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11. Rothera Dowson Solicitors
The Rothera Dowson Family Law team is one of the largest in Nottingham, and has the expertise to deal with any problem from divorce, finance management and property settlement on separation to issues of child guardianship. Every solicitor on the team belongs to the Solicitors' Family Law Association (SFLA) which advocates a conciliatory, non confrontational approach.

Clients can be met in confidence at any of our five Nottingham offices, where our wide ranging expertise in all aspects of law means we can combine family law advice with business law (for instance, if a family business is involved) and with guidance on wills or pensions.

We can advise unmarried couples with relationship difficulties and couples who are about to marry or live together. We can refer clients to agencies such as Relate for mediation, and help grandparents who have concerns about their grandchildren.

Rothera Dowson has been a major name in the provision of personal legal services for almost 200 years. Both Rotheras and Dowsons Solicitors can trace their roots back to the 1820s. Each grew into a respected law firm in its own right before finally merging in 1998. German and Soar was incorporated into the business in 2001.

Rothera Dowson is a full-service law firm with experts trained and experienced in every aspect of the law as it affects the individual. Each specialist is committed to providing sound legal advice and pushing each case forward for the benefit of the client.

The Rothera Dowson difference can best be illustrated by its people. Committed, hard-working and understanding, our legal professionals care about every project they undertake and do their utmost to get the outcome you desire. And while sound legal advice is of primary importance, in personal matters a real appreciation of your problem and the ability to empathise with your concerns come a close second.
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12. Campions - Nottingham Based Solicitors, Family Law
In this type of case we offer a free half hour initial consultation, this can either be at our offices or by telephone. Whilst we can also do so by e-mail we must warn you of potential confidentiality problems since e-mail is not generally secure.

Our family team deals with the following areas:

Ancillary Relief - This work involves the splitting of property following divorce and includes all types of matrimonial assets, the most important of which are the matrimonial home and any pensions that may exist. Other assets such as Shares, ISAs or Life Policies may also need to be sorted out and maintenance provisions have to be agreed and secured.

Child care - This work includes residence issues, i.e. which parent the children of the family should live with. It also includes contact arrangements and disputes. We also deal with a substantial number of "public law" cases which are cases where the Department of Social Services are involved in proceedings involving children.

Injunctions - We operate a fast and efficient service in obtaining injunctions in cases where there has been assault or harassment or such action is threatened. We have excellent contacts with Refuges.

Disputes between co-habitees, including same-sex couples - This is an increasingly important area of our work. The main area of dispute tends to be the home. The law is different to the law for married couples. If you wish to discuss this area with us please contact us.
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13. Actons Solicitors
We realise that family relationship issues need to be solved with the minimum of stress and the maximum of understanding - especially where children are concerned. If you and your partner are experiencing a relationship crisis, there are many matters to take into consideration - legal, financial and practical. Whilst friends and family are able to support you emotionally, it is important to obtain prompt impartial advice as soon as practically possible to avoid unnecessary complications to ensure that you get the full benefit of your legal rights.

Michael Spencer is a member of the Solicitors' Family Law Association which confirms the emphasis we place on this most delicate area of the law. Actons is recognised as having a high level of expertise and experience.

What makes us stand out from the rest is our reputation for being a friendly and approachable firm which is committed to providing clear and practical advice.

Whether you need a solicitor now or in the future, Actons has a comprehensive legal team to ensure that, whichever legal service you require, there is someone available who can help.
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14. Robert Barber
Legal services are available to cover all family issues, including divorce, separation, relationship breakdowns, property and children.

If I leave the family home will I lose any share I have in it?
You will not lose any financial stake you may have simply by moving out. However, take legal advice before you do as your right to occupy the home, or the time it will take to obtain the value of your share in it, could be affected.

What happens about the children if we split up?
The law leaves parents to decide where the children will live and what time they will spend with each parent. No court order will usually be made unless it is needed for the sake of the child. Where mother and father are married to each other they have equal rights over children. If not married to the mother, the father has no legal rights over a child unless there is a formal written agreement which is officially registered or a court order. We can advise you where you stand.

How long does a divorce take?
From the time a divorce petition is filed at court it usually take five to six months before you are actually divorced. However, if there are problems about property or money to be sorted out, you may have to wait longer for the divorce to be made final. Take legal advice about the options.

I have heard that the court can now take away half my pension.
If a couple divorce either of them will lose the possibility of enjoying the other's pension when he or she retires and, for instance, any widow's or widower's benefits that might have been payable. The court can make up for this potential loss in three ways. It can order the person with the pension to pay a sum of money now to the other in compensation. It can order that a percentage of any lump sum or pension must be paid to the other person when the pension holder decides to take his or her pension benefits. Thirdly, where divorce proceedings were started after the beginning of December 2000, the court can order that a proportion of a person's pension fund be set aside to provide a pension fund for the other person. However, the law is complicated and you will need to take detailed legal advice.

