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1. Spratt Endicott Solicitors - Banbury, Oxfordshire
Family disputes and separation can be very stressful for everyone involved. Our experienced specialist lawyers and their team understand this and will work alongside you through this difficult time.

Our aim is to reach a constructive, agreed settlement wherever possible. Where this is not possible, we undertake Court proceedings in the most cost-effective way, keeping you informed of what is happening at each stage of the process.

We can help with:
Divorce and separation
Financial and property matters (including high value cases)
Children (private law matters including residence and contact disputes)
Cohabitation disputes
Separation Agreements
Pre-nuptual and Cohabitation Agreements
Change of Name deeds
Injunctions (non-molestation and occupation applications, freezing and prevention of disposal of assets etc)
Child Abduction cases

With over 90 people in our 8 specialist departments, we cover the full range of commercial and private client law. The firm's growth is based on its commitment to the specialisation of its lawyers, investment in systems (ISO 9001: 2000 Accredited) and its people (Investors in People Accredited).

Spratt Endicott place particular emphasis on delivering effective solutions to the problems faced by businesses and private clients alike.

We listen to our clients and take pride in our efforts to achieve their objectives.
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2. Lightfoots Solicitors, Thame, Oxfordshire
Separation and divorce raise many serious and often complex issues and usually involve a major crisis for a family. Decisions need to be made about children, housing and finance.

We provide practical and sensible advice in our family department with particular regard to the interests of any children. We approach matters in a sensitive and conciliatory manner with an aim to achieve a negotiated resolution representing the client?s best interests.

Our family department also helps in the drawing up of pre-marriage and living together agreements and in the settling of disputes between unmarried couples.

We appreciate that you have a problem to be solved or a task which needs to be done with as little complication and hassle as possible, and we want to make the experience of using a solicitor as straightforward and stress-free as we can.

We?re here to help: you will find us very approachable, taking a helpful, supportive and practical approach and working closely with you to provide you with a high level of personal service.

We use jargon-free language and provide common-sense, straightforward advice which you can understand.

And we get on with the job in hand in an efficient and cost-effective way, making the best use of up-to-date technology.
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3. Ferguson Bricknell Solictors
After the breakdown of a marriage it will take time - possibly quite a long time - to sort out the family?s property and finances, so that the husband and wife can go their separate ways, and to make sure that any children are properly provided for. This is bound to be a period of uncertainty, anxiety, and financial problems for both of you. This period can be shortened by making an agreement with your spouse.

We strongly recommend the services of a qualified family mediator who can help you both to reach an agreement and avoid lengthy court proceedings. We can provide you with names and addresses. Before coming to an agreement you should first take legal advice about your position and the options which are open to you. If you can then come to an agreement it will help you in several ways - not only by reducing the extra friction and worry which disputes cause, but also by ensuring that everything is finalised much sooner, and by a saving in expense. The most important advantage of an agreement is that you will both know at an early stage exactly what the future arrangements will be.

If you are in agreement about who the children should live with, and what contact they should have with the other parent, the Court will not become involved, although it will want details of the arrangements you have made.

If you are not in agreement, we would strongly recommend that you use the services of a qualified family mediator. We can provide you with names and addresses.

However, if you still cannot reach an agreement, we can act for you in any necessary Court proceedings.
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4. Banbury Solicitors: Johnson & Gaunt
Getting divorced or separated is always painful. And, if you have children, disputes over childcare only intensify the strain.

Our family law specialists are members of the Solicitors Family Law Association, and offer sensitivity and support as well as expertise and professionalism.

We are large enough to command extensive resources, but small enough to offer our clients the personal touch. Our staff are approachable and friendly as well as professional.
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5. Hedges Solicitors
You can instruct us in:
Divorce and separation
Financial provision
Child Act Applications

The firm was founded in Wallingford in the 18th Century. From 1789 until 1982 a member of the Hedges family was senior partner. The firm has had close links with the Borough of Wallingford throughout its history.

The present firm results from the merger in 1994 of Hedges & Sons and The Elliot Ayris Partnership.
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6. Mercers Solicitors of Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, UK
The divorce and matrimonial department will advise on:
? Divorce and nullity and resultant financial/property transactions
? Separation and maintenance agreements
? Co-habitation agreements
? Pre-nuptial agreements
? Contested and agreed applications under the Children's Act for Residence and Contact Orders

Today we all face increasingly complex demands. Timing is crucial. Mercers, the largest and most diverse law firm in Henley-on-Thames, meets these challenges and provides solutions.

Our lawyers are specialists in their fields working with you to achieve your aims. We understand that every person and every business is unique. Learning about you and what you want is vital to our service.
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7. Henmans Solicitors: Family
We believe that the best possible legal advice comes from people who will take the time to understand your personal affairs and concerns, and who have a solid reputation built on many years of experience. Henmans has national standing and is recommended by the legal directories (Legal 500 and the Chambers directory) as expert within its specialist areas.

Our aim is to work with you to ensure we have a thorough grasp of your concerns before offering you our expertise and the benefits of our wide experience. Many of our lawyers are acknowledged experts in their field so you can be sure you are receiving the best advice available.

