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1. Morecrofts Solicitors : Family Solicitor Liverpool
With one in three marriages ending in divorce Morecrofts has a long history of specialisation in family matters generally but particularly in relation to divorce and the resolution of disputes in relation to children and financial matters. We were one of the first firms in the region to offer a family mediation service.

We also became the first law firm in Merseyside to offer a Family Mediation Service for publicly funded (formerly legally aided) clients.

We pride ourselves in keeping abreast of all new legislation and providing sympathetic advice in complete confidence. We have one of the largest family departments in the North West and three of our solicitors are members of the Law Society's Children Panel. Four of our Partners are accredited on the Solicitors Family Law Association accreditation scheme as having specialist experience in various areas. All our fee-earners and staff are highly qualified and motivated to ensure that resolving your domestic crisis is a priority.

You may wish to consider prenuptial or co-habitation contracts. We have considerable experience in this specialised area and can advise on and draft such agreements.

If your marriage problems do lead to a divorce we will help you cope with all aspects as quickly and painlessly as possible. We will assist in dealing with the division of assets, and particularly and most importantly, trying to resolve any issues there may be about the care of your children.

When people live together but then fall out, what happens? If couples are married then the matrimonial laws take effect and matters can be resolved. However, if couples are not married then the law is much more complicated and you have to rely on the law of equity and contract. It may be possible to avoid this by entering into a pre-nuptial or co-habitation agreement and we can assist in that.
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2. Fletchers Solicitors
We consider ourselves to be one of the leading firms in this specialised field and the Family Department is geared towards providing a caring but professional service for all our clients.

A supportive, speedy service is also provided in cases involving children, whose emotional needs are given absolute priority. We also specialise in matters relating to divorce, financial settlement, and we have a specialist team dealing with domestic violence.

Since 1987 Fletchers have been heavily involved in Family/Matrimonial services and have provided a legal service to thousands of clients over the years.

We consider ourselves to be one of the leading firms in this specialised field and the Family Department is geared towards providing a caring but professional service for all our clients.

A supportive, speedy service is also provided in cases involving children, whose emotional needs are given absolute priority.
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3. Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors
Our family department can advise you about any of the following topics:
pre-nuptial, cohabitation, separation and civil partnership agreements
advantages of marriage
care proceedings - children
The Civil Partnership Act 2004
common-law wife
contact - children
residence - children
change of name
finances on divorce or separation
divorce and its effect on business interests
jointly owned property
judicial separation
legal aid (public funding) - legal help
specific issue order
parental responsibility
prohibited steps order
Resolution (formerly the Solicitors' Family Law Association)
urgent financial protection

At Canter Levin & Berg we are aware that it is not only a loss of income and other wealth that can result from a divorce but, particularly perhaps for a wife of long standing, there is a significant loss of status. For some, being a wife has been their identity for many years. For such a person a financial settlement of substantial proportions may be the only realistic redress for such personal losses.

A financial relief settlement in court nowadays can result in a carve up of a company in settlement of finances consequent upon a divorce. A recent example of this is the case of Lambert -v- Lambert. In the High Court Harry Lambert, a newspaper proprietor, had to pay ?7.5 million at the conclusion of his financial settlement following divorce. In the Court of Appeal the value of the settlement to Mrs Lambert was increased to ?10 million. Shan Lambert claimed that she made an equal contribution to her former husband's business and was therefore entitled to half its ?20 million valuation. She had been married for 23 years to the founder of the Adscene newspaper chain and the Court of Appeal held that it was important to recognise the value of Mrs Lambert's role in the family.

In his judgment, Lord Justice Thorpe said:

"There must be an end to the sterile asertion that the breadwinner's contribution weighs heavier than the homemaker's."

Nicholas Mostyn QC, who represented Mrs Lambert, told the Court that the law concerning financial settlement should reflect the fact that marriage is a true and equal personal partnership. He said:

"As there is no prospect of legislation to put this in practice, it is for the courts to decide, case by case, precisely what the principles are."

Supporting this approach, the Court held that some reflection ought to have been given to the duration of the marriage and that it had spanned the most productive part of Mrs Lambert's life from 22 to 45. What sort of independent career she had sacrificed was a matter of speculation. The ages of the parties were also relevant (Mr Lambert was 58 when they separated). Mrs Lambert's age along with her needs pointed towards an equal division of assets. In particular, any justification for departing from an equal division could not be upheld without discrimination.

