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Divorce and Relationships

Sfla.co.uk has a number of articles on relationships and also affairs. Choose an article below.

Divorce and Relationships

  1. What Makes a Marriage Work? - It has been said over the years that a marriage needs work to survive and such a contention is true; a marriage needs care.

  2. Should You End Your Relationship? - Even with the high divorce rates in modern society, most people do not enter marriage or relationships with the plan to divorce.

  3. How to Tell your Spouse you Want a Divorce - If you feel that it may be time to tell your spouse that you want a divorce, youíll want to make sure that you go about this in the right way.

  4. How to Tell Your Family and Friends about Your Divorce - Unfortunately, many people do not realize the affect a divorce can have on family and friends until it is too late.

  5. Can You Save Your Marriage? - Yet, no matter what the reason for the difficulties in your marriage, there is hope and such problems can be overcome!

  6. Dating After Divorce - In the long run, we need that bit of human contact in our lives.

  7. Getting Ready For Your First Date Post Divorce - Youíre ready to get back onto the dating wheel.

  8. Learning To Trust After Your Divorce - Life must go on, and if you wish to avoid a life of painful memories and regrets you are going to need to learn to trust again after your divorce.

  9. Why Do People Divorce? - There are just as many different reasons for divorces as there are divorce lawyers.

  10. Working Up the Courage to End the Relationship - There is perhaps no harder decision to be made than the decision to separate from your spouse.

Affairs and Divorce

  1. Why do Married People have Affairs? - Has your marital partner had an affair and you canít understand why?

  2. When You've had an Affair and Want to Try to Save Your Marriage - If you want to save your marriage, now is the time to own up to what you have done and take your place in the hot spot.

  3. Signs that your Spouse is having an Affair - There are several factors that could make you suspect that your spouse is having an affair, but how do you know for sure?

  4. How to Deal With Your Spouse's Affair - The question you have to ask yourself is whether you want to try to repair the damage and save your marriage or whether you are going to ask for a divorce.

  5. Recovering From Betrayal - If you are interested in saving your marriage after an affair, there are a number of steps you should take to begin the healing process.

  6. Effect of Adultery on Divorce and Residence Orders - Adultery is one of the five main grounds for divorce in England and Wales.
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