Civil Litigation

  1. Starting a Claim and Making a Counterclaim - For people who have never been in court the entire process can seem confusing.

  2. Small Claims Track - Basically, the small claims track is for claimants that are seeking awards that are equal to no more than 5,000

  3. Fast Track - Fast track cases are generally handled by county courts.

  4. Multi Track - Multi track claims involve court claims and claimants that seek awards that value more than 15,000 pounds or court cases that will result in a lengthy trial with considerable documentation.

  5. Appeals - If a litigant feels that a judgment was rendered in error, it may be possible to appeal the decision.

  6. Settlement Offers - New Rules of Civil Procedure now provide both parties to the proceeding the ability to put forward proposals for settling the claim.

  7. Enforcement - The court has four avenues by which it may impel a judgment to be paid.

  8. Mediation - Mediation is the process of resolving disputes through the use on an impartial third party mediator.

  9. Legal Aid - Legal aid allows people who could not otherwise afford legal counsel the ability to pay for legal advice or proceedings.

  10. Glossary of Civil Litigation Terms - Find out what common civil litigation terms mean.
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