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1. Patterson, Glenton & Stracey Solicitors in the North East UK
The team of Family Lawyers is headed by Senior Partner, Derek Walker, who has been with Patterson Glenton & Stracey Solicitors since 1977. Assisted by Jenny Carter and Linda Taylor, Derek and his team look after the full range of Family Law issues including:
Divorce, Separation and disputes between unmarried couples Financial issues and settlement in divorce and separation.
Issues relating to children
Injunctions and Domestic Violence
Child Support Agency (CSA) matters

Accomplished advocates, the team at Patterson, Glenton & Stracey also provides expert and compassionate advice at a time when compassion is needed most. As members of the specialist Solicitors Family Panel, the team is ideally placed to guide its clients through the intricacies and legalities of a matrimonial breakdown.

Having been in business since 1880, it goes without saying that Patterson, Glenton & Stracey Solicitors has a wealth of experience. Its team of seven partners has over 125 years in practice between them providing first class advice.

Unlike some law firms, however, Patterson, Glenton & Stracey has chosen, quite deliberately, to stay regionally focused so that it can provide the best possible local service to its clients. With a well-established client base in the North East and a growing reputation for providing an excellent service it is, at the same time, increasingly being asked to service businesses and private clients throughout the country and abroad.
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2. Spicketts Battrick
Cassam & Battrick Solicitors was set up in June 1986, originally in 128 Clifton Street Cardiff. The firm has now expanded to take over 126-127 Clifton Street and remains a community-based practice servicing in particular the areas of Roath, Adamsdown, Tremorfa and Splott.

The aim of Cassam & Battrick Solicitors is to provide legal services to individuals and businesses in our local community; to maintain the highest standards of professional expertise; to maintain a legal aid service for every client who is financially eligible for legal aid; and to provide a high quality legal service for all our clients.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that not all marriages are successful. When a relationship breaks down it is not unusual for one or both parties to seek to dissolve the marriage or to obtain a formal decree of judicial separation. If there are children of the family under 18 the court must be satisfied the property arrangements are being made for their welfare.

A fair division of family assets, including the matrimonial home, must be worked out. In the majority of cases this is achieved by negotiation between solicitors and agreement between the parties. We can also advise you on family protection, domestic violence, injunctions, wardship, adoption, child and care proceedings.
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3. Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Solicitors, Porter Dodson
On the break up of a family parents normally consider the effect on any children as the most important aspect. The law shares that view.

Before a divorce can be granted the Court has to consider the welfare of any children.

Normally the Court will not interfere in the arrangements made by the parents unless asked to do so.

After divorce both parents retain 'parental responsibility' which means they remain joint responsibly for their children.

Unmarried fathers may not automatically have 'parental responsibility'. We can advise you about this.

Agreements about money, houses, and property can be most difficult to settle.

The aspects to consider are:
Who keeps the home
The division of any capital and savings
Maintenance for the children
Maintenance from one spouse to the other

Wherever possible it is better to reach agreement rather than go to Court. No two cases are the some.

Porter Dodson was formed in May 1997 by the merger of two West Country practices - Dodson Harding of Taunton, Bridgwater and Wellington and Porter Bartlett & Mayo of Yeovil and Sherborne. In May 1999 the firm was further expanded by its merger with the Dorchester based practice Lock, Reed & Lock. These mergers of firms of similar philosophy and with over 200 years' experience makes Porter Dodson one of the largest legal practices in the South West of England, offering clients a still greater level of experience and specialisation over a wide range of legal services.

Key among Porter Dodson's objectives is the desire to provide both individual and corporate clients with a quality personal service, which is second to none. The firm is committed to total client care and providing first class legal advice. Its extensive investment in Information Technology enables each office within the Porter Dodson group to offer a complete legal service with immediate access to the whole firm's network of highly trained specialists.
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4. Awdry Bailey and Douglas Solicitors
If marriage problems arise you will need a lawyer with a caring approach providing accurate and realistic advice with cost-effective solutions. We believe in listening, understanding and keeping an open mind to deliver practical solutions. Our priority is to limit damage to both parties and any children through conciliation and negotiation. We are committed to being the best and above all, to getting the best results for our clients.

We will seek a conciliatory approach when necessary, particularly when dealing with problems involving children.

The law relating to married people who wish to divorce and unmarried but co-habiting people who wish to separate are entirely different. Our highly qualified legal team have many years of experience and possess the commitment and determination needed to deal with difficult and unreasonable circumstances.

Difficulties tend to lie in resolving the practical issues, such as how to separate, where to live, arrangements for the children and any money matters. The mechanics of achieving a settlement for a relationship breakdown is reasonably straightforward, particularly for couples who are able to continue to communicate and discuss matters together in a sensible fashion.
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5. Gardner and Croft - Solicitors
Our goal is to provide quality legal services to all our clients which combine high standards of expertise with an approach which is flexible and takes account of our clients changing requirements.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that not all marriages or relationships are successful. We can help in reducing the trauma of the breakdown of your relationship.

