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1. JSP Solicitors - Skegness, Lincoln and Boston
The breakdown of relationships between adults, and between adults and children, has become a major feature of everyday life.

At precisely the time when the parties involved are having to cope with the emotional stress associated with the breakdown of relationships, a series of other vitally important issues, some of which are in themselves emotionally traumatic, and some of which are practical, need to be addressed for example: family finances, children, housing and divorce.

At JSP we understand that at this difficult time it is essential that the parties involved receive practical advice and guidance.

Divorce and separation can be very difficult and confusing times. No two cases are the same and it is crucial that you get expert independent legal advice.

There are other organisations that can help you but only specialist family lawyers like JSP can give you the expert advice you need and deserve to get you through the legal maze following a family breakdown.

We at JSP also understand the emotional turmoil for parents and children and we do all we can to support you and reduce the stress and confusion to stabilise your situation.
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2. John Barkers Solicitors in Grimsby and Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire UK
John Barkers have a six strong team of specialist advisors headed by Howard Field who has been a partner in the firm since the early 90?s. Howard is a trained family mediator and a member of the Children Panel who specialise in representing adults and young people in care proceedings.

John Barkers are also members of the Solicitors Family Law Association.

Whether your problems relate to children, domestic violence, the break up of a relationship or finances our team of advisors are extremely experienced in dealing with matters quickly (often at very short notice) and with a high degree of sensitivity.

For anyone who has experienced problems within their family you will understand that such times can be the most traumatic of your life.

We always aim to resolve problems in the most professional, conciliatory and cost effective manner possible and appreciate and empathise with them also.

If you are looking for:
Sensitivity to your personal situation and none judgemental advice
Someone to advise you objectively and expertly
Someone who is able to protect your interests whilst avoiding acrimony wherever possible
Someone who is concerned that your problems be resolved quickly and efficiently
Someone who has no wish to prolong disputes unnecessarily
Then we believe John Barkers can help you.

We hold a Legal Services Commission Franchise and Contract.

We offer the same quality of service to both Legally Funded and Private clients alike.

We believe our clients have every right to expect the highest possible standards and we are determined that we shall deliver no less.

We also set out our commitment in the letter of engagement we sign with each client.

A caring, friendly and professional environment.
An appointment within 48 hours.
All terms explained in a straight forward way. ( i.e. No legal jargon )
An estimate of charges from the outset.
Emergency telephone numbers and a police station 24 hour helpline.
A prompt response should things go unexpectedly wrong.
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3. Chattertons Solicitors - The Lincolnshire Solicitors
Our Family Law Team are able to provide help and assistance if you are embarking on a new relationship, ending a relationship, dividing property or finances or have issues concerning children.

We offer a free 30 minute appointment at all of our offices and will, at that appointment, be able to carry out an assessment to check your eligibility for Public Funding.

Our Family Law department has members who are on the Law Society?s Family Law Panel. We also have members of the Solicitors Family Law Association.

We are able to provide specialist advice on all types of relationship breakdown, whether you are married, cohabiting or same sex partners.

Our work includes:
Public Funding (Legal Aid) and Private client work
Divorce & Separation
Financial and property division
Children matters such as Residence and Contact
Children matters where Social Services are involved
Domestic Violence

It is a major concern upon the breakdown of the marriage as to how the party?s finances are going to be resolved.

It will be necessary for both parties to provide full and frank disclosure of all their assets, income and liabilities for both negotiations to take place and orders to be made.

There are a whole range of orders that the Court can make in relation to finances such as:
Periodical payments (maintenance)
Orders for the sale of Property
Orders transferring property
Pension sharing/attachment orders
Orders to pay a lump sum
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4. Martin and Haigh Online Solicitors
This specialist area deals mainly with issues arising from separation and divorce, cohabitation and proceedings concerning children including child care work.

Our aim is to provide an expert, efficient and sympathetic service. The Solicitors in the family law department are assisted by experienced support and secretarial staff.

As you go through any process involving your family you may find you have to deal with a number of organizations or individuals such as the courts, welfare officers, the Child Support Agency, divorce information providers or mediators. These people offer valuable services.

However, among all of these, your lawyer is the only person who is trained to act for you and advise you individually on your own interests and how to protect them.

The process of obtaining a divorce nowadays is usually straightforward, particularly if the couple agree that the marriage is over.

Difficulties tend to lie rather in resolving the related practical issues stemming from divorce such as how to separate, where to live, arrangements for the children and any money matters.

Our specialist department will guide you through the procedure with the minimum of fuss.
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5. Beetenson & Gibbon Solicitors - Grimsby
The Family team at Beetenson & Gibbon specialises in divorce and separation, cohabitation issues, financial disputes and pension sharing as well as child related Issues.

