What Happens If You Die Without A Will?

What happens if you die without a legal will? It's called intestacy in the UK and can have a detrimental effect on your loved ones and the distribution of your estate and assets.

If this happens, your estate and possessions will be under control of the law, who will forsee all distributions of said estate and possessions. What the law decides may not be what you would have decided.

It is very important to have a legal will prepared by a qualified professional. Whether you are eighteen or eighty, you need a will to ensure the proper distribution of your assets. Everyone should ensure that the estate they worked so hard to accumulate is distributed among loved ones and even charities in the exact manner they desire.

If you're married, it is incorrect to assume your spouse will automatically inherit your fortune. This is not always the case and is not guaranteed without a will.

To avoid the intestacy problem, all one needs is a legal will. To ensure smooth preparation of your will, retain the services of a qualified legal professional. The Internet is a valuable resource when seeking information on will preparation in the UK. You can also find many listings for legal professionals on the Internet. You may also be able to get recommendations for legal services from friends, family or colleagues. It is imperative that you feel comfortable discussing potentially sensitive information with your lawyer, so choose one you feel at ease with.

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