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1. Thomas Horton Solicitors Worcestershire
Thomas Horton have been providing legal services for clients within Worcestershire since the middle of the last century and have a wealth of legal experience backed up by a team of dedicated, friendly staff, assisted by the latest Information Technology.
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2. Parkinson Wright Solicitors? - 3 Offices within Worcestershire UK
Separation and divorce happen to all kinds of people, bringing sadness and stress to parents and children alike. People may feel angry or guilty. They may feel like "giving up" or want drama and conflict, even revenge. But there is life after divorce and the family law team at Parkinson Wright know how to give calm help and balanced advice, to pick up the pieces and prepare for new beginnings. There are many ways in which we can help you if there is trouble in your family.

We support the aims of the Solicitors' Family Law Association, a group of practicing family lawyers from all over the country who bring a caring and conciliatory approach to the legal work arising from marriage breakdown. This does not mean that we would ever sell you short. We will always stand up for you. but it does mean that we know that you will have to carry on with your life after we have put away your file. We have solicitors who are members of the Law Society's Family Law Panel.

When a couple separate we can help with problems over the children, the family home and other financial matters.

Within our family department we have a domestic violence unit, experienced at providing immediate help in an emergency.

Mediation is a process in which impartial mediators help a separating couple to look at options and work out their solutions to problems concerning either financial matters or children.

Mediation is not reconciliation and mediators do not try to persuade couples to review their decision to separate.

They help them to share information about their finances and to explore possible solutions. They are impartial, but will not let one party bully the other. Decisions always remain with the couple. The mediators do not make the decisions nor try to persuade either party into any particular course of action.
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3. Malvern Solicitors - Gaynor-Smith Owen & Co
Headed by Richard Evans (who is a member of the Law Society Family Law Panel), assisted by Helen Magee. Richard and Helen deal with all aspects of family law including financial matters, the division of assets on divorce and matters relating to children.

We have a wide range of experience in many disciplines of the law. We will be sympathetic and understanding and once you have appointed us we will consult you at every important stage. We will find out from the start what you are hoping to achieve and aim to make sure that your expectations are realistic. We will make an effort to explain things clearly, explain what the costs are likely to be and update you on progress as work proceeds. We will treat you fairly and keep what you tell us confidential.
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4. Talbots Solicitors
Proud of our reputation for changing with the times and delivering first class client service, we offer a wide range of legal services to suit your needs including providing a professional and sympathetic service in respect of all matters relating to Family Law. This is a complicated area of legal practice. The Lawyers in our Family Department are Specialists and are dedicated to providing you with an expert service. The Head of the Department, is a member of the Law Society's Family Law Panel of Specialist Practitioners.

We have met the high standards set by the Legal Services Commission and have been granted a Legal Aid Franchise. We are therefore able to conduct both private and Legal Aid work. Many clients are eligible for Legal Aid to assist with their legal costs.

The name of Talbots has been associated with the provision of quality legal services in the area since 1828.

Whilst a long-established and stable firm, Talbots has a reputation for being forward looking and innovative and uses state of the art technology to ensure that the personal service we provide is as fast, accurate and efficient as possible.

In 1999 Talbots became an accredited Investor in People and at a recent inspection the auditor reported that the firm "continues to meet the standard - spectacularly so!"
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5. Thomson & Bancks Solicitors
The words "Custody" and "Access" are still regularly used by people when talking about which parent the children will live with and how often the other parent will see them. The new terms (brought into use by the Children Act 1989) are Residence and Contact.

Residence is given to the parent who will look after the children most of the time ie. the children will reside with them. That parent is then called the Resident Parent.

Contact is given to the parent who visits the children or who has the children come to visit them. That parent is called the Non-Resident Parent.

A separation agreement is a document which usually refers to the various matters agreed between the parties such as:
The date of separation.
Whether there will be a divorce by agreement in the future.
Wow the assets will be divided up.
Arrangements regarding any children.