There is a particular expertise in dealing with complex financial disputes involving the matrimonial or cohabitational home, business interests, trust assets and pensions.

We follow the Solicitors Family Law Association code, with all members adopting a non-confrontational and constructive approach to divorce, although they also have extensive litigation experience of matters which have to be decided by the Courts.

Beetenson & Gibbon have a Contract with the Legal Services Commission, under which we can offer Legal Aid 'Public Funding' to clients whose means and merits qualify them for financial help with their family problems.

If Legal Aid is not available to you, we will tell you in advance what the likely costs will be and keep you regularly updated as to costs as your matter progresses.

David Smith, a Law Society Children Panel Member and Sharon Carr, a member of The Solicitors' Family Law Association deal with children cases in a sympathetic and caring way. We can represent either the parent (sometimes grandparents) or the child, in Public Law cases which is where the Local Authority have decided to intervene in the child's life, often seeking a Care Order.

We will usually be able to obtain a Legal Aid Funding Certificate for such proceedings. We will be working closely with a Guardian appointed by the Court, and other professionals and possibly experts who may become involved as the case progresses, but overall we will ensure that we provide the best possible advice to you as well as offering our support at what can be a very stressful situation for all.
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6. Sills & Betteridge - Solicitors
When married couples separate, issues inevitably arise in relation to financial arrangements for both parties and any children of the family.

When unmarried couples separate the issues can be very similar but the solutions are often much more difficult.

We encourage clients to have financial matters formally resolved to avoid future confusion and disputes. That is best done by an agreement with the spouse or partner. This can be as part of a divorce or outside a divorce.

Sometimes agreement is not possible and then it will be up to the court to decide what is to be done. The court has greater flexibility with married couples than it has with couples who were just living together.

We can advise you on the best approach to ensure your interests are protected. Depending on your circumstances that is likely to involve advice on:
What should happen to the family home?
Whether you should propose or accept a clean break?
Whether you should receive (or pay) maintenance, and if so, how much?
How the Child Support Agency operates.
What can be done with your (and your spouse's) pension rights?

Where businesses or tax planning are involved our family department calls on all of the resources of our commercial and trusts departments to provide an all round service.

Separation is often a very difficult time and it is likely you will be under great stress. The decisions that are taken will have far-reaching implications. Sound legal advice is vital. The wrong decision could mean that you receive too little or pay too much; or what is as bad, that you may be embroiled in costly legal proceedings for no worthwhile benefit to you.

Family disagreements can sometimes reach a point where legal assistance may be necessary to resolve disputes. In particular separated or divorced parents often disagree on how their children should be brought up. It is an emotional time for all parties involved in any disagreement, which is why assistance from outside the family unit can prove vital in order to ensure that there is only limited disruption to the child's life. Often these matters are dealt with during divorce or separation proceedings at the same time as the financial aspects of the separation.

Sills & Betteridge can help if there are disputes concerning where the child is going to live or the contact which the child is to have with an ex-partner or other relatives such as grandparents.

In addition, if you feel strongly about a specific issue affecting the child's welfare, for example in relation to the child's schooling or medical treatment, we can advise on the best way to resolve that issue to your satisfaction.

We can assist by representing your position to the other party and negotiating on your behalf to attempt to reach a satisfactory agreement. If that does not work, then it may be appropriate to issue court proceedings. The court can then make orders providing for the child's future.
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7. Roythornes
At Roythornes our Family Law Department has a proven, well earned track record of success. As noted in The Legal 500, 2005, "Roythorne & Co has a head of family litigation with 28 years of experience in Nick Ingrey".

Crisis management experience and well developed interpersonal and legal skills are part of our high quality, client-centred service which is available nationally, regionally and locally.

We pride ourselves on our ability to think analytically, to shape strategies to meet our client?s needs, and to deliver sound practical advice.

As a firm we are confident of being measured on results. After all, we specialise in turning reasonable expectations into reality.

Our team can assist with:
Agreements- cohabitation
- parental responsibility
- pre-nuptial
- separation
Asset protection
Children Act proceedings
Cohabitee disputes
lnheritance Act claims
Judicial separation
Matrimonial finance
Paternity disputes
Pension rights
Tax mitigation

We provide a complete range of legal services to our clients and remain one of the largest independent practices in the East of England. Our aim is to understand and to serve to a high standard the needs of our clients, operating from an environment that is highly motivated in the pursuit of individual and collective excellence.

Roythornes was founded in 1934, and has since grown into one of the largest independent legal firms in the East of England with offices in Spalding, Nottingham and Newmarket.

