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1. JR Jones - Family
The break-up of a marriage is one of the most upsetting, stressful and confusing experiences a person endures. At such a time, competent, timely, sound and simple advice is needed delivered with a degree of thoughtfulness.

Our team of family lawyers are approachable and aim to resolve disputes as amicably as possible whilst at the same time recognising the need to take firm action, when required to protect the client's interests. Our team members are also conversant in the Urdu, Punjabi, Persian and French.

Our lawyers are also able to provide advice and assistance to clients who are residing outside the UK but need to resolve family disputes in this country. We have assisted clients facing problems in Dubai, Belgium, Pakistan, India and Iran.

We strongly believe in providing clients with an efficient and competent service, whilst at the same time, and in keeping with the code of conduct of the Solicitor's Family Law Association, seeking to minimise the stress, bitterness and antagonism that a family break-up causes.

Established in 1989, JR Jones has developed by meeting the diverse needs of its clients through provisions of specialist legal advice.

We aim to ensure that the needs of the clients are understood and practical advice given. The firm has a professional yet friendly manner towards its clients.

We aspire to supply high quality legal service to all our clients not withstanding the nature of the case or source of funding.
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2. Vickers Solicitors
It is a mistake to think of divorce as the death of a marriage: it isn't. It is the burial of a marriage that is already dead.

England's high divorce rate doesn't necessarily mean more broken marriages than elsewhere - it means that rather than let a dead marriage fester English law gives it a decent burial. And there is life after divorce - the Court of Appeal have said so.

Divorce is a process in which family lawyers require different skills to their colleagues : they must take into account emotions, not just of their own client but of the family as a whole, particularly where children are involved. They must not forget former family members may have to deal with each other for years to come. A good family lawyer will encourage them to do so in a civilised manner.

In family work High Street solicitors have a clear advantage over their colleagues in firms more used to dealing with commercial clients. Local family solicitors can be more relaxed and face less pressure to put their profit-margins before their professional judgment.

There is only one ground for divorce in English Law. It is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.

The current law is over 30 years old. It was a compromise between those who wanted divorce made more difficult and those who thought that giving a swift burial to a dead marriage would lead to an earlier return to happiness for all members of the family.

Currently, therefore, as well as showing the marriage has broken down, a person wanting a divorce has to show one or more of five so-called 'Facts'. Put briefly they are that the other person has committed adultery, behaved intolerably, deserted the person asking for the divorce for 2 or more years, lived apart from the person wanting the divorce for at least two years where the other person agrees to the divorce, or lived apart from the person wanting a divorce for 5 years or more. This is almost always a paper exercise taking something in the region of 5 months or so depending on the co-operation of the other person and the work-load of the Court.
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3. West London Law Solicitors
Legal Aid help, bankruptcy solicitors, debt advice, housing and family solicitors, fraud lawyers or help with a professional negligence claim
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