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1. Awdry Bailey and Douglas Solicitors
If marriage problems arise you will need a lawyer with a caring approach providing accurate and realistic advice with cost-effective solutions. We believe in listening, understanding and keeping an open mind to deliver practical solutions. Our priority is to limit damage to both parties and any children through conciliation and negotiation. We are committed to being the best and above all, to getting the best results for our clients.

We will seek a conciliatory approach when necessary, particularly when dealing with problems involving children.

The law relating to married people who wish to divorce and unmarried but co-habiting people who wish to separate are entirely different. Our highly qualified legal team have many years of experience and possess the commitment and determination needed to deal with difficult and unreasonable circumstances.

Difficulties tend to lie in resolving the practical issues, such as how to separate, where to live, arrangements for the children and any money matters. The mechanics of achieving a settlement for a relationship breakdown is reasonably straightforward, particularly for couples who are able to continue to communicate and discuss matters together in a sensible fashion.
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2. Sylvester Mackett Solicitors
The areas in which our Family Law Department specialise are:
Divorce (Divorce and Financial Settlements, Separation and Separation Agreements)
Domestic Violence (Domestic Violence, Injunctions and Emergency Applications)
Children (Contact Applications, Residence Applications, Adoption and Parental Responsibility, Change of Name Deeds)
Cohabitees (Pre-Marital Agreements, Financial and Housing Disputes, Co-habitation agreements)

One of the leading firms in West Wiltshire, we are a long established practice, complemented by modern technology, providing a wide range of legal services to both individuals and businesses.

The firm's town centre offices are located in Trowbridge, the County Town of Wiltshire.

We hold a Community Legal Service Contract together with both Lexcel (The Law Society Quality Mark) and Investor in People accreditations.
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3. Middleton & Upsall, Specialist Legal Advice
Our private family law team is experienced in dealing with the consequences of the breakdown of relationships in a sensitive, constructive and cost effective way. We recognise the emotional and traumatic effect of separation and divorce and that decisions which have to be made at that time may affect the rest of your life.

A Domestic Violence Injunction can be obtained during divorce proceedings or separately. There are two types of Domestic Violence Injunction:

Non-Molestation Orders. These Orders can be made to protect adults or children from harassment, intimidation or threats of violence from an associated person or someone else instructed by that person to do one or all of those things.

Occupation Orders. An Occupation Order is an Injunction which relates to property and can determine who is allowed to continue to live in a property in the short term after there has been domestic violence. The Order can exclude a person who owns or has an interest in the property from either part of it or indeed the whole of the property. The Order can also enable a person who has been wrongly excluded or evicted from the property to go back to it.
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4. Family Solicitor Swindon UK Lemon & Co.
Especially when a family's unity has been disrupted. At Lemon & Co, our specialist Family Law Department combines practicality with sympathy.

We believe that all parties should emerge from a family crisis with both their emotional and material needs protected.

To this end, our ten strong team and support staff really cares about human issues. If they didn't, they wouldn't be in the department.

They are backed by the latest technology, to ensure swift, efficient response.

They can call on proven outside specialists, such as Pension Advisors.

And also on colleagues, such as Tim Dixon - child care specialist, and a member of the Law Society's Childrens' Panel.

Having been here since 1920's, we've served many families and businesses for generations.

This long experience consolidates - and sometimes tempers - the energy of a youthful, highly qualified team. We enjoy working with our clients and each other. So when - as happened recently - a client becomes a colleague, we know we've got something right.
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5. Trethowans Solicitors in Salisbury, Southampton and Amesbury
Choosing the right solicitor to meet your needs can be a difficult task, especially when you are faced with an emotional situation. However daunting it may seem, we recommend that you seek professional advice as soon as possible.

We have a skilled and approachable team of family lawyers who will handle your case sensitively and in a constructive and non-confrontational manner. We are members of Resolution - formerly the Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA) and a number of our lawyers are recognised ?Accredited Specialists? with Resolution's Specialist Accreditation Scheme.

In researching attitudes towards divorce, a survey conducted by the family law group in December 2004 found that 82% of people considered it important for family lawyers to secure a fair resolution to a dispute. In addition, 55% said it was very important to avoid a court battle. This highlighted the need to help the public understand alternatives to the traditional Court-based based approach and saw the introduction of ?Collaborative Law? throughout England and Wales during 2005.

Collaborative Law has already been running in the US and Canada since the 1990?s and boasts a 95% success rate for couples who had divorce, separation and parenting disputes. If it is accepted in the UK as it has been in the US, the traditional Court-based approach to family law could soon be limited to highly contested disputes.
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6. Andrews Martin - Solicitors & Notary Public
If you have problems involving Separation, Divorce or other Family matters many people will offer you their opinions. It is essential however to obtain proper legal advice on your options and the best and most appropriate action to take. The Family Law Department of Andrews Martin is headed by Adrian Jackaman LLB, a member of the Family Law Panel of the Law Society. Adrian is supported by Helen Webb, Legal Secretary.

Andrews Martin operates the Code of Practice in family disputes required by The Solicitors Family Law Association. This encourages agreement rather than unnecessary confrontation. We aim to provide a firm but caring and supportive approach to relationship breakdowns including advice on all financial issues which arise. When children are involved the Court will always put their interests first. We will assist with negotiations on behalf of our client.