The lawyers who head our family practice, Maureen Clarke and Phillippa Rounce, are widely experienced in family and matrimonial law, having specialised for many years in this complex field. The team is highly ranked by both the Legal 500 and Chambers directories, and both Maureen and Phillippa are recognised as legal experts by the Chambers directory. Maureen is also ranked as a leading individual by the Legal 500 and Legal Experts directories.

Maureen and Phillippa belong to Resolution (formerly the Solicitors' Family Law Association) whose members are committed to resolving disputes in a non-confrontational and fair manner, and Maureen is a member of the Law Society?s specialist Family Law Panel.

The team can advise you on:
financial matters subsequent to separation or divorce - resolving complicated matters involving property, pensions, maintenance, division of capital and shares.
separation and divorce - ensuring that you have a clear picture of the legal issues and consequences when considering separating from your partner. We will explain the different routes available to you and the possible consequences of each.
cohabitation - protecting your rights and interests when you live with a partner without being married.
mediation - saving time, money and stress by resolving issues in as non-confrontational and sensitive a way as possible.
civil partnerships - when these are introduced in December 2005, the separation procedure will be the same as that for divorce.

Most of the team?s cases are settled by negotiation - the objective is always to bring matters to a speedy and cost-effective conclusion, in as amicable a manner as possible.
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8. Truemans Solicitors, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Difficulties in relationships can result in serious personal and financial problems which are highly stressful and emotionally challenging. When a relationship breaks down, there are so man things to consider, not least the living and visiting arrangements for the children, so there is a need for sympathetic yet realistic advice.

It may be that the Mediation process of informally discussing both points of view at an early stage, could help identify the root cause of your problems and result in settling your differences. If this is not the case, we will advise and represent you throughout the process towards the most beneficial settlement possible.

Whatever relationship difficulty you may be experiencing, we offer a wide range of services to assist you.

We have considerable expertise in child care law with Law Society Specialist Child Care Panel Members to advise and represent clients in difficult and trying proceedings.

Our in house specialist advocate has represented clients in proceedings in Courts including the Court of Appeal, in cases appearing in the law reports.

We assist clients in Child Protection Case Conferences and in cases where Social Services become involved in other ways. We can advise as to the best course of action and answer client's questions in what is a complex area of the law and in respect of which it is vital that clients are represented by experienced experts in the field.
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9. Elizabeth Mcquay Solicitor in Bletchingdon, Oxfordshire - Specialising in Family Law
When the breakdown of a relationship occurs, the provision of sensitive, timely and competent advice is needed. It is a time when differences can escalate into lengthy disputes. when this happens no one wins.

As a qualified and accredited Family Mediator Elizabeth McQuay has the ability to act initially as an independent person, attempting to resolve disputes as painlessly as possible.

Mediation is aimed at airing both views, trying to reach a compromise where finding the common ground has not been possible. An early settlement without a Court hearing benefits both sides, economically and emotionally.

If early resolution does not prove possible, we will advise and represent you through all stages towards as beneficial a settlement as is possible.

Elizabeth McQuay completed her practical stage of solicitor?s training at the firm of Forsyte Kerman, London from 1977-79. She then spent one year as a Deputy Registrar (i.e. County Court Judge) and Magistrate in Nairobi, Kenya, dealing primarily with civil law, specifically matrimonial cases.

Upon her return to England she worked as a partner for the West End firms of Gordon Dadds (1980-88) and Winward Fearon (1988-93). In 1993 she set up a niche matrimonial practice.

Ms. McQuay has been a member of the Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA) since its inauguration and in 1988 spent a year co-opted on the SFLA main committee, also being elected onto the Association?s London Regional Committee in 1992. Previously she has been Publicity Officer and Regional Press Officer for the Oxfordshire SFLA.

She is an accredited Mediator with the Family Mediators Association (FMA). She deals with, amongst other things, high-level divorce settlements and matrimonial finance and child adoption cases across international borders.
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10. Hancocks Solicitors
We can answer all your questions about your legal rights and responsibilities. We can tell you about the steps you should be taking and what you need to think about.

We can help both with the divorce procedure itself and with all the other aspects of divorce. We look at the best way of resolving any disputes and look to achieve the quickest way forward without ever compromising on your best interests. We have particular experience of advising on financial matters including what is to happen to the house, mortgage, savings and pensions.

If you need to go to Court, we have experience of acting at all stages up to and including trial.

We can advise mothers and fathers. Ask us if you need to know about contact, residence, maintenance, the Child Support Agency, adoption or any other problem.

Yes we can. We provide sympathetic advice on this sensitive matter. We can help you get a non molestation order, we can advise about Powers of Arrest and Occupation orders to remove a violent partner from your home. In an emergency you can count on us.

We are a leading Oxfordshire firm of solicitors and have been established in Banbury since 1959. We provide a range of quality services to private and commerical clients locally, nationally and overseas. Prompt advice is essential and we take the time to offer all our clients friendly and efficient help whenever it is needed.
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