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1. Richard Knight and Company, Solicitors Syston
No-one is immune from family and relationship problems.

We can help with matrimonial problems, first by talking things over in an informal way, then if you wish, give you a detailed breakdown of the likely costs and consequences of your intended actions.

Certainly, you can "pay as you go", if you so wish, and we can let you know from time to time, the state of your account.

We want you to be able to budget properly and to know where you stand with us.

You can set a maximum budget and ask us not to exceed it.

Two things you can be sure of-a professional approach and a sympathetic attitude.

What does it mean by legally separated?
This is a very broad term which might mean that you have merely separated in the eyes of the law or perhaps that some argument has been worked out between you by solicitors or by yourselves.

Can we sort out our own agreement?
Yes. But you might find you miss out important and potentially costly assets. For example, pensions are an area of the law that is growing in complexity. You may find that you miss out on your full entitlement.

What are the grounds for divorce?
Two years separation and your mutual consent.
The other person's adultery or unreasonable behaviour.
Five years separation (the consent of the other party is not required).
Two years desertion

What does unreasonable behaviour mean?
Unreasonable behaviour means behaviour which you find unreasonable, provided that a fair minded judge things you are not being too trivial or too vague. Persistent failure to clean the car on its own would not be enough but might if it was part of a general pattern of neglect of household duties and a neglectful attitude to you.

Do I need to appear in Court if I wish to file for a divorce?
Generally speaking, no.

How long does it take from start to finish?
Between four to six months.

What is a Decree Nisi?
A decision by the Court that you are entitled to a divorce. The marriage will end on the grant of the Decree Absolute about six weeks later.

I have received a Divorce Petition from my spouse but I don?t agree with what it accuses me of. What can I do?
You could defend the petition but the costs would be prohibitive in most cases. It would make sense to negotiate the allegations or come to some other agreement with your spouse. A solicitor will help you decide the best course of action.

My wife?s Divorce Petition accuses me of adultery. It also is asking the Court to make me pay the costs of the divorce action. What can I do?
You could agree to pay the costs which would be in the order of ?300 to ?500. Your solicitor could often bargain with your spouse?s solicitors for a smaller payment or sometimes for no payment at all.
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2. Lawson-West
Separation is never easy.

It is a time of disappointment, possibly disillusionment, and certainly worry about what is to happen in the future. Hardly the ideal moment to have to sort through many complicated issues:

the children
the house
your income and finances
your future security
your belongings
your ex-relatives
how to pay for this process

Each case is different and we recommend that you speak to a lawyer in person at the earliest opportunity.

5 Reasons to choose us

Reason 1 - Free initial advice - come and talk to us and find out where you stand and what can be done about it. A no obligation meeting will give you a clearer picture of the situation.

Reason 2 - Out of hours appointments. Busy? then make an appointment to come and see us before or after work.

Reason 3 - We have offices located in Wigston, Uppingham Road and Market Harborough, so you can make an appointment to see us at which ever office is more convenient for you.

Reason 4 - We will bill you monthly for our services so you can work out your finances each month.

Reason 5 - Janet Hopkins is a member of the Solicitors Family Law Association whose stated aim is to reduce contention and hostility in these matters and help families to move to a different life structure with minimum pain and trauma.

Divorce proceedings are private. The details in the petition will not be published. But you will have to set out in your petition the reason for the breakdown for your marriage.

It may be that you want to divorce without laying any blame, but you can't do that until you have been separated for two years. If you want to divorce sooner than that, you will have to use either adultery or unreasonable behaviour. These are the two facts that the press call 'quickie divorces'.

It is not that they are any quicker to deal with, it is just that they do not have a time requirement before you can start. The details you plead in such a petition must necessarily lay the blame for the breakdown of your marriage on the other side, and the other side will read it. So the matter is essentially contentious.

We would advise that you keep the particulars as brief as possible, while still setting out clearly why you feel the marriage has broken down. If you have children, you should try and keep alive the possibility of an on-going relationship with your spouse as parents to your children - for the children's own sakes.
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3. Frisbysmall.co.uk
We are able to assist and advise at times when family circumstances require a sympathetic and understanding ear. Whether you are seeking advice or action on divorce, application for family property or in respect of children we aim to relieve your anxiety. We also handle injunctions for domestic violence and all forms of matrimonial disputes including cohabitation matters.

R.G. Frisby & Small are a Leicester based firm of solicitors established by Raymond Guilford Frisby in 1934. His watchwords then, which we regard as paramount now, were care, competence and integrity.
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4. Leicester Solicitors, Bray and Bray
We offer a professional and sympathetic service in respect of all matters relating to Family Law. This is a complicated area of legal practice. The Lawyers in our Family Department are Specialists and are dedicated to providing you with an expert service. Mr David Berridge, the Head of the Department, is a member of the Law Society's Family Law Panel of Specialist Practitioners.

We have met the high standards set by the Legal Service's Commission and have been granted a Legal Aid Franchise. We are therefore able to conduct both private and Legal Aid work. Many clients are eligible for Legal Aid to assist with their legal costs.