We are committed to working with our clients to find the best possible solution for them, often thinking outside of the box. Through our commitment to our clients we have developed a series of eight industry sector areas that enable us to communicate efficiently with our clients.
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8. Diane Genders Solicitors UK - Separation & Divorce
When divorce or separation is considered the most sensible course of action by far is to seek specialist legal advice. Not advice from any old solicitor but advice from a specialist solicitor. The law is just too complicated these days to trust your future with a ?jack of all trades?. When children are involved, this is all the more important.

I resolve divorces and separations but I also try to prevent them. I am a mediator, which means that I will sit down with both sides and try to find common ground and hopefully agree a sensible plan of action.

I am also a personal coach and offer a service where clients can use me as a conduit to find their own answers to relationship problems before things get out of control.

For those who like to plan ahead, I also produce pre-nuptial agreements. Having such an agreement at the outset of living together is a good idea as it means that the couple must consider how issues will be dealt with well in advance of any problems developing.

If you live in the East Midlands you may want to visit me personally but most situations can be dealt with through the web or over the phone. Indeed with coaching, not being face to face is often a major benefit, as personalities don?t get in the way of the process.

A very large part of me hopes that you will never need my services but we have to be realistic, relationships break down and somebody has to look after your interests, especially if children are involved.

The process can be hurtful, life changing and all too often very costly. It takes two to tango but normally it takes just one to bring things to a stop, leaving the rest of the family at best disappointed and at worst seriously traumatised. In these circumstances people often resort to bullying tactics (sometimes even physical violence) or denial to get their way, make their point or just rub the other side?s noses in it. All human life is here and believe me I?ve seen it all.

When divorce or separation is likely the most sensible course of action by far is to seek specialist legal advice. Not advice from just any solicitor but advice from a specialist solicitor. The law is just too complicated and the skills required are too specialised these days to trust your future to anyone else.

I am a divorce and separation specialist lawyer but I also try to prevent them. I am a mediator, a personal coach and I write pre-nuptial agreements, which means that I can get involved well before (and after) the big decision to split is taken. The hope is always that with discussion, co-operation and agreement, disaster can be averted until more informed decisions can be taken and the on-going consequences following divorce can be managed.

I have always specialised in matrimonial issues but now I have branched out and set up a specialist niche practice that not only specialises in matrimonial issues but also does nothing else.

All my clients have always received my best attention but now I will be able to offer a level of service that is rarely experienced. All clients will receive my personal attention; when you buy my services, you get just that.

We can work face to face, or we can work via the web, with e-mail, via the post or on the phone; whatever suits you the best. We have invested in the latest technology to ensure that we can fit in with your lifestyle and needs. For example, you will be able to see exactly where we are in your matter 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by accessing (via secure passwords) your our secure area in my web site which will have all the information you need.

We have excellent, comfortable and conveniently located offices on the outskirts of Lincoln with a private car park and a guaranteed space just waiting for you.
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9. Solicitors Bridge McFarland - Lincoln, Grimsby, Hull, Louth, Market Rasen & Mablethorpe
The breakdown of any relationship is never easy to cope with no matter how amicable things may be. At Bridge McFarland we offer a confidential, personal service to help you deal with all of your issues large or small and to help you and your family move forward with your lives at the least financial and emotional cost as possible.

Our Family Law Accredited experts are all recognised by Resolution (the Association of Family Law Solicitors) as having the skills, knowledge and expertise to assist you when you most need the help and support.

We offer an efficient and prompt service, where you are able to see someone and have reassurance about your concerns, legal terms, processes and advice on how best to resolve matters for your particular circumstances.

All aspects of family law are covered whether you have been married or lived together or whether you are a grandparent or other concerned adult wanting to be involved in the life of a child or young adult.

For those who need protection from violence, aggressive behaviour and harassment we recognise the need to give prompt advice and take immediate steps to ensure protection against further problems. We work closely with Women?s Aid and the local police to try to prevent and reduce Domestic Abuse.

We also recognise that men can be the victims of abuse within the home and often they feel embarrassed about seeking professional help to deal with this. We have male lawyers within our teams who are able to offer this help and support if needed and there are concerns about seeking advice.

Bridge McFarland is a leading local law firm with a regional and national reputation across the spectrum of legal services. With 6 offices in Lincolnshire and another in East Yorkshire the success of the practice has made it the obvious choice for thousands of clients. It is now one of the largest firms in the area.

