Estates Law

  1. Why You Need to Have a Will - There are several important reasons why everyone should have a will prepared.

  2. What Happens If You Die Without A Will? - If this happens, your estate and possessions will be under control of the law.

  3. Choosing an Executor: What You Should Know - An executor, also known as a personal representative, or “PR,” is the individual who distributes the assets of the deceased person.

  4. UK Guardianship and Inheritance - If you have children, you must deal with this specifically in your will.

  5. Residence - Dealing with your residence in your will.

  6. Unmarried Couples - Considerations in making a will if you are not married.

  7. Inheritance Tax - A tax that is applied to certain estates upon an individual's death.

  8. Living Wills - A living will is a document that designates in advance the medical care and treatment you wish to receive.

  9. Enduring Power of Attorney - In an enduring power of attorney, a person is given the right to act on your behalf regarding your financial affairs and continue to do so if you become mentally incapable.

  10. Glossary - Glossary of Commonly Used UK Legal Will Terms
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