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1. Solicitors in York, Guest Walker and Co
Relationships breaking down and family disputes cause a great deal of heartache for all concerned. At times like this you need expert legal advice and assistance as well as moral support, commitment and understanding.

We are highly experienced in sensitively handling matrimonial and family matters helping you to resolve problems in a mature and amicable way.

Guest Walker and Co. was formed in 1981 by John Guest in the Shambles in York. In 1984 John Walker became a partner and the practice was subsequently given its current name. A continuous programme of controlled expansion has seen two further partners join the practice. Guest Walker & Co. now employs 22 staff, all of whom play a part in providing a first class service to clients, including six fully qualified solicitors and a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives.

We constantly strive to achieve and maintain the highest possible professional standards. We have been accredited by the Community Legal Service, following assessment of our methods and quality of service and we now hold a franchise enabling us to obtain Legal Aid for our clients in appropriate cases.
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2. Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors, in York - Selby - Malton
Family disputes are extremely painful to all involved but prompt accurate advice can help minimise the distress. Our knowledge and experience of Family Law will ensure a swift and sympathetic approach to your problems.

We can help with Co-habitation agreements, Divorce and Separation, Maintenance and Property Disputes and Residence and Contact orders relating to children.

If there is violence, either physical or emotional, we can help get emergency protection for you and your children. We can act immediately because we have a Community Legal Service Contract.

We can also advise upon welfare benefits and wills, which may be particularly important in the breakdown of a family relationship. We can and will advise immediately on whether or not you will be able to obtain Community Legal Service funding.

With over sixty staff based at our offices in York, Selby and Malton, we have a long established reputation for supplying a comprehensive and high quality legal service delivered efficiently and cost effectively to both private clients and the business community.

This reputation is based not only upon the high quality of our legal skill but also upon our practical and down to earth approach and commitment to our clients. We place much importance upon our local knowledge, speed of response and personal service, coupled with our ability to supply the relevant legal advice.
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3. Burn and Company - York, North Yorkshire Family Solicitors
Mediation does not aim to save the relationship but instead seeks to reduce bitterness and help the parties reach an amicable agreement rather than reverting to the Courts for assistance with the consequences of the relationships breakdown.

In family mediation the assistance of one or two impartial and independent mediators is enlisted who have no authority to make any decisions for a couple but use certain skills to help them to resolve issues of dispute. Information but not advice can be given to a couple and this is simply one of the ways we can work with the mediation service providers and provide the relevant advice to complement the negotiations taking place through mediation.

Both your former partner and yourself will be initially offered separate appointments with a mediator who will use such meetings to decide whether or not mediation would be useful and could be used to resolve the arrangements following the breakdown of your relationship. If this is the case, a further meeting will then be arranged for your former partner and yourself to attend together.

Please note that children are not directly involved in mediation but if there are issues where it is important for their views and feelings to be heard, a separate appointment can also be arranged with your children. Both parents will however have to agree that such a meeting would be helpful.

Mediation has become more important recently as not only will it be the first consideration made by a Court if asked to resolve issues of dispute concerning your children but, even if you are financially eligible for Public Funding (formerly Legal Aid) to take such Court proceedings you will not receive such Funding until you have attended at least one appointment with a mediator to consider whether your dispute could not be better resolved by way of mediation. Only in rare circumstances such as where there has been domestic violence between your former partner and yourself will Public Funding (subject to financial and merit eligibility) be awarded without the need for this initial mediation appointment.

Legislation in the form of the Welfare Reform and Pensions Act 1999 came into force on the 1st December 2000. This enables parties to benefit from pension sharing on divorce. The Courts have appreciated for a number of years the potential importance of pensions upon divorce.

