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Divorce Articles

The more you know about divorce, the easier it will be for you to go through it. Sfla.co.uk has many additional articles for you. Choose from the articles below.

Divorce & Family Law Help

  1. Relationships - includes articles about saving your marriage and affairs.

  2. Divorce and Children - includes articles about helping children, parenting after divorce, residence orders and PAS.

  3. Divorce Support - articles to help you cope with divorce.

  4. Solicitors - get the legal help you need.

  5. Divorce Process - how does a divorce work?

Pre Divorce Issues

  1. Preplanning Divorce Strategies - There are some simple and logical things that you can do to protect yourself if you think that your marriage is in imminent danger of failing.

  2. What To Do If a Divorce Is Imminent - If you believe your marriage has irreversibly broken down and that a divorce is imminent, that you take the time out to think carefully about how you wish things to proceed.

Similar to Divorce

  1. Unmarried Cohabitants Splitting Up - Breaking up when not married is an equally trying time between couples and the law is less commonly understood when cohabitants decide to split up.

  2. Civil Partnership Act 2004 - In order to enter into a civil partnership in England or Wales, the couple must be of the same sex, not closely related and aged 16-years-old or over.

  3. Judicial Separation - A decree of judicial separation is a court order similar to divorce, under which the couple remains legally married but their normal marital obligations cease and they no longer have to go on living together.

Domestic Violence

  1. Who Are The Abusers? - Listed below are a few of the typical qualities that a potential abuser may possess.

  2. Who Are the Victims? - Most people consider that there is a typical profile of domestic violence victims

  3. What Can I Do To Be Safe? - If you have recently left a violent relationship, or are considering leaving one, you may want to know what you can do to stay safe if you are afraid that the other party will retaliate against your decision

Financial Issues

  1. Basic Principles Of A Financial Settlement - There are several factors that need to be decided in a financial settlement.
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