Statement of Terms

When starting any new job, an employee should ensure he is under contract and protected against unfair treatment or early termination. To help bring this process along, must employers and employees agree upon terms and write them up in a statement of terms, which serves as a contract for employment during the duration of the job offer made. The statement of terms is basically a written version of all the agreements and rules an employer has with his new employee. An employer should present a statement of terms to each employee within the first two months of his or her job.

A statement of terms has many things that need to be included. Here is a lengthy list on things an employee should check for in his or her statement of terms. Both the employee and employers names should be listed. In addition, the date the job is set to begin, or when the pay will begin, should be written as well. The wages appropriated to the employee should be stated clearly, along with the amount of hours expected to be worked by the worker. If holiday leaves or pension plans are included in the job, all must be written down as well in this contract. It is also important for an employer to list the notice length he or she must give to the employee if he or she wishes to terminate the contract and fire the employee. After this piece of information, descriptive features about the job, like where it is the employee will work and what he or she will do, should be given in the statement. If the job is not permanent and is for a fixed period, the period should be noted as well. Any other agreements an employee reaches with his employers should also be included in the statement of terms, along with any information regarding work performed internationally. Finally the employer should chalk out the discipline and dismissal rules of the job and what behavior he or she expects from his employees.

The statement of terms is important because it allows employees to know exactly where they stand with a company or business, and allows them to protect themselves from a wrongful dismissal. If there is a dispute, the matter can be settled by the tribunal and damages can be awarded. An example of this is if an employer fires an employee without giving the proper notice time. The statement of terms acts as proof that the dismissal was wrongful, and damages will be awarded to the employee. If an employer fails to give an employee his statement of terms within the first eight weeks, the matter can be taken to the tribunal as well for damages and such.

The statement of terms is a very important piece of document for all employees in the United Kingdoms and should not be taken lightly. All employees should make sure that their statement of terms is written and contains agreements that they did indeed agree to fulfill. Remember, the tribunal can only act on claims based on the statement of terms most of the time, so having one that doesn’t agree with an employee’s needs is a mistake that should not be made.

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