A pension might well be regarded as a relevant resource of one of the parties to be taken into account upon redistribution of the matrimonial assets. In the past the Court have adopted a number of methods to deal with pensions including offsetting the value of any future pension against current assets and earmarking pension schemes known as Pension Attachment. An Attachment Order is an order is an order directed to the trustees or managers of a pension fund requiring them to pay to a spouse who is not the original pension fund member monies which would normally have gone to that member.

Pension sharing is an additional and potentially significant way of redistributing pension benefits which is available only to individuals who begin proceedings for divorce or nullity after the new legislation came into effect. In short, a pension sharing order enables the spouse without the pension benefits to obtain a share of his or her spouse's pension. This share then becomes a fund for the benefit of the recipient which can be added to as their own.

However, it must not be expected that pension sharing will be appropriate in all cases and it will be only one of a number of options open to the Court. Offsetting or earmarking may still be more appropriate and when there is a pension sharing order it may not be 50:50. It could be 10% or 90% depending upon individual family circumstances.
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4. Walker Foster Solicitors - Skipton, Silsden and Barnoldswick
We will help you in a sympathetic manner if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a divorce or separation. We also deal with adoption and other child related matters and financial aspects of separation and divorce.

WALKER FOSTER was originally established in Skipton in 1919 by Arthur H. Walker, whose grandson Peter is one of the current partners. Following his premature death in 1939, the firm was caretaken by C. H. (Charlie) Charlesworth until Arthur Walker's son Brian, together with William Foster, joined the firm in 1949. The firm's name then became Walker Charlesworth & Foster, a title retained until 1992, when shortened to the current Walker Foster, following the death of C.H. Charlesworth, although he himself had retired in 1962.
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5. Askews Solicitors Specialise in Family Law
We make sure that our Family team has the expertise and experience that you need, and then continue to invest in their training and development to make sure that the advice you receive is always be up-to-date. As testament to the high calibre of our staff we have Solicitors who are members of both the Family Law Panel and the Solicitor's Family Law Association.

In addition we hold a Legal Aid Franchise in matrimonial and family work as confirmation of the fact that we can provide a high quality service to our clients.

We will listen very carefully to your needs and advise you fully as to your legal options, entitlement and available legal solutions to your concerns. Any initial meeting with us will be completely free of charge.

Whilst we will work hard to resolve your problems as quickly and sympathetically as possible sometimes it is necessary to go to Court. Rest assured that our Solicitors are experienced Court Advocates and will be there for you to represent your interest in any Court proceedings.

We know that many people's experience of dealing with solicitors is one of frustration, lack of communication and worry. However, at Askews, we are committed to delivering a personal, friendly service to all our clients and we will keep you regularly informed about what's going on.

At your first free appointment much of the information we shall require in order to fully advise you will be obvious. The names, dates of birth, addresses of all parties concerned together with details of their and their representatives leg Solicitors). As well:
Your Marriage Certificate
Any Court documents or letters you may have received.
Documents regarding your finances. For example your wage slips for the last 6 months, your last P60, any pension details, surrender value of any endowment policies or savings plans, a recent mortgage redemption statement, a copy of your bank statements for the last 6 months for all accounts held either solely or jointly.
Details of any other capital.
Any documents regarding your spouse's finances.
Your benefits book / letter confirming your benefits so that we may advise you regarding your eligibility for free advice under the Legal Help scheme
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6. Wood Sherwood Solicitors - Pocklington, York
For many years our specialist Family team has supported those experiencing the distress of marriage breakdown or other family problems. Amongst other things we often get asked:

My wife and I have split up - can I get a divorce? If I do not want a divorce, what other options do I have?

My husband and I are getting divorced what do I need to think about to safeguard the children?

What are the financial implications of a separation? What immediate steps do I need to consider taking?

My partner has been violent towards me/my child - what steps need to be taken to prevent it happening again?

Is public funding available and do I qualify for help?