The case provides clear confirmation that application of this principle means that if a business has to go to settle a financial divorce, then it has to go.

As a result, it is entirely possible for a business to be placed into insolvency following a divorce settlement, particularly if the other side wants revenge. Another classic example of this result is a bitter wife reporting the husband to the Inland Revenue for tax evasion. Of course, anyone who takes that risk should be aware of the potential consequences whether as a result of divorce or otherwise. The lesson here is, if at all possible, to not fall out with your spouse, but if you do, to make financial arrangements which make comfortable if not generous provision for the non business owning party.

Financial arrangements can only realistically be made when there has been full and frank disclosure, usually in documentary form, of all relevant financial documents and these should include bank statements, credit card accounts and salary slips etc. Deliberate obfuscation is likely to be found out and will, of course, predispose the court against the defaulting party.
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4. Liverpool Solicitors, Jackson & Canter
Relationships can, and often do, break down. This can be an extremely difficult time for you - both emotionally and legally. There could be problems concerning children, money, even violence in the home in some cases.

The good news is that Jackson & Canter's specialist Family Law department can offer you a sympathetic and professional service in total confidence. At Jackson & Canter we fully realise that every family is different. Our team has a great deal of experience with a vast range of family problems. Remember, we are here to help as well as provide a first class service.

Ever since we set up business in 1960, Jackson & Canter has provided quality legal services for local people and beyond regardless of race, colour and creed.

We are proud to have been awarded a range of quality and best practice awards from the Law Society and other professional bodies.
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5. Lees & Partners Solicitors ? Private Client Legal Advice in the UK
At Lees & Partners we are able to provide specialist advice on all aspects of family law.

We particularly specialise in divorce, ancillary relief proceedings, children disputes, and co-habitation disputes. Ancillary relief is the term used to describe proceedings dealing with your finances and property. This can often be the most complicated aspect of your case. Lees & Partners is well known for its expertise and experience dealing with high net worth assets and complex circumstances.

The family law team has considerable experience in this field, managing cases efficiently with a high degree of sensitivity and integrity, whilst being fully appreciative of the client?s needs at all times. We offer a professional, friendly and personal service tailored to meet each client?s individual needs.

Our services are provided from our three offices in Birkenhead, Chester and Heswall. Birkenhead and Heswall have been awarded a Legal Services Commission contract enabling us to carry out public funded work (previously know as legal aid) subject to client?s eligibility. A member of our team will assess whether you are eligible and advise accordingly We will provide an estimate of our fees in each case. You will have an opportunity to discuss with a member of our team how to fund your case and whether a contribution can be sought from the opponent.

At Lees & Partners you will benefit from our close links with other specialist departments who are available to assist as your case progresses thereby dealing with all matters under one roof, for example, transferring or selling the family home, making a Will, and tax planning.

Many clients are recommended to us by other professional advisers, solicitors, barristers, and past and present clients. The dedicated team are always available to answer any queries or give updates on progress to you as necessary. You will have the benefit of the attention of a qualified lawyer with individual members in the department gaining membership of the Specialist Law Society Family Law Panel, and Solicitors Family Law Association.

We have been practising from Hamilton Square since 1889 when George Frederick Lees founded the firm, originally named G F Lees. The name of 'Lees' has been retained through the three changes in the practice. Peter Lees, the last in the family line to be a solicitor, retired early from practice in April 2003 to spend more time with his family. Tom Fisher, based at our Chester office, is now our senior partner. We also have offices in Chester, Heswall and West Kirby and see clients both at our offices and at their homes or businesses if required.

The aim of Lees has always been to provide a first class legal service to its clients - whether individuals or businesses. We are committed to quality throughout, shown by our commitment to the Investors in People accreditation. Our strong roots within Wirral mean that the majority of our work comes from recommendation, the best form of advertising there is. At Lees & Partners we strive to build upon our success and reputation to continue to provide quality legal services to clients, old and new.
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6. Irvings Solicitors
Unlike many other firms we make sure that our clients receive 100% of their damages without any deductions. The purpose of our site is to give clear, concise information to anyone who may have suffered a personal injury.
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7. Abensons Solicitors - Liverpool Merseyside
The Family Law department is headed by Mrs, Sarla Martin.