We can advise on Divorce, Separation and Financial Matters, Child Contact and Residence, Child Care Proceedings, advice for parents, grandparents and other relatives, Injunctions and Domestic Violence.

Andrews Martin is a small traditional firm of solicitors in Swindon. We were founded by Peter Andrews in 1953 and the firm is now run by Richard and Patricia Martin supported by nine experienced staff.

Each department of the firm works in a specialist team in order to use our best expertise to deal with your matter in the most efficient manner. Staff attend professional development courses and we are regularly audited to ensure we meet the quality mark set by the Legal Services Commission (Legal Aid).

At Andrews Martin we believe in:
a friendly and personal approach to our clients
attention to detail
communication - you should always know exactly what is happening on your matter and be regularly updated on what it is costing you.
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7. Batt Broadbent Solicitors in Salisbury Wiltshire
Everyone knows that what happens in our families is the most important part of life, which is why it has to be handled with special care, and never taken for granted. We are members of the Solicitors Family Law Association, which promotes good practice in this field.

Sometimes, although everyone has tried hard, families don't work together, and something has to be done to make it possible for all the people involved to live in a different way, often apart. Each of them has to be protected, and a lawyer can help. We offer you a personal service in what are always very personal matters.

These days we all look for discussion and agreement, because that is more likely to produce lasting results. We know that what can be discussed and agreed has the best chance of being successfully resolved. We are committed to seeking agreement on behalf of our clients, rather than looking for confirmation.

Unfortunately, people sometimes make unreasonable demands. When necessary, we will protect your interests, continue to look for agreement, keep the discussion as amicable as possible, gather the best available information, discuss realistic proposals, but, if necessary, present the case to the Court as fully as possible.
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8. Thring Townsend Solicitors
Thring Townsend's family team is experienced in dealing with the consequences of such breakdowns in a sensitive, constructive and cost-effective way. Moreover, we maintain absolute discretion throughout, to protect our client's privacy, dignity and the interests of their children.

Our family team is nationally recognised and has extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of family problems. It has one of the largest dedicated teams in the region, with three partners and six other supporting lawyers, most of whom are members of the Law Society Family & Children Panels, accredited members of the Solicitors Family Law Association and some are also trained family mediators.

All team members offer in-depth experience of dealing with all matters arising from relationship breakdowns.

Not only can divorce be emotionally traumatic, but against this background, decisions have to be made that may affect the rest of your life. Knowing this, our family lawyers work closely with other lawyers across the firm to resolve the financial implications of your changed situation.

With the breakdown of a relationship, issues concerning children often become difficult and stressful. However, the risk of disturbance, distress and long-term harm to children of their parents separating is greatly reduced if the parents can reach an amicable agreement over residence and contact.

Thring Townsend's family lawyers have extensive experience of the possible disputes that arise when parents separate and divorce and will be on hand to guide you sensitively through these issues, to reach an amicable resolution. Sometimes this is achieved with the help of mediation or collaborative law techniques.

How the Court decides

As a fundamental principal, the Court will take the child's welfare as the paramount consideration. There are a number of factors that the Court will also take into account:
The wishes and feelings of the child concerned, in view of their age and understanding of the situation.
The child's physical, emotional and educational needs.
The likely effect on the child of any change in circumstances.
The child's age, sex, background and any other characteristic that the Court considers relevant.
Any harm which the child has suffered or is at risk of suffering.
How capable each of the child's parents and any other relevant person (according to the Court) are of meeting the child's needs.
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9. Bonallack and Bishop - Solicitors (Salisbury, Wiltshire, Hampshire)
Divorce and other family problems can cause enormous worry. We strongly suggest you consider advice at an early stage to put your mind at rest and to safeguard your position.

Our family team is the largest locally with unrivalled experience. We have ten specialist family lawyers including members of the Solicitors Family Law Association Approved Panel, Law Society Children Panel and Law Society Family Panel.

In dividing the assets the Court are obliged to consider all the following issues:

The income, earning capacity, property and other financial resources each of the party has or is likely to have in the foreseeable future.

The financial needs, obligations and responsibilities each of the parties has or is likely to have in the foreseeable future. The standard of living enjoyed by the family before the breakdown of the marriage.

The contributions which each of the parties made and is likely, in the foreseeable future to make to the welfare of the family including any contribution by looking after the home or by caring for the family.

The conduct of each of the parties if that conduct is so significant that it would be unfair for the Court to ignore it.

The value to each of the parties of any benefit (e.g. a pension) which by ending the marriage the party will loose their chance of getting.
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10. McEwens Solicitors in Swindon
It is vital that anyone considering ending a relationship appreciates that the process can be traumatic. Children may be badly affected and families will experience a substantial drop in the standard of living.

Before making the decision to end a relationship, it is important to appraise honestly whether things are so bad within a relationship that there is no alternative. Expert advice from a trained counselor can be invaluable if both of you are prepared to try.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that everything is over between you once you have obtained the Decree Absolute. Either one of you will have the right to make an application to the Court for financial provision from the other in the future regardless of any agreement you have reached between yourselves.

You will be vulnerable to such an application unless you obtain a Court Order preventing it. In other words, if you wish to obtain a true 'clean break' you will need a court order. But be aware that your remarriage may remove your right to make this kind of application.
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