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1. Kingsley Napley
Family issues cover a wide spectrum. These include: relationship breakdown, its effects on children, and its legal and financial aspects; child abduction; protecting family assets from a husband/wife; domestic violence; prenuptial agreements; and mediation.

We give expert advice and help in all these matters, often as a matter of urgency. Circumstances vary, but our clients or their partners/spouses tend to have substantial assets and are often in the public eye. They come to us to have matters resolved quickly, pragmatically and cost-effectively.

Although your marriage may have broken down, divorce is not the only option. Whilst for the vast majority of couples a divorce is the sensible way to formalise their separation, you may consider that it is not appropriate for you and your spouse. For example, you may hold religious beliefs which do not countenance divorce, you may want to separate for two years before divorcing or be unable to divorce at present as you have not yet been married for 12 months.

Judicial separation is a formal separation obtained from the court which brings to an end your obligations as a spouse. The process is similar to a divorce except there is no final decree ending the marriage. You remain married to your spouse but under no obligation to live with them.
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2. Bircham Dyson Bell - Solicitors
We provide assistance in a wide range of circumstances. These extend from advising engaged people on the wisdom of having a pre-nuptial agreement, to protecting the interests of a widow/widower on the death of their spouse. Inevitably, however, the core of our work relates to providing positive and robust support and guidance when relationships break down. We are committed to giving sensible, professional advice to resolve the difficult legal and personal problems which can arise when this happens.

We adopt a flexible, sympathetic approach, acknowledging that different circumstances can call for different techniques. Our family partners are experienced members of Resolution (formerly the Solicitors Family Law Association) and can advise you on the most appropriate way of trying to resolve any disputes that arise, whether by way of negotiation, mediation or litigation.

By working in close liaison with partners specialising in tax, trusts and property matters, we are able to provide a comprehensive service, covering all connected property and financial issues. We have particular expertise in complex financial cases involving family trusts, businesses and international assets and pride ourselves on adopting a pro-active and imaginative approach, designed to secure an advantageous financial outcome for you.

Where there are children involved, we recognise the importance of being sensitive to their needs and feelings, whilst understanding that often positive and decisive action may be in their best interests. We have significant experience of advising international families with links to a number of different countries.

We advise cohabitees as well as married couples, working within the more restrictive procedures that exist to find solutions for people whose relationships are not governed by divorce legislation.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality personal service and value to our clients.

We are a Central London law firm with a forward-looking approach and a rich history. We embrace the future without forgetting our past. In many ways our office reflects the personality of our firm: built from stone to outlast us all, yet contemporary and technologically up-to-date on the inside. We like to think of ourselves as a modern classic ? offering our clients the best of both worlds.

Whatever your requirements, a dedicated partner will be available to give you personal attention, working with you to ensure we deliver quality results. This is a tradition we have continued, because our clients tell us this is what they want.

We work to first class standards and your needs are our top priority. We devote our skills and experience to creating the right solution for each client - and to delivering on time. We are proud of the work we do and the results we get, and just as we establish a close relationship with each client, so we are open about our fees. We will always discuss the basis of our charges with you and let you know if circumstances change.

We have a flexible, responsive approach, bringing years of specialist experience and the highest standards to meeting your needs. A dedicated partner will give you attentive support and consistent advice throughout. The success of this dedication can be measured by the quality of the results we deliver.
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3. Glazer Delmar - London Solicitors UK
The members of our family department know that when problems arise within families they must be dealt with sensitively, sympathetically and efficiently.

We take a conciliatory approach towards relationship breakdown. And, if your case is suitable, we will always recommend mediation as a way to a speedy, amicable resolution. Mediation enables you to sit down and discuss your problems with an impartial person. Hopefully you'll resolve them without the need to go to court.

If, however, an amicable solution cannot be reached, then we are prepared to be firm and to assist you in seeking the court's help. Wherever possible, though, we avoid court action, which can prove stressful and costly to you.

As one of south east London's largest law firms, we're able to offer you a wide range of top-quality legal support and advice.

We're approachable, yet always professional. We're reliable, consistent and each of us has a genuine desire to exceed your expectations.

And although our newly-refurbished air-conditioned offices are just a few minutes from central London, we're able to provide you with a great value service.
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4. Penningtons
Family work is undertaken in our Basingstoke and Newbury offices. Members of Penningtons' Family Law Department belong to the Solicitors Family Law Association and Family Lawyers - the Law Society's Family Law Panel . When dealing with families going through separation or divorce, they aim to minimise areas of conflict and to resolve disputes in a conciliatory and dignified manner.

Areas covered include divorce, separation, injunctions to prevent dissipation of assets, pensions on marriage breakdown, property disputes, resolution of problems relating to children, domestic violence injunctions, co-habitation contracts and pre-nuptial settlements.
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5. Family Law in Partnership
Family Law in Partnership is a specialist law firm providing expert advice and assistance on all aspects of separation, divorce and family breakdown where lawyers work in partnership with professional mediators, counsellors and therapists to provide our clients with the widest range of expert services, whatever their particular needs.

