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1. Actons Solicitors
Offers no win no fee personal injury services.
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2. Fraser Brown Solicitors
What is the service we offer?

Are you unhappy in your relationship? Are you thinking of separating but do not know whether you can cope financially? Are you worried about what will happen to the children, the house, your savings and pension?

Fraser Brown can help you. We offer a specialist family service and can advise you of the best approach to help you move forward.

Pramila Meghani specialises in family matters. She is a Partner, an Accredited Mediator and also a member of:
The Solicitor's Family Law Association
The Law Society Children's Panel.
We also have an Accredited Mediator.

Who is it for?
Those involved in family or relationship breakdown.
Those involved in disputes over children - which can be between the parents, grandparents, partners or local authorities.
Those uncertain of how to divide their business assets, or personal savings and/or pensions.

How the service works
We will assess your situation , advise you on an outcome and help you reach your objectives. One of our specialists will be assigned to work with you throughout your case.

What is the service we offer?
When a relationship ends, Fraser Brown's mediation service can help you to reach an agreement over children, property and finances.

It can reduce conflict and misunderstanding and can offer an alternative to an expensive battle in court.

You will want to talk to an independent, qualified mediator. Pramila Meghani is a partner at Fraser Brown and specialises in family law. She is a qualified mediator, a member of the National Family Mediation Board and is assessed by the Legal Services Commissioner.

Pramila will co-ordinate your mediation discussions in an informal atmosphere. This way, both parties can rationally discuss and agree the way forward.

Who is it for?
Those involved in divorce, seperation or family disputes. Mediation cannot work unless both parties participate voluntarily. If just one party approaches us, we will invite the other party to participate.

Mediation can help you resolve the following issues:
Separation or divorce
Responsibilities for children and issues of residence and contact
Finances and pensions
Division of property, savings, contents and personal possessions
Clean break settlements
How the service works

We will arrange an initial interview, during which you can outline your problem. We will assist you in identifying the issues and the options that are available to enable you to reach a mutually acceptable solution. Mediation sessions usually last for one hour. The number of sessions needed will depend on the issues involved.

How much will it cost?
Mediation is generally quicker and cheaper than going to court. We will advise you on costs from the outset. We charge an hourly rate. However, public funding may be available, so please do ask for details.
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3. Massers Solicitors
Separation and divorce is a difficult time for everyone involved. It affects not just husband and wife but also the children and other members of the family.

To help you manage the process you need clear understandable advice from an experienced solicitor.

You will want to know about many issues which will affect you and your family's future.

Massers have been serving the community in Nottingham for over 100 years.

Over that time we have built an enviable reputation for providing a high quality response to the needs of all our private and commercial clients.

Based in Victoria Street, Nottingham and Tudor Square, West Bridgford, all our solicitors are trained to work with you and your business in a friendly, prompt and professional manner.
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4. Bhatiabest
Family law is a complex and wide-ranging field which touches most people at some point in their lives.

Bhatia Best has a strong team of specialist solicitors who are able to provide professional and realistic advice and representation across the whole spectrum of family law issues. Most of our solicitors are members of accredited specialist panels.

For private clients our charging rates are competitive. Details are available on request. We offer up to half an hour free initial advice without obligation.

We remain committed to working under the Legal Aid Scheme.

Many couples choose to live together rather than getting married, often without realising the impact that this decision can have on their property rights, children and financial claims should the relationship break down.

Parental responsibility, residence, contact, child support, emigration, name changes, holidays, adoption, guardianship.

The above are just some of the issues which can cause disagreement between a child?s parents and wider family. We have a wealth of experience in advising clients on all aspects of the law relating to children. Four of our solicitors are members of the Law Society?s specialist Children Panel.
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5. Nottingham Solicitors Yates & Co., A Quality Law Firm
Carol Pritchard is the partner in this department and is an accredited specialist in family law with the Solicitors Family Law Association. Her approach to cases is non-confrontational but supportive. She is also on the Law Society's Children Panel with expertise in representing parents in cases involving Social Services.

Anne Williams is an experienced solicitor and the mediator for TalkFirst service, accredited by the Solicitors Family Law Association and on the Law Society's Family Panel. She is a keen advocate and also uses a non-confrontational approach but is determined to represent her clients best interests.

Both Anne and Carol offer a holistic approach to family law and have contacts with other organisations that can be of assistance to clients, such as counselling, RELATE, Sure Start, Womens Aid and Fathers Direct.

Mediation is a way of trying to resolve disputes between two or more people.

It can be an alternative to going to court.

It is an opportunity for people to talk and air their differences in the presence of a trained mediator, who will help to guide the discussion towards agreement.

A mediator will not impose an agreement, but will try to help facilitate one.
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6. Larken & Co: Newark
The break up of a marriage can be stressful enough without the added worry of the court procedure necessary to bring a legal end to the marriage. Our solicitors are experienced in helping people through the legal process in order to avoid the potential pitfalls and offer sensitive and independent advice.