With its principal offices in Grimsby , Lincoln and Louth the firm has a catchment area which covers the whole of Lincolnshire and beyond. The north of the river Humber is served by our office in Kingston-upon-Hull whilst mid-Lincolnshire is served from offices in Market Rasen, Mablethorpe and Skegness. Some niche areas of the firms practice regularly attract clients from all over the United Kingdom and internationally.

Our partners and staff are dedicated to delivering efficient and cost effective services in a friendly and progressive way. With this in mind major investment has been made in the technology which goes hand in hand with a modern approach to the law. Above all the firm seeks to provide lawyers and support staff of the highest calibre.

Making the right choice of solicitor is often a difficult task. If you would like to discuss your needs with us we would be pleased to do so before any commitment is made. A telephone call or meeting may help you to understand both how we can help you and what you can expect from us. Alternatively you may like to email us directly with general enquiries, or with a request for specific information from one of our specialist teams.
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10. Wilkin Chapman Solicitors - Grimsby, Lincoln, Cleethorpes, Louth, Horncastle & Beverley
Wilkin Chapman's Family Department is headed by Partner John Peacock who undertakes the majority of private work.

The department can advise on:
? Divorce
? Judicial Separation
? Cohabitation
? Child Care
? Domestic Violence

The firm has a separate Family Law Centre in Town Hall Street, Grimsby offering advice and help on the whole range of family law matters. Solicitor, Helen Hornsby, Legal Executive, Sue Lacy and Family Executive Cathy Bennett-Ryan are based at this office.

Partner Mark Carlton has moved to the Beverley office to establish family work in the area. Mark has been specialising in family law for 20 years and is an Advanced Member of the Law Society's Family Panel. He is on of a small number of lawyers in the country who achieve this status.

The family department has six partners, and five qualified solicitors who together with a number of other highly trained fee earners offer a comprehensive family law service to the Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire communities.

The Department has seven members on the Law Society's Family Law Panel, two of which are Advanced Members, four members on the Law Society's Children Panel and two Accredited Specialists of the Solicitor's Family Law Association.

Wilkin Chapman have been awarded a contract from the Legal Services Commission which allows us to give help and advice in family matters to those clients who may not be able to privately fund the matter.

The firm was founded in 1900 when two sole practitioners, Mr. James Whiteley Wilkin and Mr. Ernest Benjamin Chapman merged their practices. Mr. Ernest Benjamin Chapman was born in 1872 and in 1897 he started up his own practice. Mr. James Whiteley Wilkin's birthdate is unknown, however, he also had his own practice. He occupied part of a house in 47 Victoria Street which he used as his office.

In around 1902 the two amalgamated and carried on practicing from Mr.Wilkin's offices in 47 Victoria Street. It is unknown as to the length of time they were in this building, but by 1914 they had moved next door into the Prudential Chambers. In 1958 the firm moved from Prudential Chambers to New Oxford House and have been there ever since.

About 35 years ago the firm started to expand substantially partly as the result of an increasing private clientbase and partly to service the needs of one particular client, the Ross Group. The company's expansion fuelled the recruitment of specialist Company and Commercial partners at Wilkin Chapman. Consequently expertise was developed which might be considered unusual in a provincial practice but which formed the basis for the firm's future success.

Wilkin Chapman is the largest law firm in Lincolnshire with 206 staff and 32 partners. The firm has a total of seven offices in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire with the largest office situated in Grimsby. The firm also has a dedicated Family Law Centre in Grimsby and the other offices are located in Lincoln, Cleethorpes, Louth, Horncastle and Beverley.

In 1998, Wilkin Chapman merged with Lincoln law firm, Gilbert Blades and with another law firm in Lincoln, Epton & Co in 1999, to become Wilkin Chapman Epton Blades as the Lincoln office of the firm is known. The Lincoln office has a total of 52 partners and staff and is Wilkin Chapman's second largest office. The office has recently been extended into the premises next door to accommodate the increase in staff. In April 2005 Wilkin Chapman merged with Cooper & Wright Solicitors in Beverley. This is the firms first office outside their natural boundary of Lincolnshire, and is situated in good radius of other offices.

The partners have made a substantial commitment to quality standards across the practice. The firm has been awarded the new Lexcel quality mark by the Law Society and is the first firm in Lincolnshire to receive the new standard. The Lexcel mark means that Wilkin Chapman has successfully implemented the Law Society's Practice Management Standards, which are designed to help firms improve client care and efficiency within the office. In 1995, the firm was accredited as an Investor in People and holds the Legal Aid Franchise for all offices. As one of the first 19 law firms in the country to gain liP, Wilkin Chapman now benefits from the Law Society's recognition of this standard in terms of monitoring exemptions and CPD allocation. The firm also employs a Quality Auditor to audit and maintain quality standards.
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