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1. Aubrey Isaacson
Aubrey Isaacson Solicitors was founded almost 20 years ago in Manchester, and since then has continued to grow steadily, representing both private clients and businesses. Importantly, at Aubrey Isaacson's only solicitors are in charge of our clients claims. It is this commitment to excellent service, which separates us from other firms. We have several offices in North Manchester, located within a short distance from both the city center and M60 motorway (junction 17.)

Our divorce lawyers are most sensitive to the different circumstances of each marriage break-up. We will advise necessary steps to minimise distress regarding financial affairs, property division and problems which arise relating to residence orders and contact with children.
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2. Mary Monson Solicitors
Offering services in criminal law, prison law, and motoring law. They are on your side and strive to ensure that your defense is conducted to give you the best possible chance of a not-guilty verdict. Offers experience and integrity in defending you.
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3. Linder Myers Solicitors Manchester - Legal Services
In divorce or separation, we guide you through the intricacies of procedure, help resolve the most complex of financial matters and deal positively with disputes which may arise over children. Similarly, in unmarried families we can advise on questions of finance, such as property or maintenance and once again help with problems involving children.

We are able to provide expert advice on all of the financial aspects of relationship breakdown, be it for married or unmarried couples, dealing with such complex areas as pensions, businesses and properties. We can deal with emergency financial matters such as the preservation of assets, the obtaining of interim financial provision and so on. We can also advise on and assist you with your dealings with the Child Support Agency.

Disputes about who the children live with and problems about how much contact they should have with each parent can be difficult to resolve. The arrangements affect questions like 'Who has the right to make major long term decisions for a child?' We will be able to explain which Court Orders might be appropriate in your situation and what their effect would be. Our specialist department has a great deal of expertise in these areas and will provide advice and understanding, whilst at the same time not forgetting that the best interests of the child must take precedence.

If you fear that your child may be abducted, either here or abroad, contact a solicitor immediately. We have the experience and resources to act effectively in an emergency. We will, for example, know how to alert Immigration Officers at all ports and airports to the possibility of a child being taken out of the country. There are laws which cover the return of children wrongfully taken from their country. Again we can provide the experience and expertise to assist you. We can also help with many other family matters that may arise including:
Domestic Violence
Prenuptial Agreements
Care Proceedings

Unmarried couples may not be aware but they have almost no legal rights if their relationship breaks down. They do not have an automatic right to a share of the home they shared together if that home is held in the others name and they do not have a right to claim financial support no matter how long they have lived together. They don?t even count as legal next-of-kin.

It is very important for such couples to obtain legal advice at the outset of their relationship otherwise it may be extremely difficult to prove what their actual intention was.

There is however help at hand by virtue of the Trusts of Land Act but only if the ?Common Law? husband/wife can ?prove? an interest was intended e.g. Who paid the deposit/mortgage payments or did one party contribute substantially by paying for major improvement work on the home. An express written agreement as to who should have what will assist to show what the parties actually intended and this Law can even be used equally for e.g. an elderly relative living with a son or daughter.

The number of weddings taking place fell to its lowest yet during 2003, however many still believe they are protected by the myth of the ?Common Law? husband/wife.
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4. North Ainley - Solicitors Oldham
The Matrimonial Department is commited to providing swift and practical advice to it's clients on all areas of law relating to the family. We are sensitive to clients needs at a time when the may be facing significant practical changes in their lives.

Clients are often unsure of the courses of action available to them. Care and time is taken to explain the options and implications at each stage to ensure that the final outcome of the case is structured to meet the individual client's needs.

The Matrimonial Department offers advice and support in particular on all issues relating to children and disputes over financial matters. We are able to offer advice to clients who qualify financially under the Legal Aid Scheme. Clients who are in receipt of income support, income based jobseekers allowance, family credit or working families tax credit are most likely to be eligible for advice under this Scheme.

At North Ainley we combine the traditional high standards expected of the legal profession with a commercial and progressive approach. We are committed to enhancing the quality of our service and to meeting the ever changing needs of our clients. We seek to offer practical and cost effective solutions and advice.

To enhance our service and efficiency we have invested, and continue to invest in the latest information technology and communications systems, thereby contributing to the fast and efficient handling of our clients affairs.
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5. Bolton Solicitors
We aim to offer a professional and personal service. Save for the simplest and most straightforward case, it is unlikely that any ready-made package can meet all your needs and answer all your questions. There really is no substitute for personal advice to address your situation. We have a team of experienced family lawyers and are members of the Family Panel, the Children Panel and the Solicitors' Family Law Association (SFLA).

Forget what the press and media tell you. There is only one ground for divorce and that is that the marriage has irretrievably broken down! What you have to show to the court to support that has to be at least one of the following:
(a) adultery
(b) unreasonable behaviour
(c) two years desertion
(d) two years separation with consent
(e) five years separation

Did you know you can only apply for a divorce where at least one year has passed following the marriage?

Did you know that the court deals with the divorce itself separately from the financial matters which are known as Ancillary Relief proceedings?

Do you know what a "quickie divorce" is? Basically, this is where the case proceeds undefended in what is called the Special Procedure list as the majority of cases do.

Do you know what it might cost? The court fee for the issue of the Divorce Petition is currently ?210.00. The court fee for Decree Absolute is ?30.00. Our fee for acting in the divorce is generally ?400.00 plus VAT. (There are fee exemptions if you are in receipt of state benefits).

Did you know that you may recover these costs from the other party?

Financial Matters - Lawyers call this Ancillary Relief.

Did you know that the married family and the unmarried family are treated differently when it comes to finances?

Did you know that from the 1st December, 2000, you can apply to the court for a Pension Sharing Order, but only where you are married?

