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Dealing With Divorce Depression

Divorce is a difficult and awkward time for every member of the family, and every family member may deal with their feelings in different ways. Here are some suggestions for dealing with divorce depression, along with pointers for finding the divorce support you and your family will need.

Donít be afraid to talk

Many parents feel as though talking about the divorce with their children will somehow make the experience more unbearable. This is not necessarily true. While you will have to monitor how much you actually tell your children about the divorce, communicating regularly will let your kids know that you care about their feelings as well, and that youíre willing to do what it takes to heal, so that you can improve the situation for everyone involved.

You should also let your children know that you will be there to talk to them any time they just want to ask questions about the divorce, or explain their emotions about their changing families. Depending on the circumstances you and your spouse separated under, talking to one another about the divorce may do you good. When each person is able to express their feelings without being judged or ridiculed, youíll both be able to find the peace and security you need to overcome divorce depression and begin to re-establish your definition of Ďfamilyí. Of course, professional counselling is always a sound option, as counselling sessions will give each member of the family a chance to express their feelings about the divorce.

Focus on your other relationships

Keep in mind that divorce depression is temporary, and that eventually, you will heal and want to put your life back in order. During this time, you shouldnít neglect your other relationships, because keeping in touch with the people you love will help you to overcome your divorce depression. You shouldnít use your relationship with other people to Ďforgetí about your divorce, but it is important to celebrate every aspect of your life, so that you can remind yourself that you are loved and appreciated.

Be sure to make time for your friends, keep up social traditions with your loved ones, and plan fun days with your children. You may not feel like doing this at first, and your loved ones will understand, but after a while, itís perfectly healthy to accept invitations to parties and get-togethers will the people you love and trust. This will help you keep your life in balance, and give you the assurance you need to celebrate all of the positive attributes of your life.

Take your time

Some people are eager to Ďmove oní after a divorce, and others need a little more time to process things, in order to make sense of their lives after separating from a spouse. Divorce depression is very real, and affects every part of your daily life. So, itís important that you are in touch with your feelings throughout the entire divorce process, so that youíll know how much you are able to handle at a time. For instance, if your ex-spouse wants to spend time with the children with you there, and you arenít quite sure youíre ready for that, be honest with your spouse about how youíre feeling.

Finally, if your friends are encouraging you to start dating again, and you donít think itís time yet, it comes time to follow your heart. Only you know what it will take for you to feel most comfortable with your new life, and while itís all right to take advice from your family and friends, you should take as much time as you need to recover from a divorce. If you realize that this will be a day to day process, youíll find that you will be able to heal sooner than you think.

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