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1. Mundays - Solicitors in Surrey, UK
Mundays are proud to have a team of five specialist family lawyers.

Their aim is to achieve fair and constructive outcomes by using their expertise, communicating clearly and effectively.

Family law in England & Wales is changing all the time and it is important to obtain advice as quickly as possible.

Graham Coy, who leads the team, is a trained Mediator and Collaborative Lawyer, as well as being an experienced family lawyer.

The department also has the assistance of Ruth Smallacombe. Ruth is a very experienced family consultant who is able to provide a confidential service to clients who feel they would benefit from additional emotional support while experiencing marriage or relationship breakdown.

Collaborative Law offers each of the couple the opportunity to have their own independent legal advice and also to actively take part themselves in negotiating an agreement about all the issues, for example, finance, children and the divorce itself.

All negotiations take place in ?four way? settlement meetings which both clients and their lawyers attend.

As part of the Collaborative Law Agreement, neither the clients nor the lawyers can ever resort to Court proceedings or threaten to go to Court. Settlement is the only option. If either client does decide to start Court proceedings, both collaborative lawyers are automatically disqualified from any further involvement on behalf of their clients.

As a result, all four people involved in the process have an inbuilt commitment to doing their utmost to ensure that agreement is reached and that agreement is reached as quickly as possible, as cost effectively as possible and in such a way as to minimise conflict, not only between them but also with other members of the family, including their children.

Legal advice remains an integral part of the process but all decisions are reached by the clients themselves after taking independent legal advice.
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2. Charles Russell LLP
The Family Group at Charles Russell has a considerable reputation in its field and is placed firmly within the "Magic Circle" of specialist teams.

Lawyers in the group are amongst the most highly regarded in the profession. They have extensive experience in all legal issues flowing from relationship breakdown including separation and divorce and the impact upon children. Much time is spent advising on financial arrangements for the future including trusts and pensions.

Special focus is given to children issues including disputes over schooling, contact and which country a family can live in post divorce.

The identity of clients is deliberately guarded. The team is renowned for its discretion, confidentiality and high level of client care. This attracts many direct approaches from clients and referrals from other professional advisors.

The team often advises on pre-marriage agreements and related tax and asset protection planning.

The House of Lords? decision in the White case remains the starting point for the law in this area. The basic principle of the decision ? that in long marriages (usually those which have lasted around 20 years or more) where assets exceed both parties? individual needs and the needs of any children then the total assets should for fairness? sake be divided equally, subject to any credit being given to one party where there are good reasons to do so ? remains that starting point. Recent case law has continued to analyse what the good reasons for ?departure from equality? might be. In doing that analysis the Court is obliged to consider a list of relevant factors stipulated by the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973. The factors are so general in their ambit that it is safe to say there is nothing at all that cannot potentially be used when trying to justify your case in this area. And whereas before White the Courts placed most emphasis on one of the factors ? what the party claiming ancillary relief needs to live on ? the Courts have, since White, pointed out that each of the factors bears equal importance and the wording of the 1973 Act indicates no hierarchy. It is for the parties to prove that the circumstances of their marriage mean one or more factors should be given more weight than others and thereby lead to a financial package in their favour.
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3. Family Solicitors
If the worst should happen and a relationship ends you will need assistance from lawyers who not only understand the legal implications of separation but also understand the emotional distress that it brings.

Financial Settlements
Child Care
Co-habitee Disputes
Introduction to Mediation assistance

Like musicians, we at Downs are highly trained and dedicated to our profession. Like musicians too, we are committed to exceeding expectations in service and delivery. Most legal practices will subscribe to such ethos. However, our aim is to be different - we recognise it is our audience that judges us.

We have not forgotten our classical roots. Formed in 1835 we combine traditional values with a modern approach. We listen to our clients and identify their aims. We are accessible, approachable and adaptable. With the aid of leading technology, we apply our technical expertise to achieve the objective, quickly and effectively. Like conductors, we seek to communicate clearly and concisely. We will avoid legal jargon whenever possible. If you do not understand us, how do you know that we understand you?
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4. Mansouri & Son Solicitors
Solicitors specialising in providing advice and representation in all aspects of divorce and family law including financial arrangements upon divorce and children law matters
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5. Goodhand and Forsyth
Goodhand and Forsyth undertake private work as well as public funding and deal with a variety of legal matters, including family law, which covers all aspects of family law including divorce, separation, matrimonial finances, children's proceedings, both private and public, domestic violence proceedings, welfare benefits and other family related matters. Established in 1985.