Mrs Martin is a member of the Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA). As a firm Abensons fully subscribe to its Code of Practice, a copy of which can be supplied on request.

Abensons provides the highest standard of service in all areas of family law, in a friendly and efficient manner looking to promote a conciliatory atmosphere and deal with matters in a sensitive, constructive and cost-effective way.

The breakdown of any relationship can be difficult and upsetting. There will be many issues to resolve. Abensons can offer advice and guidance, which will relieve anxiety and doubt. Divorce and separation will involve making arrangements for your children, sorting out your finances and deciding where you are going to live. Abensons will advise on these and other matters which cause concern. If you are thinking of separating, or have separated from your spouse, it is important that you receive legal advice at the earliest date possible. It is preferable that you should take legal advice before leaving the matrimonial home or agreeing to any division of matrimonial property.

In cases involving children, clients and other family members are encouraged to regard the welfare of the child as the first and paramount consideration.

Interviews can be arranged at short notice, by prior appointment with cover available for emergencies, particularly those involving children or injunctions.

The Department has the full back up of the firm's other departments, technological and administrative services, with secretaries able to assist and help the clients, whenever necessary.

We advise on divorce proceedings and separation and proceedings relating to financial provision for spouses, unmarried couples and children. This includes Child Support Agency involvement, separation agreements, and division of property and finance including pensions and inheritance. We also advise on mediation as a way forward to resolve issues as opposed to Court intervention.

We can guide you through the maze of dealing with financial matters and ultimately answer that question "how much will I get"? With years of experience and training in this area we are able to advise you on the divisions of pensions, investments, businesses and other assets including the matrimonial home.
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8. Legal Services - Carter Hodge Solicitors
The breakdown of a relationship can be a stressful and traumatic time. Our team of family lawyers is able to provide clear, focused advice on the sensitive issues of relationship breakdown, children and money.

Our family lawyers are members of the Law Society?s Children and Family Law Panels and the Solicitors Family Law Association, now called Resolution.

Resolution is an association of Solicitors who agree to follow a code of practice which includes an approach which is sensitive, constructive, cost effective and most likely to reach an agreement.

Carter Hodge have three offices based around the North West at Southport and Ainsdale in North Merseyside and Heswall on the Wirral. The firms success and growth is due to its reputation for client care, maintenance of professional standards and satisfied loyal clients who recommended the company to friends, families and business associates.

Carter Hodge holds various franchises from the Legal Services Commission, has been awarded the Investors in People standard and the Lexcel Practice Management Standard.
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9. Keith Park Solicitors
Offers private client family law advice
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10. Mace & Jones Solicitors
Our family law department, headed by Carole Atkinson, is one of the most highly regarded in the North West. We have extensive experience of dealing with high profile cases, often involving substantial assets. Many cases are referred to us by lawyers and other professionals who have first hand knowledge of our expertise.

We help clients:
deal with divorce and separation
consider the financial implications of marriage breakdown
including its effect on family businesses and the tax, pension and inheritance implications of the breakdown
resolve financial issues on the breakdown of a relationship when the parties have never married
deal with potential claims involving inheritance following the death of a family member
resolve disputes in relation to children, including cases where the local authority has taken care proceedings in relation to children

The size and experience of our team enables us to respond quickly wherever needed. All of the members of the team deal exclusively with Family Law cases. We recognise the importance of combining efficiency and value for money with a sympathetic approach to all difficult personal problems. Our aim is to achieve solutions by agreement wherever possible and to provide a service which is tailored to the precise needs of each and every individual client.

At Mace & Jones we aim to give our clients a realistic idea as to the length of time proceedings are likely to take. Although the divorce process itself can be concluded fairly swiftly within a period of between three and six months, resolving the financial issues and the issues relating to children may mean that your case is ongoing for longer. As the financial issues are usually part and parcel of the divorce itself, it could significantly delay the divorce if agreement is not reached and a court application is necessary. In those circumstances, the process could take anything up to two years.

At Mace & Jones we are committed to ensuring that, wherever possible, only one solicitor ever deals with your case. This means that once you have developed a relationship with your solicitor, they will be responsible for the day to day running of your case and you can be assured that your work will not be delegated to other solicitors without your prior approval or notification.
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