Notice Requirements

In the perfect world, people would never lose their jobs and employers would always get the results they seek from their workers while compensating them appropriately. This is merely a fantasy, however, as in real life changes often need to be made in the work place. In the United Kingdoms, an employee who is about to be fired is usually given a notice of the decision beforehand. The following is a basic guide to what needs to be known about the notice system as a whole.

An employee may be wondering what a notice is exactly. Well it is what it sounds like, it is a warning or a notice that an employee is going to be terminated from the company. The notice refers to the time period in which an employer gives the employee to work before having to leave the workplace for good. In other words, an employee should not expect to be fired and have to move all his stuff out in the same day.

Workers may now wonder how long they will get before having to leave their employer and job now. There is a simple formula to calculate the usual amount of notice given in most jobs. When an employee has worked for less than two years, he or she is only given one week of notice. When he has worked for more than two years, however, he or she is usually given a week for every year they have worked at the company. What this means is if a person works for the same employer for five years, he is given his notice of dismissal five weeks before the time when he must vacate the premises for good. This rule is, again, generally used by most employers in the United Kingdoms and is a good start for figuring out notice periods. It is important to keep in mind that the maximum amount of notice given is almost always twelve weeks, regardless of how many years have been worked. Don’t expect twenty weeks if one has worked for twenty years! It is also important to note that regardless of what the statement of terms says, an employee is given the week per year from the government.

Of course, many employees often choose to quit their jobs themselves. It may be surprising to learn that employees do indeed have to give notice to their employers if they wish to leave. This amount is usually only a week or two, but can be determined to be more or less in the statement of terms. Most employers do want more notice than a week, so they will change the amount in the employee’s contract. An employee should make sure he or she knows what these limits are and abide by them before making any rash decisions.

Notices are meant to be useful and helpful to both the employer and the employee. It allows both parties to better prepare for the parting and the future and is an integral part of the employment system in the United Kingdoms.

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