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Signs that your Spouse is having an Affair

One of the most difficult things to face is the possibility that your husband or wife may be having an affair. There are several factors that could make you suspect that your spouse is having an affair, but how do you know for sure? Here are some signs to look for:

Sudden Disinterest in Sex

One of the most obvious signs that your spouse may be involved in an affair is his or her sudden disinterest in having sex with you—if your spouse is spending time with someone else, he or she will want to make sure that they are conserving their ‘energy’ for the affair. Your spouse may feel as though the affair gives them something different or exciting to look forward to, and may not be paying you as much attention as a result. Often, your spouse will have the time or energy for other things (i.e. work, spending time with friends), but when it comes to being intimate, he or she may suddenly become tired, or have something else to do. If this happens once or twice, it may not be anything to worry about; your spouse may just not be in the mood, or may be occupied with other things. However, if this continues for weeks at a time, it may be time to ask your husband or wife whether or not they’ve been seeing someone else.

Possessive about Money

If your spouse suddenly becomes very controlling when it comes to spending money or handling expenses, this may be cause for concern. If you discover that large amounts are missing from your joint bank account, you can’t find receipts for purchases, or you can’t see any of the things that your spouse has been purchasing with the money, he or she may be using the money to spend on the affair. Your spouse may also abruptly suggest that you open separate checking accounts, if you’ve been sharing all of your finances previously. If your spouse has always been the type to be very careful with money, you may not see this as unusual. However, if your husband or wife becomes defensive or upset when you ask about how the money is being spent, this could mean that he or she is involved in an affair.

‘Forgets’ to Wear Wedding Ring

If you discover that your husband or wife leaves his or her wedding ring at home very often, or doesn’t want to wear the ring when the two of you are in public together, this is a sure sign that something is wrong. Your husband or wife may not want people to know that they are married, and could even be looking for ‘prospects’ while the two of you are out together. If your spouse can’t ever remember where he or she left the ring, or you keep finding the ring hidden in different parts of the house, it’s time that you sit him or her down and have a serious talk about what could be wrong in your relationship. Sometimes, not wearing a wedding ring is a sign that your spouse is thinking about cheating, but hasn’t quite made the move yet. The sooner you notice that your spouse isn’t wearing their wedding ring, the sooner you should make time to have a serious discussion with your spouse to determine the future of your relationship. If you discover that your spouse has been seriously thinking about cheating or has been having an affair you may even want to consider counseling or therapy to help improve your relationship.

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