From issues regarding your children to dividing up assets, it can be difficult and distressing. We will do everything we can to find the settlement that works for you and your family in a way that keeps the emotional and financial cost to a minimum.

If you are living together and your relationship ends, you need to be sure of your rights.

Whatever your situation, professional legal advice can make sure that your interests are protected. If your separation affects your home, your savings or even your childrens future, we will work to help you reach a fair settlement.
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Rating: [5.50]

6. May May and Merrimans - Private Client Solicitors London
Where personal relationships or children are involved, distress and anxiety can be minimized by a sensitive approach, careful analysis of your needs, and prompt legal action when required. It is often best to obtain professional advice as early as possible so that you know exactly where you stand and can plan accordingly.

May May & Merrimans offers a full and comprehensive service in these fields, whether by mediation, conciliation or litigation. We have the specialist expertise internally and contacts externally to resolve disputes successfully, whether they involve the family (marriage breakdown, children or disputed Wills or trusts) or third parties (such as employment questions, contractual disputes or professional negligence). Our litigation practice also encompasses contentious commercial, property and trust matters.

Our approach is client-based - offering the personal attention of one partner to the client's overall objectives, while calling on the expertise of specialist colleagues as required. We attach great importance to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients and to giving up-to-the-minute advice on the latest developments in the law.
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7. Child & Child Solicitors London England
The firm has been committed to family law as an element of its services for many years. Our philosophy is to approach matrimonial disputes on an amicable and conciliatory basis, wherever possible. Where the diplomatic approach proves unsuccessful, we will take forceful action to ensure our clients' interests are properly protected.

Occupation orders deal with individual rights of occupation of a property and can be made in terms which exclude the Respondent from all or part of the home and in some cases an area surrounding the home. An occupation order can also be made to confirm that an Applicant has the right to live in the home. When deciding whether to grant an occupation order, the court will consider all the circumstances of the case which will include the need to secure the health, safety and welfare of the Applicant and any relevant child. As an occupation order can have very serious consequences for the Respondent, very stringent tests are applied. In extreme circumstances, it is possible for an occupation order to be made on a without notice basis and in appropriate cases, the court can attach a power of arrest to an occupation order.

The Children Act gives the court the power to make orders in respect of any child or children as to residence (with whom the child should live) or contact (whether the child should have contact with the other parent or any other party and if so when). Orders for contact may be defined as to frequency of contact and may if necessary specify arrangements for collection and return of the child/children. Applications for residence or contact can be made by other people besides the mother and father of the child e.g. grandparents. The court also has the power to make other orders namely Prohibited Steps Orders and Specific Issue Orders. A Prohibited Steps Order will limit how and when certain parental rights and duties can be exercised. A Specific Issue Order will contain directions to resolve a particular issue in respect of a child, which is in dispute.
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8. International Family Law Chambers
The lawyers at International Family Law Chambers practise family law exclusively and have special expertise in matters concerning international law. Our team includes lawyers qualified in England and Wales, Australia, the United States, Germany and Sweden. In addition, our personal links with the best family law specialists around the world give us unparalleled access to expert advice from almost any country.

Divorce, separation and other family law problems need to be resolved sensibly and effectively. Financial, legal and emotional issues must be identified and managed if effective resolution is to be achieved. When international factors complicate matters expert guidance is essential from the outset. If divorce or other legal proceedings are started in the wrong country the whole family may suffer.

Our lawyers practise in all areas of matrimonial and family law work, including divorce, finances (maintenance and property), child custody and access (residence and contact), international child abduction (Hague and European Conventions) and preparing pre-marriage contracts. We have particular expertise in complex financial disputes where off-shore assets are in issue, especially where questions of choice of jurisdiction and forum arise.

In international cases our ability to advise on whether, where and when to either sue or settle is, we believe, not matched elsewhere.
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9. Wainwright & Cummins Solicitors
Wainwright & Cummins has an outstanding reputation for its expertise in family matters such as divorce, separation and other domestic matters.

We have gained that reputation through a combination of our Legal Skills and human empathy and take great pride in building strong client relationships during what is a difficult time for our clients.

The firm offers easy access to the law and acts quickly to ensure your rights are protected and respected. We have a strong ethos of value and respect and operate in a diverse and multi-cultural environment, with lawyers and support staff from many different countries and backgrounds. You can rest assured you matter will be dealt with sensitively placing your needs at the forefront.
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10. Rochman Landau
Our matrimonial team offers advice and support on all issues surrounding the consequences of a breakdown of a marriage or a relationship.

We are committed to providing swift and practical advice and provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Our staff are sensitive to your needs and understand you may be facing significant practical changes in your life. Our aim is to provide support and help resolve the difficulties you are experiencing as quickly and as effectively as possible. Above all we offer sound legal and practical advice. It is common for clients to be unsure what courses of action are open to them, so care is taken to explain the options and the implications at each stage from the very first meeting to the conclusion.

Rochman Landau was founded in 1979 and provides a high quality service at competitive West End charging rates.

Our objective is to ensure practical solutions to legal problems and to give commercially sound advice in response to clients' needs. This is achieved through partner-led personal involvement with support staff of a high calibre, aided by the latest information technology.
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