational approach to marriage breakdown.

We do hold a Legal Aid Franchise is Family Work, though legal Aid forms a small part of our overall family practice.

The establishment of this web site arose when we noted that we were gaining a great many clients working outside the UK who needed a point of reference. having said that, it is not limited to the expatriate community.

In most cases, there are four options open to parties whose marriage is in trouble:


Separation agreement

Judicial Separation :The procedure is the same as obtaining a divorce, and, all of the courts powers relating to property, maintenance, children and so forth are the same. The difference is that you remain married, but in effect, all that marriage means ceases to exist. Motives for using Judicial Separation rather than divorce are varied. In our experience it seems mainly to be used by people with religious objections to divorce, but who still want to bring the reality of marriage to an end.

Divorce: This brings your marriage to an end. It also allows you to remarry if you wish.

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9. Kent Solicitors Thomson Snell and Passmore for Legal Advice
Welcome to TS&P. Our clients can rely on us for high quality services and a depth of legal expertise. We would like you to be one of them.

Dealing with the legal aspects of family problems requires not only a thorough knowledge of the law but a practical, tactful, sympathetic and understanding approach.

Our family law specialists always try to minimise the bitterness in family disputes while seeking a just and fair result for clients.

We never lose sight of the long-term interests of children of either married or non-married families.

We deal with formal residence and contact orders, maintenance issues, the future of the home, the division of other capital or property and the possible implications of family breakdown on tax, pension rights, welfare, state benefits and wills.

At Thomson Snell & Passmore we are justifiably proud of our history and tradition of service, quality and results.
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10. Days Solicitors, Maidstone Kent
The firm was founded in 1892 by Walter Hanks Day. In 1894 it moved to its present office.

It took its present name Days Solicitors instead of G M & Timothy Day & Co on 1 January 1997.

The last family member Timothy Day retired in December 1999. The firm is continued by John Rice and John Barrow, both of whom have been involved with the practice since the 1980s. The firm?s steady expansion has been built on a reputation with satisfied clients.

The increasing complexity of the law has meant we have organised into separate departments working as individuals or as teams within the firm always under the supervision of a qualified solicitor and partner.

We operate a practice that is small enough to be personal. Our systems will ensure that different departments co-ordinate their work on your behalf.

We believe in keeping skills up to date. We encourage our staff to attend training regularly both inside and outside the firm, to achieve further qualifications and to become members of expert panels and groups.

Our solicitors are members of the Solicitors Family Law Association and are therefore committed to a constructive but firm approach to solving your problems. The department?s quality is guaranteed by the award year by year of a legal aid franchise. Our private clients enjoy the benefit of the same internal quality procedures on your file.

The work we do covers any legal area arising out of family difficulty or breakdown such as separation agreements, judicial separation, divorce, custody, contact with children, parental responsibility and the re-arrangement of finances, maintenance, pensions and property. We advise an increasing number of cohabitees. We draft cohabitation and pre nuptial agreements. John Barrow is a member of the Children Panel and advises and represents parents, grandparents, children and guardians in public law child care cases.

We provide access to the Community Legal Service (formerly legal aid).

In appropriate cases we can encourage and arrange the use of counselling and mediation.
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