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1. Venters Solicitors
Any form of family dispute whether involving children or not creates an emotional time when focusing clearly on what really matters can be difficult. That?s why you need the help and support of an expert such as ourselves.

Our Family Department has considerable knowledge and experience in:
Relationship Breakdown and Divorce
Children - Private Law Proceedings (e.g.not involving a Public Authority usually involving family members)
Children - Public Law Proceedings (e.g.involving a Public Authority such as a local wuthority)
Money and Property
Domestic Violence

Our offices are in Camberwell Green, South East London where we employ in excess of 40 staff, which includes 3 Partners, a Practice Director, 3 Associate Solicitors, 3 Assistant Solicitors and a Consultant along with a Practice Management team and a dedicated team of support staff.
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2. Landau Zeffertt Weir Solicitors - London
Relationship breakdown is a major life event. This will often involve complex issues as to the division of a couple's financial resources and making proper financial provision for children.

We Deal with cases with the aim of ensuring that costly protracted arguments are avoided.

Work with you to achieve a negotiated settlement - proceeding to a contested final court hearing only as a the last resort.

Act immediately to protect assets.

Focus on the key issues and address any misconceptions about how the law treats finances on divorce.

There are different rules when a relationship ends for those couples that live together (cohabit), particularly as to rights in property. We guide our clients through their rights and remedies.

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 remedies many of the injustices that committed same-sex couples face in a number of areas. These include inheritance, pensions, next-of-kin, and the right to make key medical decisions. We advise you about registration, and pre-registration agreements.

We deal with issues relating to children including:
Guiding parents through arrangements for contact
Where the children will live and go to school
What happens if one parent wants to take the children to live abroad
The rights of grandparents
Cases with an international element and abduction.

We discuss with you the various options and by the use of collaboration and/or mediation help to achieve a negotiated resolution of differences both financial and in relation to the children.

Sometimes court proceedings are unavoidable, and if that becomes necessary we guide you through the process, working in the most timely, efficient and cost-effective way.

The timescale to complete any process differs from case to case, and each case is as individual as the next. By offering expert, practical and realistic advice we aim to reduce any tension and hostility to enable the client to focus on the future.

Our expert team provides specialist legal advice to private clients and small/medium sized businesses at affordable rates. Our working methods, together with up to date technology, enables us to work efficiently and quickly to deliver swift and effective advice and solutions.

Our lawyers have extensive legal experience acquired over many years, yet we remain innovative and enthusiastic about our work.

You will be regularly informed of the current status with your case. All telephone calls, letters, faxes and e-mails are dealt with promptly. Above all, we have yoor interests at heart and are commited to ensure that your goals are achieved.
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3. Alternative Family Law
Sometimes court proceedings are inevitable. Often they can be avoided. Many people find the prospect of having to appear before a court of law daunting at the best of times; combined with the emotions resulting from separation or disagreements about the upbringing of children, it becomes the last thing most people want.

It is not necessary to go to court and have a judge decide on what should happen when you separate or divorce. There are a range of other options.

If your spouse agrees to the divorce going ahead, you can then swear a statement confirming that everything in the divorce petition is true, whether anything in the meantime has changed and so on. With that statement, you can apply for the conditional divorce order, the decree nisi. There is no fee at that stage.

The district judge will then look at your divorce papers and if the judge agrees that you are entitled to a divorce, the court will set a date for the formal pronouncement of the decree nisi, which may be a week to a month or so after the district judge has approved your divorce. This is only the first divorce order and you remain married until the final order, the decree absolute.
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4. Alternative Family Law
Alternative Family Law is a new specialist family law practice in central London. Andrea Woelke deals with most aspects of family law and has particular expertise in international and complex financial cases and unmarried families.
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5. Anthony Gold Solicitors
Our family law department has an excellent reputation and we regularly receive referrals from other lawyers and professionals, as well as former clients.

The breakdown of a relationship can often be very traumatic. All of our clients are represented by a lawyer who specialises exclusively in family law and we ensure that you have the opportunity to meet with us face-to-face and to speak to us whenever you need to.

We adopt a constructive and conciliatory, rather than an aggressive, approach to resolving family problems arising from relationship breakdown. This is however balanced with the belief that, in appropriate cases, we may have to be tough.

Our team includes both German and Italian speakers and we are also well placed to deal with lesbian and gay clients and issues that arise from same sex co-habitation.

Collaborative practice is a new approach to the resolution of divorce and parenting disputes, which has recently arrived from the US and Canada, and it has become an integral part of the Family Law service at Anthony Gold.

There is nothing new in simply resolving family disputes outside the courtroom - more than 90% of our cases are settled in this way. What is so different about the collaborative process is the participation agreement, which is signed by both clients and their respective lawyers. The couples and their lawyers agree not to go through the court system unless negotiations break down totally and enter into a contract (the participation agreement) in these terms.

The couple dictate the timetable and cases are typically dealt with through negotiations taking place in roundtable meetings.

The clients' needs, concerns and the best outcome for the family as a whole become the priority.
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6. Steel and Shamash
Steel & Shamash is a well established friendly professional firm only two minutes from Waterloo Station. Their firm has served the residents and business community in the Waterloo area since 1981.
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