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1. CWJ - Solicitors (Orpington, Kent)
The breakdown of any relationship can be traumatic and stressful, and our dedicated team of family law specialists have the knowledge and experience to provide caring, practical and clear advice to guide you through what is often a distressing time.

As members of Resolution (formerly the Solicitors Family Law Association), the team is committed to resolving family law issues in a sensitive, constructive and cost effective way.

Our varied experience includes negotiating divorce settlements at all levels from the most straightforward cases to the most complicated, involving complex issues relating to businesses, pensions and other assets.

If you have been financially dependent upon your husband or wife throughout the marriage, then you may be eligible for spousal maintenance after the divorce where appropriate. The Court would consider your income and outgoings and those of your husband or wife and then make an order for spousal maintenance if appropriate.

If you are not living with your child and you are earning an income then you will have to pay child maintenance. This is assessed as 15% of your net income for one child, 20% for two children and 25% for three children. If you have your child to stay with you for over 52 nights per annum then this would be reduced by 1/7th and if you have them to stay with you for over 104 nights per annum it would be reduced by 2/7ths. If you have a new family with children (natural or not) and you live with them, further reductions will apply.
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2. Amphlett Lissimore
You may be reading this because you are currently experiencing family difficulties and are looking for information and guidance about what to do next. You may be distressed by the uncertainty that comes with this situation. Family law is complicated, and everyone's problems are different, so we cannot give you complete legal advice on this web page. But we hope we can tell you enough to help you make the next move, and how we can help you make it if you want us to.

We recognise that family and relationship problems are uniquely upsetting and can make it hard for you to think straight. We can't ease the pain directly, but we can help you understand the options that are available and focus on the future, guiding you sympathetically and knowledgeably towards solutions that are right for you.

If your partner or another family member is treating you with violence, we will see you and advise you as quickly as we can, and treat your case as urgent. In an emergency we can help you apply quickly to the court for an injunction order forbidding further violence, or ordering the violent person to leave your home or keep away from you. If an injunction is broken the court can then order the offender to be arrested and imprisoned.

The police will assist in protecting you if an injunction is obtained, but you can also go to them direct, and you should always consider doing that first. Almost all domestic violence is a criminal offence, and the police have instructions to treat it as seriously as any other crime.
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