By definition there must be agreement on all these matters. This is not always possible and so judicial separation proceedings are sometimes used where a divorce is not required but where court orders are needed to deal with matters such as the division of money and property. Within judicial separation proceedings and divorce proceedings the court can also grant injunctions in appropriate cases. A separation agreement is probably the cheapest option in terms of legal costs since there are no court fees or court procedures to be followed. However, a separation agreement cannot bring the marriage to an end - only divorce proceedings can do this.
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6. The Worcester Family Law Practice
The Worcester Family Law Practice is a specialist law firm providing expert legal help in all areas affecting family breakdown for both married and unmarried parties.

The firm was established in February 2003 by two of Worcester's leading Family Law practitioners, Penny Andrew and Paul Kemp.

Located immediately opposite Worcester's Shirehall (home of Worcester County Court), the practice concentrates exclusively upon Family Law work. Clients seeking legal help in other areas of work are referred to suitable specialists in other practices.

Such a single-minded approach to practice has enabled the firm to develop modern solutions to the problems that arise when family relationships break down. We work in association with professional mediation, counselling and therapy services in order that all issues affecting clients can be addressed in the most appropriate and effective way.

The Worcester Family Law Practice lawyers recognise that family breakdown has both a legal and an emotional cost, and seek to ensure that, so far as possible, these costs are kept to the minimum.

Mediation is a process whereby the parties to a family dispute negotiate directly with the help of a mediator. The mediator acts as catalyst and facilitator, but the decisions remain those of the parties. Penny Andrew and Paul Kemp are trained as mediators, but currently clients of the firm are referred to specialist mediations services.

Your The Worcester Family Law Practice lawyer will advise you as to whether mediation is suitable for your case and as to the timing of any attempt at mediation..
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7. Divorce Finance by Penny Raby & Co
The firm specialises solely in providing advice on divorce and family issues, with particular emphasis on financial disputes involving higher net-worth individuals. As such, our niche practice serves local, national and international clients.

We also offer our legal advice online allowing you to obtain a professional opinion on divorce finance matters for a standard charge.

The firm is a long standing member of the Solicitors Family Law Association (renamed resolution in 2005), a national association of over 5,000 solicitors who are committed to promoting a non-confrontational atmosphere in which family law matters are dealt with in a sensitive, constructive and cost-effective way. In addition, the firm achieved the Law Society?s prestigious LEXCEL award in June 2004, further emphasising the firm?s commitment to the highest standards of client care and service. It remains one of the few sole practitioner firms to have gained this quality mark.
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8. Paytons
Paytons is a small, friendly firm in Malvern, Worcestershire. Partner Stan Ginn is a member of the Law Society Family Law and has many years experience in dealing with family cases. His approach is firm, conciliatory, but robust when it needs to be. He is a specialist in division of financial assets on divorce or separation.

Paytons does not carry out any legally aided work, but this approach has meant that we can concentrate of offering a good quality of service to our privately paying clients. If you are concerned about costs, Stan will be happy to talk to you about this, and we offer a free introductory half-hour interview if you mention this advert.
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9. Hulme & Co - Solicitors & Commissioners for Oaths
We understand that a family dispute of any nature, whether it is divorce, money matters or issues relating to children, can be a very traumatic experience. We will advise on all the financial issues which arise, including maintenance for you and your children, pension rights and paying the mortgage. If you and your partner cannot reach agreement on what is to happen to the children, we will explain how such disputes can be resolved and we will help you to do so. If your children have been abducted, even taken abroad, we will advise how you can recover them through the courts.

If you are in a violent relationship, we can help you to obtain the necessary orders for your own protection and also orders to remove your partner from the home. If you are living with but are not married to your partner, we can advise you on your rights if you separate. If you are thinking of living with someone, we can advise on how to safeguard your position and your assets.

Mr. W.B. Hulme, a former Mayor of Worcester, was a solicitor who first practised law in the city in 1842. Subsequently he formed the firm of Hulme & Parry, which was instrumental in founding the Worcester Chamber of Commerce. Indeed early meetings of the Chamber were held at the firm's offices. The present firm is the result of a merger between Hulme & Parry and Huzzey & Davies, another long-established firm. As the telephonist found Hulme, Parry, Huzzey and Davies something of a mouthful, the name was shortened to Hulme & Co.
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