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6. Dollman & Pritchard - Solicitors
Consultant Bob Tomlin is no longer regularly in the office but is sometimes available if required. He is still active as a Deputy District Judge and a member of the Law Society's Family Law Panel (Advanced). He has been a leading practitioner in this field for over 20 years.

Clare Page and Mansoor Yamin are also experienced Family Law solicitors.

We welcome Emily Carter-Birch as the most recent solicitor to join the team, all of whom are members of the Solicitors Family Law Association and subscribe to its Code of Practice.

We can help with divorce proceedings, the financial consequences of the breakdown of relationships and arrangements for children including care proceedings.
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7. Hart Brown - Surrey Solicitors
Hart Brown's family lawyers specialise in the law relating to the breakdown of the family unit.

Our Family department is recognised in the "Legal 500? as being one of the leading Family departments in the South East. All of our family lawyers are specialists with extensive experience of dealing with legal issues arising on the breakdown of a family. We have particular expertise in dealing with complex financial matters including pensions, tax, investments, trusts, and overseas assets.

All of our family lawyers are SFLA accredited specialists or members of the Law Society Family Panel. This means that our family lawyers are amongst the most experienced family lawyers in the country and up to date with the latest legal developments.

All too often family breakdown is upsetting and stressful. By keeping things moving we keep this period to a minimum. We will always keep you informed of the progress of your case. We will present to options to you and discuss the pros and cons so that you can understand and contribute to the legal process that we conduct on your behalf.

Family mediation is the process by which separating couples seek to reach agreement about what to do with their children, finances and property. Couples discuss these issues in the presence of a trained, independent third party - the mediator.

Family mediators do not make decisions. Their role is to help couples:
resolve conflict
reach joint decisions
focus on the needs and feelings of any children

Mediation is different from reconciliation or counselling. The benefits:
generally quicker and less expensive than court procedure/litigation
helps separating couples to communicate and co-operate to reach agreement
less stressful and upsetting than going through the courts confidential
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8. Howell-Jones Partnership
Howell-Jones offer specialist matrimonial legal advice, from 4 offices across north Surrey and south-west London. Established for nearly 30 years, Howell-Jones offer a professional, friendly and efficient service to all of our clients.
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9. Ormerods
How Can We Help You?
What happens about the children?
Where will they live?
What will happen about contact?
Can the their surname be changed?
How can I stop them being abducted?
What can I do if they have been?
What is "Parental Responsibility" ~ How is it obtained?
How can the money be sorted?
What will happen to the house, the savings, the life policies?
What about maintenance?
What about pensions?
What about child support, school fees and the CSA?
Domestic Violence.
How is a Divorce obtained?
Is there an alternative to divorce?
What if I am not married?
Is the law going to change?
Expert advice when the council want to take the children into care.
Pre-marriage agreements.
Living together agreements.

Established in 1896 our position as one of the largest, and oldest, firms in Croydon and South East London, just 20 minutes from the City of London, enables us to compete keenly with inner London based firms in terms of experience and cost.

We are able to provide a higher level of Partner input to clients and their cases than many of our competitors. This extends to legal problems or transactions within the legal jurisdiction of England or Wales.

We recognise that speed of response is vital to our commercial and individual clients. We have set high standards of customer service and care and have invested heavily in I.T.

We aim to work together with our clients as a team to provide practical advice that suits your needs.
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10. Dale & Newbery - Solicitors in Staines & Feltham, London
We are a local law firm and take pride in having the experience and resources to meet the legal needs of private clients and a wide range of businesses.

When there are changes in your personal circumstances we will explain how the law affects you. We will discuss the options open to you, the risks involved and agree a course of action. Whilst each client's legal work is managed by one partner the individual expertise of other solicitors in the firm, and other professionals from outside will be called on as required.

Family problems can be complex, traumatic, have unexpected consequences and extend far beyond divorce. It is sensible to take advice at an early stage.

The two solicitors running the Family Law team are aware that their clients are likely to be experiencing a variety of emotions and anxieties.

The Department is run by Stephen Duncombe, who has over 20 years experience of Family Law, is the firm's Senior Partner, and is an Accredited Family Law Specialist through the Solicitors Family Law Association. This specialisation is at the widest level currently obtainable, making him one of only approximately 25 people in the country with this level of specialisation.

Mrs. Kulbir Rahi has nearly 15 years experience of family work and is also a member of the Solicitors Family Law Association. Both Stephen and Kulbir offer a fixed fee initial interview at a much reduced cost, giving you an opportunity for an initial consultation to put your mind at rest, ascertain your options, and get a feel for how we may help you.
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