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Divorce Process

The legal process can be quite complicated. Sfla.co.uk has a number of articles to help you with this. Please choose from the articles below.

  1. Does It Matter Who Divorces Whom? - A question many couples going through divorce ask is whether it matters who divorces whom.

  2. Which Court Should Handle My Divorce? - In certain cases, a couple can file for a divorce in more than one country, and at times, a country may prefer one party over the other.

  3. Grounds for Divorce - Essentially, in England and Wales, if you wish to submit a divorce petition (Form D8, or D8A if children are involved) to a county court then you need to evidence that one of the following grounds for divorce has occurred.

  4. Section 25 of The Matrimonial Causes Act - While the courts are largely guided by decided cases and existing law on the matter, Section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 specially lays down the basic guidelines in the settlement of matrimonial assets and financial matters.

  5. What's a Separation Agreement? - A separation agreement is not a divorce.

  6. Outline Of Divorce Procedures - You can take heart in the fact that the divorce procedure in England and Wales is now fairly streamlined and, provided the divorce is not a contested one, painless.

  7. Divorce Process and What Documents do I Need For My Divorce? - So now that you’ve decided you want to have a divorce, how do you go about it?

  8. Who Pays for Legal Fees? - Divorce in the UK is an exercise that has been growing more and more expensive as the years go on.

  9. How Much Will My Divorce Cost? - The expenses that result from a divorce will vary depending on the solicitor you choose and depending on the complexity of the divorce issues that arise.

  10. International Divorce (Jurisdiction Issues) - When involved in an international divorce, the lines of the law may become blurred.

Out of Court Resolution

  1. Is Mediation the Right Choice For You? - For many couples that are getting divorced, they just want to get it over with as quickly and painlessly as possible.

  2. Choosing a Divorce Mediator - If you and your spouse decide to end your marriage, you may wish to consider engaging a divorce mediator before you go to court to legally complete the divorce.

  3. Styles of Divorce Mediation - Styles of divorce mediation vary widely among practitioners, but all are designed to avoid the expense, time, and stress of a court case.

  4. What's the Role of a Solicitor in Divorce Mediation? - Ever wonder why you must hire a solicitor in order to divorce your spouse?

  5. What Is Divorce Arbitration And It's Advantages And Disadvantages - An arbitration is different because it is not overseen by a judge, but rather by an arbitrator.

  6. Is Arbitration the Right Choice For You? - Will you choose arbitration, mediation, trial, or some other method of settling the legal aspects of your divorce?

Divorce Solicitors

You'll probably need a divorce solicitor to help you through your divorce. Sfla.co.uk has a number of articles to help you with this.

  1. Factors in Choosing a Solicitor for Your Divorce - Choosing the right solicitor can be a very difficult task considering that there are several legal offices offering various services.

  2. What Happens After I Retain A Solicitor? - After you have retained the services of a solicitor you will start the wheels of justice.

  3. How to Save Legal Fees on Your Divorce - Beside the obvious emotional stress that couples go through prior to submitting a petition to divorce, probably the biggest concern that they have relates to how much their divorce will end up costing them.

  4. Getting The Best Out of Your Solicitor - Solicitors’ fees are not cheap and these vary depending on the level of expertise of the solicitor, as well as the size (and reputation) of the firm he represents.

  5. How to Communicate with Your Divorce Solicitor? - Try to establish a relationship based on trust and respect with him guiding you in all legal aspects of the case and with you having the final say on what to do after careful consideration of his advice.
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