Our specialist areas include:
Divorce, Judicial Separation and Annulment of Marriage
Injunction Proceedings due to violence or intimidation
Children matters, including Residence and Contact disputes, Prohibited Steps and Specific Issue Orders, Child Abduction, Disputed Parentage and Parental Responsibility
Care Proceedings, including Care Orders, Supervision Orders and Child Protection Case Conferences
Maintenance and Child Support
Separation Agreements
Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements
Unmarried couples
Financial Issues including Property Disputes and Pension Splitting

We try to avoid acrimony whilst resolving matters as quickly as possible. Many couples try to reach amicable settlements and where appropriate, we will make a referral to a Mediation Service.

Bray & Bray is a long established law firm committed to providing a high quality service to our clients at a reasonable cost, through not only our own specialist departments but also using our extensive network of contacts.

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5. Straw & Pearce Solicitors
If you are concerned about any aspect of family law early advice will often put your mind at rest. Specialist solicitors in our experienced Family Department will listen sympathetically, provide practical advice and support throughout the duration of the matter and keep you fully informed. We have a dedicated team committed to helping you through the process, including Law Society approved Children Panel and Advanced Family Law Panel members.

At the outset of your instruction we will provide straightforward information as to the likely cost and other possible means of funding, such as Legal Aid.

Straw & Pearce has the resources to deal with any matter however large or small. Regardless of the nature or value of your case, you will receive the same high level of professional service. Our clients are important to us as individuals and we will always work hard to achieve the best outcome for you.
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6. The Emery Johnson Partnership
The Millstone Practice opened in April 2004 and provides an exclusive specialised service to private family clients. Self contained offices on Millstone Lane in the heart of the city centre have been refurbished to a high standard with the aim of providing a professional yet relaxed and friendly service. All efforts have been made to depart from the expectations of a typical solicitors' office and the Millstone Practice is light, airy, contemporary and comfortable.

When a relationship breaks down, we are there to provide advice and representation. Our experience shows that in the areas of both children and finances, the best results are achieved through negotiation, but when ex-partners will not be reasonable, we will be there to fight your corner.

Our Areas Of Expertise Are:
Co-Habiting/Same Sex Couples
Financial resolution
Domestic Violence
Pre-Nuptial Agreements
International Divorce/Child Abduction
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7. Jones & Duffin - Leicestershire's Most Progressive Solicitors Firm
Jones & Duffin was established in April 1989 by Peter Duffin and Iain Jones and has become one of the most progressive Firms of Solicitors in the Leicestershire and East Midlands region. Both Partners share a common philosophy and commitment to client care and access to Justice.

During the last 10 years the Partners have moved from small rented premises into their own expanded properties close to the heart of Leicester with good communications to the motorway, train, air and bus services with substantial parking locally and disabled parking on site.

The staff have grown from 6 to 18 and there is continuity with some members of staff having worked with each other for over 20 years.

Kauser is the former Chair of the Leicester Domestic Violence Forum and is a skilled advocate appearing before local and regional Courts on an almost daily basis. Kauser mainly specialises in domestic violence work and is on the panel for the Solicitors Family Law Association, Adult children panel and Family Law panel.

Peter Duffin has 25 years experience in divorce and financial matters as well as children disputes.

Martin Boot has 30 years experience dealing with Family matters, specialising in Special Procedure Divorce, children issues and financial settlements.

We provide a quick and efficient service in obtaining injunction orders with minimal stress to the client.
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8. Barlow Poyner Foxon
Our family law department offers a sympathetic and practical approach to family law. Richard Poyner & Christl Hughes are both members of the Law Society Family Law Panel of specialist practitioners. Their expertise helps to minimise distress and limit costs whilst achieving a constructive solution to the issues affecting your case.

Barlow Poyner Foxon have a long history of practising law in the city of Leicester. We have aimed to maintain our friendly approach to law whilst modernising our methods of practice.

With this in mind, the partners have placed a heavy emphasis on personal service, whether in the acquisition of property or during a difficult court case:

You will always know who is dealing with your legal matter, and you will always speak to that person when you call the office.

We pride ourselves in an ability to understand our clients goals and helping them to achieve them.
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9. Billson & Sharp Solicitors in Leicester
The breakdown of a relationship is difficult for all involved. At Billson & Sharp, our clients appreciate the sensitive approach we take as much as the realistic advice we provide.

Our experienced solicitors deal with all aspects of family law, guiding clients through the stages of divorce, negotiating financial settlements or arranging child contact and residence. We are also here to provide general advice about your legal rights, helping you to arm yourself with the facts before you take any action. Above all, we are focused on securing the best possible outcome for you and any children.

Billson & Sharp is a friendly, local firm of approachable solicitors. Established in 1889, we have been right in the heart of Leicester for over a century now, providing our clients with advice on all aspects of the law.

Through our solicitors we have membership of the Law Society and the Family Law Panel and the firm has a Legal Aid Franchise for Family Law.
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10. Corts Solicitors - Specialists in Matrimonial
Corts Solicitors are Leicester based firm of independent solicitors regulated by the Law Society who have been providing high quality legal services for the past 18 years to clients nationwide.

We aim to provide the best legal advice within a supportive and understanding environment.

We will do everything we can to find the right settlement for you and your family in ways that keep the emotional and financial burden to a minimum.

Our advice will be sensitive and constructive, clear and supportive and not intimidating or confusing. Our services cover:
Divorce & Separation
Property & Financial settlements
Cohabitation issues
Domestic Violence
Injunctions and emergency remedies
Extended family issues
Children?s residence
Children?s contact
Child care
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