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Tips for Surviving Your Divorce

Divorce is tough anyway you look at it. Going through a divorce, especially a divorce that results in bitter feelings: can create havoc in your everyday life. Nevertheless, with a few helpful hints, you can get through the rough times and survive your divorce.

Moving On

Once you have completed your divorce, it is clearly time to move on with your own life. Unfortunately, even after a divorce, sometimes a spouse retains a curiosity about their former partner and will go out of their way to find out what that spouse is doing. Whatís worse is when one parent uses one or more of their children as a spy and repeatedly questions children about the former spouseís actions.

It is natural to mourn the loss of a partner, even if the divorce resulted in feelings of resentment. Nevertheless, in order to successfully survive your divorce, you will need to learn to let go of the past and to start anew. In fact, in an effort to forge a new life for yourself, you might want to consider moving to a new location or busying yourself with new activities. In doing so, you will take you mind off of the memories you have about you and your former spouses life together.

Be Realistic

Donít expect everything to feel wonderful when your divorce is finally settled. In fact, it would not be unusual to experience a period of mourning or depression over the ending of your marriage. Just because your divorce was bitter, it does not mean that your settled divorce will bring a smile to your face. Conversely, you will be letting go of a huge part of your life and will have to start anew and such a task can seem somewhat overwhelming.

You will be able to establish a new life, but you have to be realistic about how fast that will happen. You are not going to be able to sweep all of your memories away as if they never existed and many of your memories will remain an important part of your life for years to come. The best you can do is to make tiny changes in your life on a daily basis. As time passes, old wounds will heal and you will begin your life with a new slate, even if it is not necessarily a completely clean one.

Consider Counselling

If you experience severe depression related to your divorce, you might want to consider individual counselling. A professional counsellor can listen to you and provide you with advice pertaining to coping techniques. Further, even if you decide to go it alone and forego a trip to the counsellorís office, donít hesitate to share your feelings with a trusted friend or family member. After surviving a divorce, it is imperative that you realize that you do not have to go through the rough times alone.

Friends and family can be an excellent support system for you. Just taking the time to discuss your feelings with someone that knows and understands you can be comforting. Ultimately, a good support system is key in making through the difficult transition period associated with most divorces, and moreover, beyond a difficult divorce altogether.

In short, surviving your divorce is completely possible. With a willingness to move on, a realistic sense of where you stand and a good support system, you will be able to make it through the difficult times after your divorce. After all, you made it through some particularly tough times if you have gotten divorced; therefore, you are already a survivor.

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