For over 30 years Wood Sherwood Solicitors have played a prominent part in the communal and business life of the East Riding of Yorkshire. Today we provide decisive legal advice, guidance and solutions to over 1500 individual, business and organisational clients who value our high standard of legal support.
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7. Hague & Dixon Solicitors
At the heart of our success is a commitment to make a real difference in matters important to our clients. We offer a range of professional legal advice in the following areas: conveyancing, family law, business, wills & probate, employment law.
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8. Pepperells Solicitors
Pepperells Solicitors have established a significant reputation throughout the Lincolnshire region for its specialisation in various legal problems related to the family, and its sympathetic and practical approach to seeking the most sensible and realistic solutions.

As a result of this and it is a fact that we are extremely proud of, over 80% of all our work comes from recommendations or other word of mouth introductions.

Rosemary Houghton who is a member of Solicitors Family Law Association and both the Law Society Family Law Panel and Child Care Panel heads our Family Unit, is highly regarded as an expert in the field of family law and relationships. Rosemary is supported by a small team of professionals, who spend every day helping clients with family difficulties.

Although you may be experiencing difficulties for the first time, the likelihood is we have seen something similar before. As a result of this, we can hold your hand throughout this difficult time, both sharing the problem and guiding you, to ensure the most satisfactory and realistic possible outcome.

The breakdown of a marriage is deeply distressing and traumatic, especially when children are involved. Bitterness and recrimination are natural responses, but can be damaging to all concerned. At Pepperells Solicitors we strive wherever possible to take the heat out of the situation rather than add to it. As a member of the Solicitors Family Law Association, we naturally subscribe to its code of conduct. However when firm and determined representation is needed, we will provide it.

We have considerable experience in the financial and property disputes that inevitably arise following the breakdown of a marriage.

In addition to our specialisation in family matters, Pepperells provide a comprehensive range of other legal services for both individuals and businesses.

Pepperells, commenced as a General Practice in 1985 at 40 Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe with 2 partners Stewart Pepperell and Ian Machin and 1 secretary. The Practice's continued growth meant that additional premises were required and 38 Doncaster Road was purchased giving additional Office space and frontage.

Pepperells is equipped with the latest technology; and is well known for its quality of service and specialist practical areas. The firm places considerable emphasis on an approachable and responsive style of working.

Client care is at the forefront of the Pepperells approach. For clients who need a modern approachable law firm Pepperells is the right choice.

In August 1993 Pepperells achieved BS 5750 Part 2 with full scope accreditation being granted in 1994, becoming the first Law Firm in the area to receive such an Award with accreditation now to the standard of ISO 9001.

August 1994 saw the successful application for Full Legal Aid Status.

Late 1994 saw the Practice receive an Investors in People Award showing its commitment and training to all members of staff.

October 1997 saw the re-accreditation for Investors in People.

October 1998 saw the implementation of a Web Site.

January 2000 saw the signing of the Civil Block Contract with the Legal Services Commission.

April 2001 saw the signing of the Criminal Defence Contract with the Legal Service Commission.
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9. Hutchinson & Buchanan
General legal practice established in Ripon for over a century - a discreet friendly service for all your legal needs. Legal aid and conditional fees available. General matrimonial advice, divorce or separation, all problems regarding child maintenance, access or custody, advice on the Child Support Agency, care proceedings, adoption , domestic violence issues.
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10. Denison Till
The family department is committed to working sensitively with clients to promote realistic solutions to family problems that ensure that costs are not disproportionate to the issues involved. It involves a close partnership between the solicitor and client and a recognition that advice offered would centre on the real issues in the case. Partner, Mark Hepworth is an SFLA Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer whose specialist areas are the financial consequences of divorce and cohabitation.

The family department does not undertake Legal Aid work but will discuss flexible approaches to funding that recognises client's individual circumstances.

The legal dissolution of marriage must involve the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. Adultery must be proved or unreasonable behaviour or a period of separation of at least two years.

The Family Department will act on your behalf within the divorce proceedings and offer advice on the consequences of a marriage breakdown.
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