My boyfriend wants to move in and live with me in the house that I own myself. Will he be entitled to a share in the value of my house?
Your boyfriend will not automatically be entitled to a share in your house just by living there. If he can show that he has contributed to the house either directly by, for instance, paying for an extension or indirectly by paying for things so that you can afford to spend money on the house, he might acquire a financial stake in it.
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15. Solicitors Nottingham - East Midlands - UK
Whether you are in the process of separation or divorce, or setting up home with a new partner, you are entitled to clear, sympathetic and effective advice from a family law expert.

Perhaps your greatest worry when considering separation or divorce will be the financial implications:

? There is often a family home to consider - how will the mortgage or rent be paid if one partner leaves?

? Will it be possible to save the home for the benefit of the children?

? If it has to be sold, how will the proceeds be divided to ensure that both partners obtain the fairest deal?

There is also the question of how savings or investments should be dealt with, how other family assets - the car, the jewellery - should be shared.

Often, all the above proceedings need to be dealt with at the same time. We will ask you to provide us with detailed information about your financial circumstances to enable us to advise effectively on the best solution available to you.
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16. Private Solicitors, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
Our experienced staff are able to offer sound and sensible advice covering many aspects of matrimonial and family issues. The main areas of work undertaken are:
Divorce and separation including separation agreements and pre-nuptial agreements.
Children ? all aspects of law relating to a child?s upbringing including residence, contact and parental responsibility.
Settling financial arrangements on divorce or separation.
Injunctions ? protection against domestic violence and harassment.

From the outset we will assess your situation, discuss alternatives and advise you on a likely outcome. By personally working with you throughout the case we will assist you in reaching your objectives.

We offer an initial 30 minute consultation free of charge. Thereafter we charge on an hourly rate , but will be able to advise at the outset on the total likely costs.

The department is headed by Helen York who is a solicitor and a partner in the firm and is an accredited specialist on the Law Society?s family panel. She is also a member of and subscribes of the code of conduct of Resolution, an organization which promotes fair and conciliatory solutions to problems arising out of family breakdown.

Smith Chamberlain has been part of Wellingborough life for over 70 years. During this time we have helped the people and businesses of the area through good times and bad. We believe that the local nature of our business provides an accessible and effective service close to the heart of the community.

Based in the centre of Wellingborough, we can often see you immediately or you can call for an appointment.
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17. Rosleys, Nottingham UK - Family Solicitors
Family Breakdown and Divorce is one of life's greatest traumas, which unfortunately affects an ever-increasing number of people.

The divorce process under English law is a paper exercise resulting in a decree of divorce.

The process is not expensive and can be completed relatively quickly.

Money and property issues must be dealt with on marriage breakdown.

We all arrange our financial affairs differently and the variety of situations to be unravelled on a separation or divorce is endless.

As specialist solicitors in family law we will assist you to solve what may initially appear as insoluble problems.

We approach negotiations in a sensible and adult manner in an attempt not to polarise the arguments unnecessarily.

At the same time whenever the situation requires we will act quickly and firmly to deal with unco-operative or dishonest parties or to preserve assets at risk.
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18. Employment Law Solicitor Nottingham
An employment law firm in Nottingham. Premier Legal provides straightforward, accurate advice on all legal issues affecting the employer. They also offer training courses in HR.
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19. Young and Pearce Solicitors
The breakdown of human relationships causes many problems. People who have separated or are about to separate are very often under great stress and the process of adjustment to separation is rarely easy.

We have prepared this guide to help people in the process of divorce understand more about the legal matters involved in the case. We hope it will help them in making the decisions which they have to make.

Our aim is always to attempt to deal with divorce as painlessly as we can. This cannot always be achieved - much depends on an individual client's own requirements and the way in which the other party to the case proceeds.

Young & Pearce are committed to the ideals and code of practice of Resolution, which is an association of family law practitioners. Copies of their Code of Practice are available. One of the aims of the association is to reduce the amount of antagonism between parties to family law proceedings. In nearly every case, a great deal can be achieved by skilled negotiation and we will nearly always explore whether an agreed settlement of disputed matters is possible.

Our ultimate aim must always be to work for the best interests of our clients.

This firm has been awarded a legal aid franchise in family law by the Legal Services Commission.

The firm is strongly committed to information technology and each of our lawyers is assisted by having a vast store of relevant information and data immediately available on his or her own PC.

The firm was the first in Nottingham to achieve ISO 9000 registration and carries legal aid franchises in crime, employment and family law.

Young & Pearce merged with long established Nottingham solicitors Gillespie and Company on 1st July 2000.
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20. Jackson Quinn Solicitors
We have offices in Nottingham City Centre, Mansfield, Newark, Retford and Worksop . Specialising in Family Law, Matrimonial, Care Proceedings and Social Services, Collaborative Law, Domestic Violence.
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