Did you know that unless you are married at the time your children are born, then only the Mother has parental responsibility for the child - not the Father?

Did you know that Grandparents can apply for orders in respect of their grandchildren?

Contact and residence problems can be the most heart rending of all matters. This is where a sympathetic and understanding ear really is essential. We are members of the Children Panel and have a wide range of experience in every type of application from contact and residence to care proceedings.

The firm was founded in 1932 by Cyril Morris, who originally practised from Mawdsley Street in the centre of Bolton, as a sole practitioner. As the years passed Cyril Morris was joined by Tom Arkwright and thus the firm acquired its present name.

Along the way Cyril and Tom were joined by Cyril's nephew Basil, and Tom's younger brother David, together with Michael Shipley and Tom Profit. In 1966 the firm moved to its present offices at Churchgate House. Martin Walsh joined the partnership in 1977, only to leave for a career at the Bar in 1990. Close links do however remain. Sadly, Basil Morris died in 1980.
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6. Colin Rayner & Co. Solicitors
Thank you for taking the time and trouble to visit our web site.

In England and Wales there are approximately 8,000 firms of Solicitors in private practice. Of those firms only a small proportion have the prestigious "Investors in People" award and an even smaller proportion (currently 311 firms) are able to boast of having achieved the Law society?s "LEXEL" kite mark for excellence. We are proud to be able to say that we have both of these awards (the figures given being per the Law Society?s statistics as at 13th March 2003).

We are a general high street practice, which differs from the norm by our ability to provide specialist advice in all the main areas of law.

Our solicitors pride themselves on their ability to provide a highly professional service in a friendly and approachable manner.

Our solicitors are members of the Family Law Panel and Solicitors Family Law Association who adopt a specific code of practice when acting in this area. We believe in using an approach which is sensitive to your situation and specific needs, but at the same time remains constructive. We would hope to ensure that by adopting an amicable but firm approach we are more likely to achieve an agreement on your behalf and avoid unnecessary court proceedings.
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7. Manchester Solicitors: Temperley Taylor Solicitors
The end of a marriage is often a difficult time of your life, when support will be as important from your solicitor as legal advice. Our divorce lawyers pride themselves on taking a sympathetic approach, while also working to secure the best possible outcome for their clients.

We are happy to offer a free initial discussion of your circumstances, and our solicitors are happy to make themselves available at short notice.

We can also advise unmarried couples about their rights following a break up.

We recognise that patience and understanding are required when dealing with children, as well as legal expertise. We have a great deal of experience in child care cases, so much so that we are one of the few firms in the Manchester area officially authorised to describe ourselves as specialists by the Law Society.

We are used to dealing with contact and residence cases following separation or divorce. We also conduct childcare cases and act for children.
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8. Manchester & Altrincham Solicitors: JMW Solicitors
JMW has a dedicated team of family law specialists dealing with the full range of family law, with particular emphasis on complex financial arrangements concerning family businesses (including farms), trusts and pensions, as well as disputes in relation to children.

JMW's family law department, led by Partner Paula Milburn, has been recommended in The Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession 2005.

Experience tells us that going through a separation or divorce, whether or not amicable, can be time consuming and costly, both in terms of finances and emotions. There is no doubt that, in such circumstances, specialist advice is required from a range of professionals. JMW work in cooperation with many professionals to ensure that you receive the highest quality support, combined with a quality assured personal service.

Although many people think that with so many marriages ending in divorce the mechanics for obtaining a divorce should be very straightforward, the process can be complicated, especially when there are financial or children issues to resolve.

The cost of instructing JMW to prepare the divorce documents is not as much as you might think. Unless the proceedings are defended, your divorce costs are likely to be in the region of ?400 - ?500 plus VAT and Court fees. These costs are less than those quoted by many online divorce websites.

The amount of the costs will depend upon how much advice you require prior to the commencement of the divorce proceedings, and how co-operative or otherwise your husband or wife is.

If both parties are agreed that the marriage has broken down, and there are grounds for divorce, then a divorce can be finalised within six months of instructions, subject to financial and children issues being resolved.
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9. Rowlands Solicitors, Manchester Based Law Firm
When relationships break down and the family unit falls apart, it is a difficult time for everyone, not just emotionally, but financially too.

Our specialist family lawyers offer practical advice and representation on the whole range of family matters including:
Financial and Property Disputes
Pension Entitlements
Cohabitation Agreements
Domestic Violence

Rowlands Solicitors is a large Manchester based law firm. Rowlands Head Office is situated in the heart of Manchester's financial district.
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10. Winder Taylor Fallows, Solicitors in Horwich and Bolton
At Winder Taylor Fallows Solicitors, our emphasis is on providing a high standard of client care at a reasonable cost.

Based in Bolton, the firm has expanded significantly over the years, with many loyal clients happy to recommend us to others. We deal with both businesses and individuals in Bolton as well as the surrounding region. Our approachable style is matched with a reputation for providing expert advice in a variety of legal areas.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that not all marriages are successful. If your relationship has broken down, it is important to find a solicitor who will provide practical, reliable advice that is sensitive to your situation. At Winder Taylor Fallows, we appreciate that family troubles can result in a difficult time for our clients, and we are experienced in applying the principles of matrimonial law to the special circumstances of each individual case. We have found that emphasising negotiation and agreement rather than conflict and confrontation is generally more effective in achieving a swift resolution to proceedings that both parties can be satisfied with.

Our family law team is able to help whether you are seeking to dissolve your marriage or wish to obtain a formal decree of judicial separation. We can also advise you on family protection, domestic violence, injunctions, wardship, adoption, child and care proceedings.
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