We will need to take detailed instructions from you to help advise whether you will need the court?s help to settle any financial issues or issues affecting your children. If there is a risk of domestic abuse our solicitors can advise on the best ways of keeping you and your children safe.

In the excitement of a happy relationship, it is understandable that many couples fail to appreciate that there are legal risks once you move in together.

By speaking to our lawyers, you can find out how the law will affect your situation, the rights you might have and what you can do to try and reduce the risks.

For instance, if the house is only in your partner's name then usually you have no right to share in any of the sale proceeds unless you can prove that you have made payments towards the mortgage or deposit or paid for major work to the house. Our lawyers can advise you how best to protect your financial contribution.

There are many other areas that can be a source of problems for people living together such as your children, banking arrangements, pensions, wills and separation.
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7. Nelsonslaw
We have experienced solicitors who can advise on divorce and separation, property and financial settlement and issues involving residence and contact for children. We have special expertise in financial cases with high asset value. In the last year alone, we have handled in excess of 500 divorces and 30 financial (ancillary) relief cases involving assets over ?1 million.

Our child care team has extensive expertise in care proceedings involving Social Services and has acted in many complex High Court cases across the country.

We also have a qualified Family Mediator and can advise you on the options of mediation and counselling where this is appropriate. In all our Family Law work, we encourage a constructive and non-confrontational approach to resolving disputes, promoting fair solutions without looking for ?winners? and ?losers?. Where children are involved, we always encourage clients to put their best interests first. All our advice is clear and practical, using plain English without jargon or legalistic phrases.

Founded in Nottingham in the early 1980?s, we have also become a major force in Leicester and Derby. Through dynamic growth, mergers and acquisitions, we have built specialist teams with over 170 lawyers meeting the wide ranging needs of businesses and individuals throughout the East Midlands, and beyond.

We are a regional heavyweight, currently ranked number one in the Lawyer Magazine?s UK?s Rising 50 survey, with widespread recognition for our expertise in Legal 500 and Chambers, the leading independently researched legal directories.

As a forward thinking firm, with a strong commitment to innovation and service, we link our expertise to fast response times, clear communication, and frank explanations of costs.
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8. Ilett & Clark Solicitors
The practice has a specialised team with a detailed knowledge of this complicated area of the law. Simon Fairweather?s expertise is recognised by his membership of the Law Society?s Family Law Panel.

Family law continues to evolve in response to a changing society. Today, it covers issues affecting co-habitees as well as married couples and is extending into new areas of pre-nuptial and living together agreements. At the same time, greater emphasis has been placed on counselling as a first step towards saving relationships.

Ilett & Clark has achieved a franchise for family work from the Legal Services Commission, so that assistance with legal expenses may be available to clients.

We are one of the region's leading law firms with a reputation based on providing a high quality service to individuals and businesses. As a web user you will appreciate the advantages of modern technology - as we do in the running of our practice. However, we also understand that nothing can replace personal service. So, if you need further information please contact us, either by e-mail or simply picking up the telephone.
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9. Freeth Cartwright
Our Family Unit is here to provide specialist advice when relationships breakdown, including divorce and its financial consequences. We can also advise both children and parents on children's legal issues. Our services include:
Pre-nuptial agreements
Cohabitation agreements
Divorce and its financial consequences
Consequences of the breakdown of cohabitation
Financial settlements
Contact and residence disputes regarding children
Parental responsibility agreements

We are members of:
The Law Society Children Panel
The Law Society Family Law Panel

Judith Speed is a Resolution (Formerly Solicitors Family Law Association) accredited specialist.

How long does a typical and straightforward divorce take?
About six months.

What is the likely cost?
Somewhere between ?400 and ?1,000

When are the financial matters dealt with?
Usually at the same time.

Can financial matters be resolved without going to court?
Yes, either by negotiation through solicitors, or mediation. Only about ten percent of cases proceed through the court system.

If financial settlements have to go through court, is it very expensive?
Yes, it can cost anywhere between ?2,000 and ?10,000 or possibly more depending on the nature of the dispute and the value of the assets involved.

Can you have a divorce without involving a solicitor?
Yes, but beware, it is essential that you have specialist and expert advice on the financial consequences of a divorce, particularly where there is property or pension provision which may be in dispute.

If we are not married and have lived together for two years do we have the same rights as if we had been married?
No, if you are not married you do not have the same legal rights as if you were married, however long you may have been living together. Your rights will vary dependant upon your individual circumstances and it is important that you obtain good legal advice. What will happen will depend upon financial contributions made and whether there are children.

Are pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements legally binding?
No, but they can be of value as evidence provided both parties have had independent legal
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10. Solicitors in Nottingham, Derby & Leicester Cartwright King
Cartwright King corporate and criminal defence solicitors. Specialists in fraud, business defence, driving prosecutions, trading standards investigations, health & safety prosecutions, environmental prosecutions.
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