Our friendly and sympathetic team will listen to your problems and concerns. We will help you to try to resolve differences with your partner (where at all possible) and reach solutions that are fair to all members of the family, particularly your children.
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6. Rooks Rider Solicitors
Family practice includes:
divorce and separation
Children Act proceedings
financial settlements
pre-nuptial agreements
cohabitation agreements.

The firm of Riders was founded in 1761 and in 1789 moved to offices at 8 New Square, Lincolns Inn. It acted mainly for the aristocracy and landed gentry. Sir William Hamilton, husband of Lord Nelson's beloved Emma, took his legal affairs to Riders in company with many other naval and army officers. In 1838 John Galsworthy, father of the author of the Forsyte Saga, founded the firm of Rooks from offices at 9 New Square. The firm established a tradition of handling the legal affairs of a mainly business clientele.
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7. Boyes Turner - Solicitors, Thames Valley, Reading
Our Family Law Team has a national reputation for its work across a wide range of matters including divorce and separation, children and financial disputes, civil partnerships, cohabitation issues and associated property disputes, and domestic violence. It is one of the largest and most experienced teams in the Thames Valley with particular experience in international child abduction and family law. Alternative methods of dispute resolution are also available including solicitor mediation and collaborative law.

We have an excellent reputation in high profile, complicated financial work for high net worth individuals including British Expats. Our clients are as likely to live abroad as they are to live in the Thames Valley, Buckinghamshire, Surrey or London.

Discussing family matters is never easy. We will go through your details with you carefully and sympathetically before advising on all the options that are realistically open to you, taking a practical caring approach and ensuring confidentiality in everything that we do.

Boyes Turner is a leading independent law firm serving clients across the Thames Valley and beyond.

Situated in the heart of Reading, we are also one of the longest established, with roots dating back to 1887, yet we are respected for being progressive and modern with a focus firmly on the individual needs of our clients.
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8. Rogers and Norton Solicitors
It is an unfortunate fact of life that not all marriages are successful. When a relationship breaks down it is not unusual for one or both parties to seek to end the marriage or to obtain a formal separation.

If there are children in the family under 18 the court must be satisfied that proper arrangements are being made for their welfare.

A fair division of the family assets, including the matrimonial home must be worked out. In the majority of cases this is achieved by negotiation between solicitors and agreements between the parties.

We emphasise negotiation and agreement rather than conflict and confrontation in the application of the principles of matrimonial law bearing in mind the special circumstances of each individual case.

We can also advise you on family protection, domestic violence, injunctions, wardship, adoption, contact and residence matters.

Building of The Old Chapel started in 1827 and was completed in 1829. The building began it's life as a Chapel and then was converted into a school in 1896. The school closed in 1968 and after changing hands a few times, Rogers & Norton moved in September 1991.
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9. Franklins Solicitors of Milton Keynes and Northampton
If you are married we can explain to you in straightforward language:
In what circumstances you could claim maintenance for yourself.
In what circumstances a Court can order child maintenance and when you have to apply to the Child Support Agency.
What you can do if you are married and your spouse stops paying the bills,
What claims can be made against pensions,
What differences it makes if the house is in your spouse? sole name and
What steps can be taken to stop your spouse selling the property.
What you can do if your spouse has and is hiding assets or opening bank accounts abroad and
What a "clean break order" means.

If you are an unmarried couple and your relationship has broken down we can tell you:
In what circumstances you could have a claim against your ex-partner?s property.
If you jointly own a property and your partner refuses to agree to sell it, how you could apply to the Court to force a sale.
What the difference is between owning a house jointly as distinct from tenants in common, and
What steps should be taken to protect your interest.

Matters concerning the welfare of a child are now dealt with under the Children Act 1989 and the usual issues are:
Parental responsibility
Prohibited steps
Specific issue orders.
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10. TA Matthews - Hereford
The breakdown of a relationship can be one of the most traumatic periods of anyone's life. Naturally, you will be concerned about your current financial and property arrangements and how it will affect any children you may have.

Our Family Team advises and represents clients in all types of family matters including divorce, co-habitee disputes, civil partnerships, and financial disputes, also domestic violence and injunction work. Advice and representation is also given in children issues and disputes.

We are used to advising clients in difficult emotional situations. We aim to provide sympathetic personal advice tailored to your individual circumstances and requirements. We offer prompt and practical advice on how to cope with problems and resolve them.

Solving family law problems often involves many other aspects of the law. Our Family Team can call on the expertise of other departments within the firm whenever necessary to advise, for example, on company law and tax and trust issues.

Our Family Team has considerable experience in advising and representing high networth clients but also clients from all backgrounds with all types of problems and disputes. A member of the team is an accredited member of 'Resolution' (formerly known as the Solicitors Family Law Association) and the Law Society?s Family Panel. Our Legal Services Commisson franchise guarantees rigorous quality control standards.

T A Matthews was founded one hundred years ago in Hereford. The firm has expanded over the years with the launch of the Leominster office in 1983. We have steadily grown as a thriving practice in the county and have never merged or been acquired by any other organization. We are now one of the largest and most progressive firms in Hereford. Our traditional offices, conveniently situated in the centre of Hereford and Leominster, combine with state of the art technology to provide up to the minute facilities where you will find us friendly and approachable.
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